The global chip pattern is about to shift?TSMC launches 4nm chip, how big is the Huawei win?

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The global chip pattern is about to shift?TSMC launches 4nm chip, how big is the Huawei win?

2021-11-24 23:47:04 12 ℃

First, anyone will be an Internet technology company there are cooperative relations, especially cooperation between the company and the smart chip equipment production company. Secondly, MediaTek designed the DNT series chip has the trust of domestic consumers, the mobile phone company with more than domestic brands to establish a cooperative relationship, and to provide chips for multiple smart phone manufacturing company. Finally, MediaTek and TSMC belong partnership, TSMC MediaTek received orders and became one of the suppliers MediaTek.

All along, MediaTek and TSMC will make people produce the illusion of a particularly difficult to distinguish. In fact, the two companies there are particularly large differences in the main business. MediaTek company is very well-known global design firms, the main direction for the development of multimedia digital technology. At the same time, the company also completed the production of wireless communication devices, such as DVD. TSMC development so far, already has become one of the semiconductor manufacturing companies worldwide shipments of special enough. The company's main direction for Wafer foundry, also known as chip supply. After the completion of MediaTek chip design, TSMC help MediaTek chips to complete the production process in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

According to the content of media reports, the chip MediaTek supplied to major companies from the original technology 4nm to 5nm technology now means that TSMC 4nm chip now available. This means not only associated with TSMC will have to improve the accuracy of chip production to 4nm, which also makes the most of mobile phone manufacturers must effectively improve budget in chip area. According to relevant content, 4nm chip is priced much higher than the selling price of 5nm chips, rose from $ 30 to the price of each chip is $ 80. At the same time, major manufacturers in addition to throwing after costs, they will earn a portion of the profits, resulting in the price of high-end phones will be increasingly high.

In 2020, MediaTek's DNT series chip has been used more and more mobile phone manufacturers, making the company successfully completed shipments of 352 million sets of chips, so as to obtain a 27% market share. Previously, Qualcomm has been with the chip advantage to seize the broader global market, it has become the many high-end flagship phone chip manufacturers use. However, MediaTek launch of the high-end chip, so that no significant performance Qualcomm's flagship chip.

In fact, before MediaTek company has been unable to obtain 4nm technology, the company has maintained a very low profile and stable development of the state. Next, MediaTek launch of the DNT 2000 chip, has retained 5nm design. With 4nm technology turned out, not only related to the name of the chip will change, perhaps the company and TSMC will establish a good working relationship. According to the data related to information displayed, use technology 4nm chips will be officially put into production in the second half. If any accident did not occur in the production process, MediaTek chips will occupy a broader market.

If we used MediaTek 5nm technology to produce smart chip with Qualcomm chips 4nm comparison, we can clearly feel the performance and the performance of Qualcomm 4nm generated by the chip company MediaTek 5nm chip is not particularly large gap. Sales price and market share coupled with God-chi series of chips is increasing, which leads to a great extent from Qualcomm's chips occupy the market share will be further reduced.

As we all know, any one chip manufacturers will continue to carry out technological breakthroughs, and ultimately become a leader in the industry. Chip industry technology companies already developed a very rational development programs, especially MediaTek and Qualcomm. Now, MediaTek has begun development of chip production 3nm and 4nm chip, Qualcomm in order to get a huge market share. In addition to maintaining the original performance standards beyond, continuous technological breakthroughs, the price advantage is particularly evident is an important basis for the beneficial development of the company.

Perhaps some people in the know MediaTek chip breakthrough in terms of 4nm, most people are more concerned Huawei's technical breakthrough in chip research and development. Chip design and produce chips this is not the same concept, coupled with the domestic chip manufacturers are not able to finish the production of ultra-high-precision chip, although Huawei has had the ability to design 4nm chips, but finding a suitable chip on behalf of the processing plant is a major problem. However, Huawei has been in a steady state of development, we have reason to believe that Huawei will play a remarkable influence in the development and production of chip chips. As my country's leading technology companies, Huawei has been the industry leader. Although the road ahead is bumpy, but I believe the country has to make preparations, may meet oncoming storm.

Global chip pattern is about to reshuffle? TSMC introduced 4nm chip, Huawei has much chance of winning?

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