Cool resurrection, low-end mobile phone market war

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Cool resurrection, low-end mobile phone market war

2021-11-25 14:37:00 9 ℃

Wen 丨 intelligent relativity

Author 丨 科科 chicken

If you can't revive, resurrection is actually not too much.

Cool Group CEO Chen Jiajun released three years to return to the first echelon. In October, there was no substantive cool cool, suddenly obtained HK $ 833 million in HK $ 833 million. In addition, a new management team has also announced that the four new presidents have average 35 years of experience in practical experience, and they have experience in millet.

Signs seem to show that after the Loss of China, after many years, this far-beaten is reorganized in a resurrection atmosphere. But for passers-by, this never look forward to the bottom of the bottom, but it is a battle for the cold.

A few degrees of easy master: survive from selling to finance

In June 2015, the Cool and 360 have just cooperated for half a year. LeTV announced that the purchase of 2.73 billion Hong Kong dollars to enter the shares, including 18% of the shares, became the second largest shareholder of Cool, and the shares of LeTV directly lead to rupture of Cool and 360 cooperation.

Cool is in urgent need of transition, but it is in turn in the dispute between LeTV and 360. In August of the following year, the founder Guo Deying officially resigned the chairman of Cool, and there was 3080 million to leave the field. Under LeTT, the Cool Group did not improve, 2016 to 2018, three years of total loss exceeded HK $ 7.5 billion.

Cool sent to the fiscal crisis was prosecuted by a number of banks, March 2017 Cool Group had to be forced to stop at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Announcement on the release of Cool Pavilion in the same year, the first phase of Cool Information Port Project has been built to the top ten layers, which is a state of shut down, and Cool Information Port is the location of Coolheader.

At the same time, Cool will start selling land resources to alleviate funds, Cool and Xinghua Ann Real Estate Company, and let the land resources of Cool Information Port jointly develop real estate projects. Cool Pavilion In the 2008 global economic crisis, the low price has purchased a large number of golden locals, and no one knows what this investment means what it means.

But under the crisis, real estate resources became a rescue straw of Cool. Shenzhen Real Estate Jingji Group also saw the value of this investment. In January 2018, Chenhua, the founder of Beijing-based Group, Chen Hua, the Grand National Venture CHENG Rong, who is willing to premium 25%, and become the first shareholder of Cool. After that, Chen Jiarong will transfer the shareholding to his brother Chen Jiajun.

After an experience of 27 months of suspension, July 2019 Cool fauna finally resumed it in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At this time, Cool Pavilion seems to have resumed the large amount of energy, the announcement shows that the company has met all reply conditions.

In 2019, Coolpass has turned into a profit. The revenue of Cool Pai has reached HK $ 1858 million, an increase of 45.50% over $ 1.277 billion in 2018; the overall gross profit margin is 23.25%, which is 28.88% over the previous year.

Get off at Shenzhen Cool Information Port Bus Station, you can see the Cool Headquarters from the fence and the wall. Cool Building ABC is also the most intuitiveness of the cool economy in the barometer.

2020 is an especially important year for Cool. Because, in the first half of this year, the first phase of Cool Information Harbor, the first phase of the construction, finally completed, Cool Pavilion also plans to settle in the same year.

In November 2020, Qin Tao's name first appeared in a cool announcement. He has indirectly holds 7.65% of the shares of Cool Seafood, and is increasing to 8.37% in the 2021 report. Qin Tao once served as the general manager of channel innovation in Xiaomi and was responsible for planning and implementing channel upgrade strategies.

That is to say, from 2020, Coolpass has some conditions, and there is a plan to return to the mobile phone stage. 2021 cool school seems to be completely passed through the cold winter, not only no longer need to survive, but it has received HK $ 833 million in HK $ 833 million in SIG Harna Asian Venture Inspection.

Looks that Cool is developing a good direction a day.

Restore the sound: first new machine and then touch the porcelain

Although it is said that the cool season is going to develop, but compare it three years to return to the first echelon of the mobile phone, the action of the cool reorganization sound looks too simple. "Intelligent relativism" is suggested, it is, while sending a new machine, I combined with porcelain.

It is more than a long time of the mobile phone market for many years. This Cool sent a new machine COOL 20. In terms of brand and products, Coolpa is also very important. If you don't dare to high-end, COOL 20 is only 699 yuan, the highest version is only a thousand yuan.

Moreover, it emphasizes the maximum selling point is only the glass rear cover of COOL 20, as well as the after-sales service of "90-weather transformer 2 years". This service standard is doubled directly on the after-sales sale. Obviously, Cool Pai hopes to touch some of the consumer consumer groups for price.

In addition, the cool double eleventh will release "Choosing Red Not Choose Green" for three consecutive days. Because Cool sent to replace the red standard, everyone knows that the green factory is OPPO, so these pictures are obvious, meaning is to choose cool, do not choose OPPO, and pull the OPPO is a high price.

This way, there is a certain effect, the front-end mobile phone CEO is normal, and after constantly touching the porcelain, I get the title of a thousand magnetic king. Obviously the public is to pay attention to the Lenovo mobile phone that is touched every day, but the normal run does not have to bring Lenovo to the top of the market, but it is the offer of the market. It can be seen that it is 2021 to tear, and the porcelain to attract flow ratio is not the same as a groundbreaking product, or it does not bring substantive changes.

Cool sent to do this is not surprising, because 4 new executives from his new team from Xiaomi.

In addition to Qin Tao, Hu Xi once responsible for e-commerce channel and new retail innovation channel business, Li Yujing served as Director of Millet Group Mobile Phone Products Director and Group Socialist Director, Sima Yun Rui worked as artificial intelligence and Yunping Tsuen Data Department in Xiaomi and Senior Director, Deputy General Manager of the Internet Business Department. From the staff configuration, then the resurrection of the thousand-yuan machines, and the coolpad seems to be in a retraction millet.

But suitable for Xiaomi logic, set on Cool, can you succeed? The domestic mobile phone market is in the moment, and chooses to return to the domestic market at this time. Cool is still like emptied guns.

The only thing that is worth mentioning is that "new" cool is still the same as before, and the cost control is printed in the bones. When Qin Tao said in cool 20, Cool sent a large-scale use of domestic supply chain.

According to interface news, Cool and supply chain combiners try to work together. For example, the cool mobile phone back camellia, write a domestic mobile phone camera operating system supplier rainbow name. Plus Zeiss certification, Leica certification can add points for mobile phone images, but write the supply of production for consumers for consumers? Of course, it does not rule out the possibility of playing a domestic national card, but only the effect is to see people.

It's hard to resurrect: I have never been to C.

According to Cool CEO Chen Jiajun's ideas, mobile phone industry hardware iterations slowed down, bringing opportunities to catch up with. In the risks of supply chain, there is a low risk advantage in Cool, which can be lightly installed, and have a larger adjustment space. Have to say, Coolpass is not afraid of shoes in the moment, choose "domestic contount" in the context of today's global refinement, product supply chain overall price increase, there is a certain opportunity.

This is very familiar, Cool, CEO Liu Jiangfeng accepts Sohu Science and Technology mining, and the mobile phone business has reached the second half, I don't make mistakes, waiting for others to make mistakes, this is the opportunity of Cool. Finally, Liu Jiangfeng left a fluff in Cool.

It is an optimism in trouble, but reality is often more cruel than the idea. Most opportunities may only look at the flower non-flowers in the fog, and the water is in the moon. "Intelligent relativity" believes that especially for the coolness of the dead escape, want to return to the mainstream stage, this opportunity is not enough to counteract it to face most of the problems.

1, path dependence, cool lack of sales genes

We all know that Cool Pai has also been brilliant, and China Cool Association has taken the company's power, at the smart machine market, the market share is second to Samsung, accounting for the second to fifth position.

China Cool Union is only successful in the process of Huawei from 2B to 2C. Huawei's most important thing at the time is actually the same as everyone wants, not a boring head to develop, is in 2011, decided to build their own brand and sales channels.

Huawei chooses to take rid of the operator, because it found that there is no 2C sales capability, the market's feedback can not be passed, and consumers like what products do not know.

I have just started a few products that have been launched. P1, D1, D2, MATE 1, MATE 2, P2 have not successful. Until, in June 2013, Huawei issued the world's thinnest smartphone P6 in the world for market demand and consumption trends.

Therefore, the experience of Huawei's success is to unswervingly establish his own sales skills, leading the development of new business with marketing, allowing the market's demand to be effectively transmitted to product development.

Take a look at the cool, it has never been a good 2C. In 2014, the State-owned Committee of the State-owned Committee made the operator tightened the cost, and the contract machine had accounted for 80% of Cool revenue. The other three of the Chinese Cool Association began to go to the stock, and when the number of low-end models was planned, the Cool Pai still could not declare to give up the sea strategy.

After being forced to leave the operator, it is still swinging. At first, it relies on imitation. Several popular models are locked by plagiarism, cool views like Samsung, Cool Magic Statue Meizu. What people who can't find it like it, they don't build a core competing barrier.

Then, in the face of a more fierce market competition, the cooling of Cool is surrendered, giving up self-salvation, mistakenly hopes to LeTV and 360. This way, Coolpass has almost no independent line, the sales ability is very weak, and there is no brand influence.

2, the product line is insufficient, the whole cold start

Liu Jiangfeng once thought that once someone made mistakes, users will start choice, then word of mouth determines everything. However, whether it is at that time, still now, mobile phone manufacturers have already preached PLAN B, Plan C, Plan D ... to prevent yourself, as long as the competitors have actions, they will immediately keep up. According to the data released by Canalys, mobile phone manufacturers ranked in the third quarter of this year were Vivo, OPPO, glory, millet and Apple, and the five manufacturers were divided into 87% of the market share, and in the same time last year, they grab Walking cake is just 68%.

The new cool is aimed at the low-end market, but the low-end market is really not so easy to make money. Although, Huawei has a large piece of cake, but the friends quickly increase the layout of the line, filling this market gap. The mobile phone factory will not let any gaps at all, and their sub-brand, visibility, performance and system are far better than Cool.

In addition, there is a number of new competitors to be ignored, they have disappeared, but from last year, they continue to resurrect. At the end of 2020, Lenovo mobile phone brand "Lemon" announced the return, in September 2021, the music mobile phone that has been stirred through the wind, and the new machine S1 announced the return, the sales price is 1599 yuan. On September 17, Charm Blue with new BLUS true wireless noise-saving headphones re-test water, and the rumors of charm blue mobile phone returned, the more fierce.

Even if the head big factory has no time to take care of Cool, these "resurrection" brands and cool goals are almost consistent. Since everyone thinks that the current mobile phone market is experiencing a turning critical node. There is a tiger after the wolf, cool the cool production line, it is difficult to play the water.

3, TO C does not have a mouth, there is almost no basic disk

If Luo Yonghao returns to the hammer mobile phone, the hammer mobile phone is resurrected, the public will have a few more expensive, because at least Luo Yonghao is self-contained. Lao Luo's fan is the basic disk of the hammer mobile phone. As long as you can make a good product, you will have old users to drink.

However, where is the old user of Cool Pai? Just like, the fans in the coolness of the cool, "Wanzhang Building is flat, glory can only rely on themselves", "he will come with you in the world again."

Cool's goal is clear, or to play a price ratio, but the target OPPO is not, but it does not meet the effect, but it feels that it will give yourself a gold. After all, OPPO is not a typical price, Cool Pharmacy, takes OPPO, and the strengths of our strengths, and it is no wonder that only the number of comments are only attracted.

In the era of traffic, there is no 2C resurrection is false resurrection, Jin Li also resurrected, ZTE also resurrected, but what is the result? Unattended in all.

What's more, other mobile phone manufacturers are in the blessing of the main business, they have already set their own user groups. The mobile phone market deposit phase, they rely on basic plates, multi-business development, continue to maintain business growth while avoiding certain risks. For example, the United States uses national resources to press Huawei, and Huawei still has achieved growth in 2020. Whether it is derived smart wear or smart home equipment, or a flat plate, PC has one or two best-selling products. There is even more than a power to make a crossover.

In the face of thousands of markets and strong competitors, is the foundation weak cool, is it really ready? Perhaps a short resurrection is not difficult for Cool, but on the road of this bullet, if it is not absolute strength, it is just a time.

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