The pure electric vehicle is pressed by the BBA, but is China and enter the core technology?

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The pure electric vehicle is pressed by the BBA, but is China and enter the core technology?

2021-11-24 23:37:44 7 ℃

Wen | Huashang 华 略 周 文

What is the most popular industry in 2021? New energy cars is definitely one.

According to China Automobile Association, this year, the sales of new energy vehicles in the world is close to the total sales volume last year, and the growth rate is amazing. According to sales rankings, China's new energy vehicles account for 35%, which do not include joint venture brands.

Only from the capital market, there are more than 50% of the new energy cars related ETFs, and the monthly fund will reach up to 75%.

In the rapidly growing electric car market, the middle and enterprises in the China-Enterprise industry have been bright, and the Ningde Times has become the second largest rich in China.

Although the beginning is bright, the industry is stable, and still want to see who the core technology is in his hands. Otherwise, we will take the old road "technology to change the market" - make a small amount of money, let the middle and high-end giving foreign capital.

The core technology of electric vehicles is "three electric" technology - power batteries, drive motors and electronics.

In terms of power batteries, China Enterprises have already hosted. According to the data of the energy research institution Sne Research, in the first half of this year, the top ten of the battery sales rankings, five in China, 43.2% market share. The market share of Ningde Times is 29.9%, ranking first in the world.

However, it should be noted that the more critical lithium battery membrane technology is still in the hands of Japan.

However, in fact, the battery is only energy storage, truly determines the automotive performance of two major technologies. This technology, China is not optimistic.

The motor is equivalent to the engine of the traditional fuel car, and the performance of the performance is directly determined by the climbing, acceleration, and highest speed of the new energy vehicle. The motor controller in the electrical control system is the electrical energy conversion unit that connects the battery and the motor, which can convert the DC electrical charge provided by the battery to the alternating current required to drive the motor, which can be said that electronically is essential to control the core.

At present, my country's electric control system is in the face of the neck.

The motor controller is mainly composed of a hardware portion such as the IGBT power semiconductor module and an associated circuit. Among them, the IGBT module accounted for more than 40% of the cost of electric control systems, and is equipped to the whole vehicle, which probably accounts for 5% of the total cost.

Such key XIN tablets are still seriously dependent on imports. In 2018, my country's IGBT field estimation is about 90%.

The semiconductor module is mentioned, and the third generation of semiconductor materials have to be mentioned - silicon carbide SiC. Silicon carbide has multiple advantages such as high switching speed, high turnover, high temperature resistance, and more advantages over the original IGBT module.

After the electric control system uses a silicon carbide chip, it can reduce the heat loss of 50% during the electrical energy conversion, which will greatly enhance the efficiency of electronic devices. It is estimated that after a single charge, the endless mileage can increase by 6% in existing situations.

The silicon carbide chip replaces the silicon-based IGBT, which is already a general trend. However, silicon carbide manufacturing techniques are more difficult, and the raw materials need to be heated to 2800 ° C during production, and the ablation rate is very low.

At present, the manufacture of silicon carbide is controlled by the United States, Europe, Japan, and China Enterprises have not formed a complete industrial chain.

Foreign manufacturers are not only leading to the manufacturing layer, but also in the layout of the layout, the silicon carbide chip is applied to the electrical control system to maximize the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. Such as foreign Bosch, Delfu, etc.

Great, domestic manufacturers also produce SiC electric drive systems in planning. For example, BYD has put into a huge investment SiC, hoping to grasp the SiC-based semiconductor whole industry chain such as single crystal, epitaxial, chip, packaging in his own hands.

The combination of automotive chips represented by silicon carbide chips will determine the next decade of electric vehicles.

This time, can you master core technologies, will determine whether the new energy automotive industry will not go to the old road of fuel cars.

China has a long way to go!


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