The Ministry of Public Security shot!Focus on the fight for sale, selling false poisonous toxins, "water joins", "hot horse"

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The Ministry of Public Security shot!Focus on the fight for sale, selling false poisonous toxins, "water joins", "hot horse"

2021-11-25 14:36:32 6 ℃

The Ministry of Public Security issued news on November 25th, saying that illegal practices, illegal employment, and illegal employment, and illegal, illegally issued false advertisements in some local medical beauty sectors, lending violations of laws and beauty, leading to frequent happening frequent accidents The Food and Drug Crime Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has recently issued a notice, combined with the practice of "I have to do practical things for the people", and deploy further increased the intensive criminal activity against drug safety products such as illegal manufacture, and effectively protect people. The masses are healthy and life safety.

The notice requires that the public security food and drug investment departments of all localities should effectively improve the political station, adhere to the people's first, life first, and effectively enhance the sense of work responsibility, focus on the "urgent expensive" problem, fully function, actively and actively , Department, adopt targeted work measures, carry out active investigations, precise strikes, and form a strict shock situation against illegal criminal activities in key areas such as illegal manufacturers.

It is necessary to highlight the focus on the development of the fake inferior meat toxin, "Water Needle", etc.

It is necessary to broaden the source of the clue, survey around the professional manufacturer of medical products, medical institutions, liveband platforms and other key parts and key links, and actively launch the masses to reveal the crime of illegal crimes.

To strengthen the strikes of the case, according to the "stem, end nest, destroy network, broken chain, chase", and "all-round, full elements, full chain" investigation requirements, deep digging, gain At the time, please organize unified centralized net, completely destroy crime network.

The notice requires to strengthen cross-regional collaboration, strengthen communication and coordination with the department of the procuratorate, court, to ensure the quality of law enforcement and law enforcement.

It is necessary to closely combine the joint rectification work of the special rectification of illegal medical beauty services, strengthen communication and cooperation with market supervision, health, drug supervision, customs and other departments, standardize case transfer, refinement of items involved, and identification and identification, and Increase the industry issues and vulnerabilities found in the case investigation process, and promote the achievement of source governance, comprehensive management, system governance, and forming hitting rectification work.

In-depth promotion of "Kunlun 2021" special action and "I do practical things for the people" practice activities, and resolutely protect the safety of the masses, and effectively enhance the people's sense, happiness, sense of security.

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