Jing Yuan photoelectric is also coming!What did this leading mini / micro chipsetter have seen?

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Jing Yuan photoelectric is also coming!What did this leading mini / micro chipsetter have seen?

2021-11-25 14:36:07 4 ℃

Hipster said Display:

The most standardized incident of MINI LED backlight is undoubtedly the launch of Apple's two mini LED products. From April, IPAD PRO to October MacBook Pro, Apple's choice of MINI LED has deepened the industry to mini LED. Technology confidence.

And Jingyuan Photoelectric is the leading supplier of Mini LED chip technology, how to see future new display market development?

On December 1, the deputy general manager of Jingyuan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. will bring "new display trends from the opening ceremony of the" Mini / Micro LED Show Advanced Application Conference ", from Dream to Practice Speech by the topic.

Now, with the Apple MacBook Pro is officially released, Apple has further rising for MINI LEDs. According to the hipster, Research measures, MacBook Pro is equipped with 10,000 mini LED backlight chips, which means that there is 20,000 kk mini LED backlight chips this year. Including the needs of the previous iPad Pro product, the MINI LED backlight chip consumption will approach 100,000 KK levels. With Apple products import MINI LED, many consumer products are also driven using MINI LEDs, more products are launched in the market.

In response to market demand, as Mini LED technology leading Fu Cai Group has said that Fu Mine has an expansion plan next year, and it is estimated that MINI LED capacity will be doubled next year. Among them, Taiwan's next year's expansion plan may be biased toward IT products, continental aspects of TV-related capacity, and the production of special products will remain in Taiwan plant.

The crystal light photoelectric in the forefront of the application, and the future development of MINI / Micro LEDs, in which this speech, crystal element optoelectronics not only summarizes the experience in MINI LEDs in recent years, but also repeated the new type in the future. What I saw in the display and how to practice dreams.


Weng Chong Ming


Deputy general manager

the speech topic

"New display trend, from dreams to practice"

Highlights of the speech

Jingyuan Photoelectric Since Foundation has been implementing unlimited possibilities of LED applications, on display, from the past to achieve LEDs in TV backlight to the recent assistance brand big factory reached mini LED mass production, Jing Yuan photoelectric electric power has a help customer The ability to mass production, then in the new display, what is the crystal light photoelectric? How do you practice dreams?

Guest introduction

• Weng Chongming is a master's degree in photoelectric University of Taiwan Jiaotong University.

• Mr. Weng Chongming is currently the deputy general manager of Jingyuan Photoelectric Business Center, with many years of complete and rich qualifications in the monitor industry. She has a panel factory LCD process and integration, MVA new technology research, IT display and pen electric product marketing and business work, deep tillage optoelectronic industries for more than 20 years, familiar with manufacturing, research and development, marketing, business, strategy and other cross-domain operations. During 2007, served as the MNT Marketing Unit, led the global IT industry to launch a full range of 16: 9 display product specifications, and it has become the mainstream specification of today's market.

• Before joining crystal optoelectronics, Renguan Technology Korea Bu director, and served as a pronunciation business center in Jingzhi Electronics, Xiangxiang Industrial and Delivery. During the duty period, the global TV brand customers were in the period, and the backlight module business of various applications was drastically expanded, and the vertical field application development and had a deep management experience.