I love this black technology: 405 difficulties in mathematics, and I have been very laborious.

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I love this black technology: 405 difficulties in mathematics, and I have been very laborious.

2021-11-25 14:39:12 6 ℃

Part 1

In May this year, I have recommended a physical AR's Black Teaching Software.

It can simulate various physics experiments learned in middle school through the AR mode.

For example, this kind of electrical experiment below:

There are also mechanics, optical, and even nuclear fusion experiments:

The largest function of this product is: it simulates the knowledge points of middle school physics classroom, through the experiment's way, so that children can see their physical phenomena by doing their own hands, and deepen their recognition of physical knowledge points. Know.

That time I recommend this product, there is a reader to give me a message, I am very impressed, she asked me:

I suddenly thought, yes, if I make the chemical experiments, it will use it!

On the one hand, the operating threshold of chemical experiments is high.

It needs to operate liquid, solid and gas, carry out various experiments, which is often not doing at home.

On the other hand, chemical experiments have certain hazards.

For example, these fluids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid have strong corrosive, and if they accidentally flow to the skin, they will have a big damage to the human body.

Even if researchers, this type of chemical experiment will be careful and be careful. A university has happened to the tragedy of an explosion.

So some experiments, in view of its dangers, the school is only staying in theory, and will not let the child really go to the experiment.

There is also the most important aspect, that is, if you want to learn chemistry, the experiment is very important!

Chemistry This discipline requires children to learn the statistics and calculations of experimental data, so in the test, you can often see a topic like this.

The Ministry of Education also stipulates that the experimental operation scores are intended to the senior high school entrance examination, and Shanghai Xinzhong Temples accounts for more than 15.

Therefore, I will transfer the needs of this reader to the publisher.

I thought this requirement would be more difficult because the development of chemical experiment simulation is very difficult. But I didn't expect the teachers of the publishing house to promise!

She said, in fact, this AR chemistry has been listed as a key project in Beijing's "14th Five-Year Plan", so they are also stepped up development, I hope to be completed as soon as possible!

The following file is the project name of the case:

A few months later, I finally received this "Youth Chemistry AR Intelligent Learning Card", with 120 learning cards, including 120 knowledge points of secondary school chemistry!

Part 2

With AR technology, an absolutely secure chemical laboratory can be entered at any time, and the experiment can be repeatedly operated.

This is its first place.

1 Anytime, anywhere, safety

Chemical experiments have high requirements for raw materials, instruments and venues, and some experiments are dangerous. However, with AR technology, the entire operation process of chemical experiments has been used, and these issues are solved.

This learning card creates a virtual chemistry laboratory, but it is designed to have a large number of parts that require children to operate themselves. Such a child has gained a real chemical operation process and is safe.

The child can personally move the hand to take the experimental drug, assemble the experimental instrument, detect the airtightness of the experimental device, collect new substances generated by the experiment.

Just like "carbon monoxide reducing iron oxide", carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, and children generally do not do such experiments.

However, we can simulate it with AR technology.

For example, tested red phosphorus burn, this ignition experiment also has certain hazards, and we still simulate AR.

2 give an error prompt in time

The chemical experiment has a significant feature that once the operation is not proper, it will cause the experiment to fail, and even cause catastrophic consequences.

So how can we regulate the child's operation?

Then this AR chemical simulation experiment can be. Each step of your step is the specification operation screen, and can be practiced repeatedly. If an operation error occurs, the system will prompt time.

For example, this is an oxygen test of potassium permanganate. When the experiment is over, the catheter should be removed from the water and then extinguish the alcohol lamp. If you are incorrect, the water in the sink is pressed against the atmospheric pressure to the test tube, and the cold and cold does not cause a test tube crack.

The system will automatically detect the child's operation steps, once improper discovery will make the correct tips.

3 repeated operation, real feelings

There is also a difficult place in chemical experiments that there are many subjective, operability.

For example, the experimental operation guide in this book will say that some operative vocabulary such as "DPRK", "DPRK", "First", "then", and "fast", "excess", "full "Subjective language.

And this AR card can observe dynamic demonstrations, personally do hand. Thus letting children deepen the standardization of chemical experiment operations in practice, steps, and understanding of the memory and understanding of the phenomenon.

This is definitely not a hard back, and the effect of light can rely on a pen.

Part 3

It can make all chemical experiments in the textbook, each step and process is very realistic. Moreover, with AR technology, children can observe all phenomena, even if it is not seen in the eyes.

1 can make all the experiments in the textbook

Some experiments need to learn, but for safety considerations, many schools will not carry out their students.

For example, the experiment of hydrogen in the textbook. This experiment needs to pass the connection experimental device, the airtightness of the inspection device, the initiation reaction, collecting hydrogen, and promotes pureness. When diluting concentrated sulfuric acid, it is necessary to add concentrated sulfuric acid to the water while stirring with a glass rod, which is dangerous.

With this set of cards, you can make up this shortage, and the child can do this experiment. It can see the steps and phenomena of the entire experiment.

2 experimental phenomenon is realistic and intuitive

Virtual but also is realistic, it is not easy to do this. This product spent more than three years, optimized dozens of App, and presented the best effect to the child.

Its picture is very realistic.

The process of chemical reactions and the state of reactants and buildings are very realistic, and children can carefully observe subtle experiments on the screen. For example, experiments with the rust conditions of iron products.

At least one week in real life can observe the experiment, and it can be easily seen by Ar.

When studying molecular exercise, people add sucrose blocks to two cups of different temperature water, in addition to common melting speed, APP also simulates the movement of sucrose molecules that can not be seen in the naked eye, and the effect of temperature on molecular movement is at a glance.

It joins special effects to make the picture more intuitive.

For exotherm, heating, temperature rise, precipitation, etc., the APP also has special effects, which is more intuitive.

In order to reflect the physical changes of water and the chemical changes of methane combustion, the APP has not only added a lot of water and flames.

Micro particles are also added, and it can intuitively reflect the difference between physical changes and chemical changes.

3 can clearly see all experimental phenomena

Many experimental responses are very fast, and the experiment is not obvious, it is not easy to observe. It can be seen very clearly with a learning card.

For example, when explaining molecular motion, it is often carried out with phenolphthalein reagents and concentrated ammonia water. The concentrated ammonia is very volatile, and this reaction is very fast and is accompanied by irritating odor.

The app can be observed more intuitively into experiments through the simulated odor molecules.

It can also help children master chemical principles from microscopic perspectives.

In essence, chemistry reveals the law of micro-world through a large number of macro experiments. However, in traditional teaching, it is difficult to observe the microscopic phenomenon of the particle level, thus making the teaching effect greatly.

Here, we can observe the structure, changes, and movement of microsure from the app. For example, we can observe the distribution of atomic nuclear electrons.

Understand the composition of the atom:

Observe the movement of the molecule:

Observing emulsification:

As a saying, a picture is better than a thousand, this dynamic three-dimensional model is not comparable to the text and static pictures.

Part 4

Invite the teacher to make the chemistry knowledge, and at home can go to high quality "chemical lessons".

This is its third place.

1 Contains the entire primary and middle chemistry knowledge point

This card invited the excellent teacher of Beijing Key Middle School to combat, summed up and summed up the key points and difficulties in junior high school chemistry, the knowledge system is complete, and the context is clear. This is the knowledge system of the complete set of cards.

Each card contains one or several intellectual points, is a relatively independent unit that basically corresponds to a chemical lesson. The front of the card is the summary of the point of knowledge, the back is a lot of fun story related to teaching materials, expanding the knowledge of children.

Such children can learn systemic learning, but also to find their own weak links, and learn more rationality and planning.

2 card, a complete chemistry class

Each of this learning card is a complete learning process.

First introduced specific knowledge points through "guidance", and arouse students' interest.

In terms of energy changes in chemical reactions, it first uses the most familiar energy changes in our daily lives - combustion to introduce energy changes. Burning with coal, firewood burning, natural gas combustion and candle combustion, etc., let children naturally enter the learning state.

Operately operate the heat absorption reaction and the exothermic reflection.

The finals of the course have a "exercise question" close to the knowledge point. Every time I randomly, I don't give my child a good test results. Whether there is a detailed question parsing, no matter what you answer, don't let go of your doubt.

This is an exercise question and answer analysis of molecular motion phenomenon.

Each card is within 10 ~ 20 minutes, 120 cards are equivalent to a 120-day-in-one chemical private education class, or the kind of family version of the chemistry laboratory. Super praise!

Part 5

This "Youth Chemical AR Smart Learning Card" is already a third product made by their team. Before they had already "Youth Physics AR Intelligent Learning Card" and "Youth Mathematical AR Intelligent Learning Card".

Physical learning card is a key topic of the "Thirteen" planning of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. There are 150 student cards in the product, including physical knowledge of the entire junior high school. Like chemistry, use AR technology to simulate the experiment explanation of knowledge points.

Like this is the principle of analog motor:

The mathematics study card has received the enthusiasm of the academician of Zhang Jingzhong, Chinese Academy of Sciences. There are 135 grades in the product, including the important knowledge points in the geometric topics in junior high school mathematics.

This is a symmetrical axis for weekly symmetric graphics:

These three products have a great subversion to existing teaching methods to help children improve their knowledge of knowledge points! Group information

1. "Youth Chemical AR Intelligent Learning Card"

16 open, heavy 1.1kg

Size: 276 mm * 43 mm * 188 mm

Gift box paper: 2 mm high strength cardboard

Inner page material: 300 grams of white cardboard

Contains 120 smart learning cards, one use instructions, an assembly bracket for a smartphone / tablet.

Pricing: 298 yuan, group purchase price of 179 yuan.

2, "Youth Mathematics AR Intelligent Learning Card"

16 open, heavy 1.1kg

Size: 276 mm * 43 mm * 188 mm

Gift box paper: 2 mm high strength cardboard

Inner page material: 300 grams of white cardboard

Includes 135 smart learning cards, one instructions, a smartphone / tablet assembly bracket.

Pricing: 298 yuan, group purchase price of 149 yuan.

3, Mathematical Set

"Youth Mathematics AR Intelligent Learning Card" + "Youth Physics AR Intelligent Learning Card" + "Youth Chemical AR Intelligent Learning Card"

Priced 894 yuan, group purchase price of 469 yuan

Purchase the collegemicultural set, give a vivid science science knowledge of 298 yuan

Hundreds of AR black technology three-dimensional interaction model, explore the mystery of everything

Group purchase time: 8:00 am - November 28th, November 28th

Beijing delivery, Zhongtong, Yuantong randomly, national shipping (free shipping, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Ruili City, Yunnan Province). Delivery within three days, do not ship on Saturday.

Can open electronic plum, content books. If you need an invoice, please pay attention to the tax number and email information in the order, and the intercept will be opened 14 working days.