Super Member System: How to use the subscription to the Nugget 200 billion pet market?

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Super Member System: How to use the subscription to the Nugget 200 billion pet market?

2021-11-25 14:41:06 10 ℃

In the capital market, subscription system - or directly called "super member" - has always been a great story.

With the end of 2017, the US subscription system STITCH FIX in Nasdaq's success IPO, the capital market is optimistic about the "subscription system" model, giving birth to a large number of e-commerce entrepreneurial projects, can subscribe Products also covers both aspects - including the pet industry. The US pet e-commerce Chewy, which is listed in 2019, has its own subscription service.

The financial report shows that CHEWY 65% sales come from subscriptions.

Then, this super member system that has been played in the foreign pet industry has developed in China?

Why is the subscription system be a winning way to win the pet gra #?

In the Chinese pet market, the subscription system has already started its own road. Pet brand bean firewood is founded in 2014, and it is good at starting from private domain traffic, which is to use subscription system + an ultimate and thoughtful service to attract customers and gradually form its core users.

Beanfang provides subscription-made dogs and cat's main grains. The package has changed from the quarter to six months. According to different body type pet food, the shortest package price is 680 yuan.

According to the company provided by the company, by June 2020, the Toucher has more than 800,000 users, and the proportion of these transformations is about 15%, about 100,000 paid member users, the average of these users The single price is around 900 yuan (quarter, half a year for the package), the renewal re-purchase rate is about 56%, and the 20% of the new customers come from the introduction.

High unit price, high repurchance, high viscosity, how new vitality is injected into the pet industry? Is all products suitable for subscription systems?

First of all, in the view of the manner, the essence of subscription is a contract. In other words, when a user becomes your subscriber, it is essentially your contract with the user. For the user, once the signed means that he is expected to come back to you; and for you, it means that as long as the user came back to you, you must serve him.

Based on such a two-way binding relationship, it is actually not suitable for all items. Suitable for subscriptions, there must be the following characteristics:

First, it is suitable for subscribed goods, which must be a category that periodically purchases a scenic spot.

Because if it is too low-frequency item, users don't need to buy frequently, do not need to buy regularly, then the existence of subscriptions is meaningless.

Second, it is suitable for subscribed goods, and it is necessary to have a high complexity based on a consumer decision complex or high complexity.

A product that doesn't need to be selected, you can buy it, never subscribe to the existing space.

We analyzed the entire pet industry and believed that the market size and subscription to the adaptive properties were

Pet main food


First, the pet grain is a very strong category that the user periodically purchases, based on pets different stages, age, health status, commodity price, and vulnerability of the commodity itself, require new commodities to match.

Second, in the pet grain is not a non-standard, in the perception of the user, this is a product with high supply chain, and pays attention to pet food quality, health, nutrition, safety, etc., just like making milk powder. Every time I change the pet grain is a challenge. Consumers keep exploring, just to find a pet grain that truly eat.

The value of the subscription system is that

I can solve you to solve the problem of pet grain, and I will help you solve this problem, help you with the complexity of the supply chain itself, affect the influencing factors of your decision, consider and complete information screening. The process, eventually find the highest quality item, and delivered to you periodically.

From this perspective, the essence of subscription is not a process without hybrid, but is based on the actual needs of some of the consumer, using a pair interactive way to minat and meet the demands of the user itself.

Through this sustainable and continuous subscription plan, the user's own behavior can produce a high tacit understanding of our business behavior, making us make a lot of things based on subscriptions, and let users enjoy the value, thus establishing A multi-party win-win subscription relationship. This is why the subscription system can be applied in the pet market.

How to tell the story of the subscription system?

For a subscription brand, subscription ratio is one of the key factors that are often successful.

The higher the subscription ratio, means that the benefits are more stable, the better the predictability. So how to enhance subscription ratio, often is the key to subscribe to the story.

This requires us to return to the essence of subscription system, and subscribe to the most fundamental, in order to facilitate the convenience of long-standing services, it is to enhance the consumer "enjoy".

The founder of the magic cat box will think that the pet itself, and it should be an enjoyment process.

The magic cat box he founded is a pet industry retail platform for China. Snacks, toys, cans, daily necessities, etc.

"My own dog, I found that my happiness is not in the rain, I still have to ride the two husky, my happiness is just when I opened the door, my husk quickly rushed to me, turned Let me touch it two times, I think this happiness is enough, or he is going to the bed to take the nose on the side of the bed. So in the pet, it is actually subscribed to help these pet owners as much as possible. To enhance the process of enjoyment. "

According to the research on "2020 Chinese Pet Industry White Paper"

Compared with the advantage of traditional e-commerce is that the essence of subscription relationships is that you sign a contract with users to regularly awakening his contract. This is much simpler than the traditional e-commerce's wake-up behavior. Because for traditional e-commerce, essentially they wake up is not the user, but an order.

If this user has purchased the goods in me, the next time I want to wake up him to buy goods, I need to rack my brain, so the cost and efficiency of investment is not what we want. But if we are based on a long-term service contract between users, subsequent interactions and interactions will be simple.

At the same time, the model of subscription system means "pre-receiving money", which can be charged in advance, about 3 months to 6 months of money, which also guarantees the brand's cash flow, let the brand have more power to do more action.

Finally, because there is a stable subscription relationship, you will have more opportunities to understand the user's true information and needs, thereby developing a better subscription product, allowing users to get a consumption experience that is always higher than the product itself.

It is also because of this, based on sufficient cash flow and in-depth mining of core user groups, the magic cat box embarked on a contentt-based customization route.

"If you receive a particularly exquisite box every month, this will become a good material for your friends, and it has become a consumer to help us do the driving force. Good content is not you write WeChat public number The content of consumer production is the best content. "

In the process of operating the magic cat box, the founder lives in particular to the "color" of the product, and for the cat market, women account for most, and women have a natural chase for nature to look at things. On the promotion of the product, the magic cat box cooperates across a cross-border according to its own brand adjustment and the cultivation of literary products to introduce exquisite IP gift boxes. The joint product, not only please the cat master, but also won the heart of the official.

Written in the last

In essence, the contractual relationship based on subscription system can enhance the supply and demand stability between you and the user, whether it is from stocking inventory or personnel, which can make the external efficiency within the enterprise higher efficiency.

It is also because of the advantages of subscribing to the business model, global subscription e-commerce is growing at near 100% per year.

Gartner (Gaode Consulting Company) predicted that in 2023, 75% provided some types of subscription services in all companies sold for end consumers.

But we also have to see that this automated model that does not have to be asked will make many users like "semi-standby" state, and how the brand is constantly turned in this state. It is also a big challenge.

Daughter thinking that in the face of this challenge, the brand also provides customers with the services they need to provide the benefits of the benefits to the user, but also learn to give the benefits to users. Let the user get the value of the product, thus constantly enhances the contractual relationship between each other, and finally constructs a better part of whether it is commercial efficiency, user satisfaction, or the continued loyalty and viscousness of users. Winning relationship.