Word of mouth, the domestic idol drama of the plot, can you still endure?

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Word of mouth, the domestic idol drama of the plot, can you still endure?

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Did the domestic drama level retreat?

Take the recent domestic drama as an example, Tencent's video broadcast "4.9 points," Jianan Biography "of iQiyi online 3.8 points, Youku video broadcast" Star Ocean "5 points, Douban average It is less than 5 points. To know that these episodes must support the episode market in the last quarter of this year.

In the hot review of Douban, these episodes were "starred", "the active drama" "Thousands of dramas and dubbing" comments around.

Compared to the scriptures, some viewers are more keen to join the spitting domestic rotten team.

Not long ago, UP Lord "The old evil movie" has made a first phase "domestic drama level rollback? "The video, then on Weibo hot search, topic Read More than 340 million. The video is mentioned in the way, from the youth drama, the workplace drama, the big women's drama, the drama of the drama, compared with ten years ago, the domestic drama has fallen, whether it is a plot or a color value, all breaks the cliff.

Under topics, netizens feel different, but most points "see" see "IPO" Domestic drama. "

Among them, the domestic idol drama is a hittime. A deep burning statistics have been 20 sweet pets that are concerned about this year. There are 16 duo less than 5 points, and 10 are less than 4 points, and 20 average is 4 points. Recently, "first see" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

Some netizens summarize the current status of domestic idol dramas. "The modern drama will never escape the president of overbearing, the mother-in-law, the girlfriends are torn, the brothers, the original ecological family, etc. This kind of death cycle. The costume drama will never hide the male and female Give a few people, the of "Typo" is dead. The plot is thousands of articles, the actor's acting is worrying. One episode is three or forty minutes, full screen implantable advertisement ", praised by more than a thousand people.

When looks more exciting than watching drama, the audience can't help but ask: What happened to our domestic idol drama?

What happened to the domestic idol drama?

Domestic drama word of mouth does decline in the collective decline.

According to media statistics, this year, as of November 23, a total of 393 dramas were broadcast, and more than 60 dramas, the Douban score was less than 5 points. Among them, the "Da Guo Dust" 5.3 points of "Big IP + Flow Star", "Long Songs" 5.8 points, "there is a Qi Qi" 5.7 points.

Domestic idol drama is a low-grade.

Take the sweet pet, according to Yen data, in the first half of 2018 to 2021, there were 246 sweet pets online. There are 50 sweet pets broadcast in the first half of this year, accounting for 30% of total episodes. Under the homogenization competition, the sweet pet suspended drama "Yumidu Xiao Yi" is reached by 8 points, and it is very small to see the high score.

In the 20 sweet pets that deep-burning statistics this year, there is a large number of pieces of works below 5, and the producers behind are mostly the industry's head. For example, "When love encounters a scientist" produced company as Hua Ce's film, "Guozi's registration is a female disciple" "Jianan Biography" "Anti Dust" is produced by Penguin, I greeted Xu Kai, Zhou Dongyu, Zhao LuSi and other popular stars However, the actual word of mouth is not compained.

Another trend is that there is a large number of episodes, there is data showing that the main type of domestic drama in the past three years has increased by 180% in 2018, and became the first large TV drama.

The problem with this obvious, is that the framework of such dramas is similar. The video area UP main opening gun is exemplified by his vomiting, currently some idol dramas, still staying in the two generations of men and women, one is a poor students. At the same time, the second generation must not be willing to inherit the family, and have his own dreams. For example, Zhao Lui starring "one accidentally got love", "the full moon after the full moon" starring, is this type of routine.

Not only that, the plot is also similar. Happy gun guns mentioned that his explanation of the video inventory has, the first stage of men and women, the monks, forcibly coincident. For example, "Love Special Forces", the male and female protagonist first Meets , the Summer Summer First Nature, the male master Liang Mu, accidentally splamed to others, and two people occurred. "Programmer is so cute", a supporting gathering of the male master Jiang Yicheng, accidentally splashled to the female owner, there is therefore a collection. There are viewers to spit in the barrage, "idol drama must be splashing water".

Source / "Love Special Forces" stills

The next stage is to talk to the vision circle, the background music sounds, talks about in love. Among them, the limbs subjected to sublimation are contacted by various accidents. A common plot is that the female owner misunderstood the male main room, the male master just took a shower, wrapped in a bath towel, two people in the past Yang wrong wall, manufacturing. For example, "Full Moon, please love", "Crossing" to the male main room, male is taking a bath, "Happy Touch" The female owner played in the hotspot broke into the toilet, Huang Jingyu's male master is taking a bath, "Fall in love with special soldiers", Li Wei played the female owner broke into the room, Huang Jingyu played the male master just took a shower.

The misunderstanding of the two people, the costume drama used to kill the father and the cause, the modern drama mainly parents did not agree, but in the end, they were a complete ending.

"The episodes of any type of element are basically evolved into love in the studio, and the love of the male and female owners is very ceremonified, and they have to see 30 seconds." Happy gun. This kind of opposition, generally from accidents, such as "My Chopping Queen", men and women meet, because of the water splashing, the two unexpected walls, kissing, in "sea flowers in the sea" In "Hello Flame Blue", there is also a close contact with similar scenes. This type of idol drama, even homogeneous episodes are similar. For example, after making various encounters, the first sentence of both men and women is often, "Is it you?" Happy gunman did a video station word Solitaire, "Midsummer", "Fell Special Forces" "Jia Nanchuan" "The drama is all such settings.

Not only the content of the plot, make up the cost of film and television works, lights, props and other elements, also in the reunion set.

The filter is headed behind. This is not exquisite enough light, background, and even the image of the actor's image.

When the actor is broadcast, when the "New White Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little" broadcast, the netizen spit filter is too strong. The five senses of the actors are unclear. Even the Launa's lift is all grinded, " It is just a relationship between marriage, "Mrs. Debear" is also too strong by the spit filter.

In recent recently broadcast "first-see", the actor's five senses were mood until there was no angular, and the drama was shouted, and Youku reduced the strength of the filter. A video blogger said that the audience who started watching the drama has been persuaded by the filter. Although there is adjustment, there is no motivation to chase the drama.

In addition, some episodes are serious, abused, and they are also ill. Among them, the most typical is that Yang Ying and Zhong Hanliang starring "loneliness is not self-exclaimed", a large number of maps, substitute, let this play a logo of domestic rotten dramas. "There is a big IP" such as "Chu Qiao Chuan" is also vomiting.

Where is the problem?

On November 18th, the TV series "Fu Teng" original novel author's tail fish complained in Weibo, and her novel was renewed after film and television, and the human and story did not logic. After the revision of the opinion, it was resolved by the partner: I don't understand the market. This movement, the complex relationship between the player, screenwriter, director, and the role, etc.

So, which link is there any part of the domestic idol drama?

On the one hand, the film and television company follows the wind and cannon a large number of homose dramas. Screenplay Li Yuanyuan said to deep ignition, in April this year, after the suspense sweet pet "Yumu", many film and television companies have to write this kind of costume suspected sweetener script, "I have written it to prepare for bidding." When the film and television company reply, the market has changed, no need. Platform said that there are too many such things, have been aesthetically fatigued. "

Source / "赐 小 仵" poster

On the other hand, the creator end is also "lazy".

A screenwriter said that there is a phenomenon in the industry. It has been famous, usually recruits a number of newcomers to open the studio, live a lot of activation, makes quick money, so "The audience will find that some big IP costumes The play is the same screenwriter, which has similar in the plot settings and style. " The screenwriter planning Chen Wei also mentioned that she is now taking the sweet pet project, if the script is set, the screenwriter has a 1st episode for about 2 days, which is a very fast rhythm.

There is a shortest reason behind this, and there is more influence of the production, and the information.

When multiple screenwriters are talking to the deep-burning, repeatedly refer to the "platform leading data", using big data to customize the drama to the audience, too emphasize "template". "Some manufacturers will suggest how many kisses in the top three episodes, the top five episodes. The male protagonist directly entered the kiss play, and each episode must have exploded points." Li Yuanyuan said.

The capital is willing to build a pipeline product. From the perspective of commercial value, Chen Hao has played a solution, a drama preparation for three years, it is likely that the benefits of the three years have been higher than the three years. For platforms and investors, most of them will choose the latter.

When they choose an actor, there is usually a traffic, and there is a similar role.

The logic of "TYPO> traffic

At the same time, these actors have been replicated in the new drama if they have had successful roles. The actor Tao Hong once mentioned in the interview show that an actor played a "eggplant" red, there will be a lot of "purple" roles to find.

The result of this is that the "Ruyi Fang" "Jianan Biography" "Jianan Biography", "Jianan Biography" is extremely similar, and the netizens are "half foreternal makeup" by netizens. Similarly, the actor Yang Mi took the "three births of the three generations of ten miles", "the lady" "support", "also is considered to be highly similar, and there is no choice of comfort. Actor Zhao L'is in the modern drama "I, I only like you", the costume drama "Oh! My emperor's "" Guozi's Monitor is a disciple ", it is basically ancient spiritual, big.

"Seriously do not proportional to the drama investment and return on capital to make money, do pipeline idol, fans blowing on hot search buy, creating a look very explosive, play party money, the stars also received traffic business advertising, causing a vicious cycle. "a netizen concluded. How long the audience also may be able to?

The audience watching the drama being consumed enthusiasm is not high quality drama were.

On the explosive popular drama, it has declined significantly this year. This summer's hot sweet pet stalls drama "You are my glory" watercress score 6.7, playback volume of 40.6 million times. Compared to the same type on a hot drama "My dear, beloved", the latter watercress score 6.6 points, the player reached 8.34 billion times, similar to word of mouth, but the latter is the amount of playing twice as much.

Another manifestation is for the audience to watch the movie UP main Tucao become a form of entertainment.

China-made drama Tucao not a day or two. In the B station, in addition to the "old heresy movies," film and television guns zone mouth happy, Liu beep movies, Xuan Miao, three generations of deer and other large UP main, they are also to Tucao domestic drama gained a high degree of concern. In station B, enter "Tucao drama", can be seized 50 Tucao video.

Cannon told the happy mouth deep-burning, now a popular word called "Mission to build video zone" refers to a rotten piece aired, a number of film and television UP main will also pounced to do commentary. His video, Tucao drama, playing the amount can reach more than one million.

"2018 started doing movies and television commentary, the amount of play is not very good, until Luhan and made off Xiaotong starred in" Sweet crit ", the logical and absurd story sort it out, all of a sudden on fire." Cannon happy mouth He said that since then, his topics of material have not been broken, "there are several flow actor film and television work, each can have a lot of Tucao."

Read so many domestic dramas, gun mouth feel happy, not on the type of problem, but the creators, there is no real shot at the men and women of the main love emotional state.

He Korean "Why did Secretary of gold" for example, is also a pet sweet love drama, is sitting on a fortune of one hundred million overbearing president, a secretary is trivial, in the play, the male once you start to fall in love with the care of the household, Some details of life and personality of the show, can make people feel he is a ordinary people caught in love, love what we usually do, what they will do, texting, holding hands shopping, because a small misunderstanding jealous, very close in real life love state, which makes "the audience easily be brought into play," he said.

Source / "Why did Secretary of gold" stills

Such observation from life, domestic drama is rare, replaced by a templated, homogenization of content.

On the one hand is the audience Tucao, on the one hand, there are a large number of domestic drama still on the road.

According iQIYI, Youku, Tencent video 2022 single-chip, mango TV announcement of view, the total amount of the series of four video sites as high as 360. Among them, 39 pieces of single mango TV published, Xian Xia love, occupying most of the urban theme; Youku sweet pet play has 15; Tencent video youthful imagination has 16 articles. The past two years jiedi popular story in the "next stop happiness", "intellectual school life" after the hit, and Xu Kai Yang Mi starring "Love of eight law", Song Qian and Xu Weizhou starred in "Who know that I love you "and other, younger man theme hit again.

"More horrible than word of mouth cliff-style decline is that the public seems to only accept such an outcome." One user said.

* Title figure from the network. Should the respondents were asked, Chen Lan, Li Yuanyuan is a pseudonym.