The remaining iPhone12Promax, 256G directly dropped 1300 yuan!Domestic users: still wait

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The remaining iPhone12Promax, 256G directly dropped 1300 yuan!Domestic users: still wait

2021-11-25 14:40:53 15 ℃

For now, in the "global second" dispute in Apple and Xiaomi, it is Apple. why would you said this?

Take the domestic market, now China OV glory has developed very powerful, especially glory, quickly recovering mobile phone business after independence, and grabs many users from Xiaomi Red rice. Now OPPO, Vivo also has a main cost-effective sub-brand, so it is all grabbed the market with Xiaomi. In this case, the small-scale red rice is not a big big.

And we see Apple's iPhone is in high-end, the medium and low-end models of OV are indeed unpredictable, that is, while Xiaomi mobile phone sales cut, Apple mobile phone continued to maintain high-end sales, third The quarter apple took the second year from the small rice, which is a good example.

For Xiaomi, there is one more bad news, that is, the iPhone is now adopting the "dust-saving strike" way, which is to lower the price of the iPhone as much as possible, so that Xiaomi's high-end machine can't grab the user. We have seen the iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, etc., there are also price reductions, which leads to many people to choose Apple mobile phones. After all, the iPhone is still in performance and smoothness. .

Take the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as a Macon of Apple last year, now this phone is also a policy that is trying to fight against the fight. We have seen that the Apple's official website has not produced this flagship. In other words, it has been discontinued, but in the three-party e-commerce platform iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is also a lot, of which its 256g came from 10099 to 8799, Diving 1300 yuan, for many fruit powder without an emergency IPHONE 12 Pro Max, it is now waiting.

In fact, there are still many people who want to leak the iPhone 12 Pro Max, mainly because the experience is really good.

In terms of appearance, iPhone 12 Pro Max uses a 6.7-inch, 2778x1284 pixel resolution screen, super porcelain panel, matt textured glass backplane with stainless steel borders, support IP68 dustproof. There are graphite, silver, gold, sea blue, and four colors optional. Because it is Apple's Mechanical Flagship, IPHONE 12 Pro Max's workmanship is not too late. Many people prefer the iPhone's look, because there is no complicated, Huihu whistle color, solid color looks high or elegant temperament, this is a subjective reason for Apple, regardless of men and women.

Image Aspect, IPHONE 12 Pro Max uses the back three-bed, 26 mm F1.67P12 million pixels wide angle, 65 mm focal length telephoto, the entire system provides five times optics zoom. Support for Lidar laser radar technology used on iPad Pro, 10-bit HDR video, Dolby VisionHDR, etc. The big pixel parameters, so it is simple to sum up, and Apple mobile phone shooting has the advantages of not accounting for memory, natural tones, and Android is indeed a stark contrast.

The hard-core configuration and fluency are not more to say, because this is the core advantage of iPhone 12 Pro Max, everyone knows. This time IPHONE 12 Pro MAX costs more than 1,300 yuan, is it attractive to you?