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A toy of poor garbage

2021-11-25 14:40:44 13 ℃

I saw someone else to buy this HP 800G1 USDT in the B. I think that my wife who wants to transfer pictures to the computer every time I want to transfer pictures to the computer. I want to install black apples.

After buying the quasi-system, I started to toss, there is no CPU? In order to relatively use, I5-4690

The memory wants to go to the small yellow fish to buy 2 4G or 2 8G group double channels, but I don't understand it at the time, I found that the notebook memory is originally divided into low pressure and standard pressure. I didn't know where to find this machine. I only know that DDR3 notebook memory is afraid to buy the wrong hand, so I will try it with the hotel to buy one, I can't return it to the customer service, I will try a 8G DDR3L 1600. Try, More than 100, when you need to add a memory, you will use it for a temporary 8G.

Then just the hard drive, I thought about buying a solid-state system installation software, fast enough, then a 2T mechanical hard disk, download movies and put photos, big enough, and hard drives, this thing is very high, buy 4T mobile The hard disk is broken once. Jingdong is free to replace it, but also recalculate the quality of the quality !!! So buy the new Beijing East, the brand model is not important, you can use + East brothers can be self-operated (Jingdong self) I don't force me for forcing, I have been supported for the support of Plus members so many years)

Solid state system disk, brand particles, what is wrong, as long as it is the self-employment of the East brother to buy

Finally, I still lack a network card. I want to think that Black Apple can be delivered with email. One is an external USB wireless network card. One is a wireless network card that bought an apple whitelist. For the overall beauty, I don't want anything. When you set antennote, I went to the seafood market to buy a lot of ordinary Yumotong Net card (Xiaobai is a small white, I don't know the number of wireless network cards, the NIC just bought back and found that the original self-contained antenna Later, I bought the antenna interface in the Internet, I went to the Internet and I wanted to sell it myself, and then I found that my brain would have no learning, scrapped a network card, told the seller, the seller deeply sympathetic, Willing to sell it to my second network card does not make money)

I found that the network card antenna does not change, I will change the host's antenna

I have been in half a day. I removed the original antenna. According to the original location, I put down my new antenna, and I won't be OK.

This complete set of hardware is complete, you can start brushing black apples, here I don't share the tutorial.

After spending thousands of blocks, I have made a black apple, I found that this is meaningless to me, imagine very beautiful, my wife is not used, and my own use of Windows notebook is also enough, I have been put on one side to eat ash NS

Recently taught my daughter, don't waste money, in order to do an example, I will hang a small yellow fish to prepare for the benefit of mankind, and I haven't sold it again. I will come again. I don't have to sell, the new program is suitable for me, come out and share it.

First put the system back Windows10, then install VMware, open 2 virtual machines, 4690 is 4 core 4 threads. So a virtual machine assigns 2 cores, 1.5T hard disk space, 2G memory black group, one-allocated single core 20g hard drive, 2G memory Windows10, hanging the gods to make Jingdong trial software, apply for 300 trials and a little beans every day

The host sets a power-on power on the BIOS, installs the sunflower remote control software. When the machine is measured, only more than 30 W, normal is 17-18W, very power saving

Appearance Gallery,

The ceramic wood created in his home is just a host, the router, and the three network cables temporarily only use one, and when I bought a Beijing Dongyun, waste money, but it doesn't consume electricity, just open it. Don't buy a public IP, don't buy if there is a very important file that needs absolutely safe position (or recommended genuine NAS). In normal download and save some picture information, I think my plan is enough, I want to play. Black apple system can also re-brush Apple, normal when a office host is enough, I usually use light thin books, now get a black group, to add HD TV movie resources to the house, then put a little information, late Some researched out the external network access and virtual machine soft routes (because only single network port, it seems to be bypass, you don't understand, come slowly)

Summarizing the classmates who want to buy a small host can look at my program, do not play the game is enough, the first time I wrote a water bill, the level is limited, just like this.

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