Dada three seasons rendering growth, the growth is over-expected, the two platforms are bonded to Dada?

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Dada three seasons rendering growth, the growth is over-expected, the two platforms are bonded to Dada?

2021-11-25 14:37:52 16 ℃

According to Beijing Business Daily, Dada Group announced the performance of 2021 as of September 30. According to the financial report, the company's total collection of the company in the third quarter was 1.7 billion yuan, which increased by 86% compared to the diameter. During the 12 months of September 30, 202, Jingdong to the total transaction volume (GMV) of 37.2 billion yuan. In this quarter, Jingdong to home platform revenue is 1.1 billion yuan, and local instant delivery platform reached 600 million yuan.

In the third quarter, Dada delivers the real-time matching business income provided by chain brand merchants over 110% year-on-year. The electronic fence function is added based on the distribution service, helping to improve the rationality and accuracy of the store delivery range. The order of supermarkets and catering chain has continued to achieve growth.

The number of small and medium-sized merchants in the three quarters in the third quarter increased by 90% year-on-year. In terms of landing, Dada sent a rapid growth of the assessment business provided by Jingdong logistics, and the order quantity in this quarter has doubled last season.

Outlook in the fourth quarter, Dada Group General Campaign is between 2 billion yuan to 2.1 billion yuan.

It is worth paying attention to the recent, Jingdong Group and Dada Group officially jointly issued "hour purchase", integrating immediate retail capabilities in the Jingdong ecological domain service. Based on the location of consumers, it provides an instant retail service of 3-5 km from the top 3-5 kilometers of all-class store quality commodity hours and minute-level delivery. Dada Group fully undertakes the "hour purchase" business, and puts the overall capacity of deep plow years.

To be honest, I saw that the three quarter reports of this time have surpassed the expectations. Many people want to ask to reach the bottom. What should we see? What is the future of this company? Can you achieve a lightning?

First of all, we can say that the overall three-segment of the current Dada has exceeded the expectation of a very active news. At least from the perspective of the market, Dada's business model is enough to be recognized by the market, in fact, the same city distribution is currently become The focus of the entire market, we see a large number of logistics companies have begun to lay out the battlefield with the same city. The influence and advantage of the same city distribution in the market have begun to gradually highlight, in such a large background, as the same city distribution The pioneer, Dada is undoubtedly more market competitive than other market competitors, whether the user's experience or merchant choice, Dada can have better development in the market, this is the current Dada Realize the key to the development of the ultra-expected development.

Second, we see that the cooperation between Jingdong and Dada is actually further, especially in the early days of Jingdong and Dada. The development of traditional e-commerce markets, because the original Jingdong has achieved 24 hours from Jingdong Logistics, but after this Jingdong further blessed up Dada's business, it will be possible to achieve the speed of delivery in hours. This is undoubtedly The entire China's express delivery market will have a significant impact, and the pattern of e-commerce platforms may have a fundamental change, so for the current, Dada is playing a very important role in the system of Jingdong.

Third, we look at the perspective of science and technology development, the technology development strength of Dada itself is still a sharp, only in this year's double ten cases, this year 11.11, Dada delivers the first full-link instant performance service panorama For three major links in the store, picking, distribution, marking the platform to build a more systematic and multivariate overall service capabilities. On November 11, Dada sent instant delivery orders were only 23 minutes. In addition, Dada Premium, Dan Dada SaaS System, the unmanned distribution open platform for the first time, 11.11. If these advanced technologies can better participate in Dada's business development, it will be undoubtedly helped Dada to achieve comprehensive efficiency.

From the current development, Dada's loss problem is a problem, but there is no impact on the development of itself. If Dada can further expand its own advantages, reduce its own cost, want to achieve earnings should still be worth it expected.