Beijing open automatic driving travel service commercial pilot, Baidu Apollo gets the first order

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Beijing open automatic driving travel service commercial pilot, Baidu Apollo gets the first order

2021-11-25 14:40:56 12 ℃

China New Jingwei November 25, November 25th, Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy Pioneering District Released "Beijing Intelligent Network Automobile Policy Pioneer Area Automatic Driving Travel Service Commercial Pilot Management Implementation Rules (Trial)" (following Briefly referred to as "Implementation Rules" and issued a notice of the first batch of automatic driving vehicles in China to some enterprises. On the same day, Baidu Apollo won the first automatic driving paid order in China, which marked the automatic driving of "The second half" - the commercial operation phase.

"Implementation Rules" is issued by the Beijing High-Level Automatic Driving Demonstration Zone Work Office, mainly from the application for audit, pilot management, network data security, service supervision and violation management, etc. At the market level, "Implementation Rules" encouraged and guided automatic driving travel service business model exploration and innovation, and coordinating technology update iterative and industrial development; in the network data security level, "Implementation Rules" is clearly collected in commercial pilots After approval, it is not necessary to leave, and the company is required to conduct network security management; in the application review, the "Implementation Rules" is engaged in the compliance of the applicant, car, people, people, and other objects. Requirements; in terms of service supervision and illegal management, the management mechanisms such as new services, complaints and prices ensure marketization fair competition.

Baidu Apollo is the first company in Beijing approved the business of commercial charging operations. On November 25th, the charging function pushed the first day, a Beijing Yizhuang residents use Baidu Apollo automatic driving travel service platform "radish run" to complete the first single payment. This is the first automatic driving payment order produced by Beijing City to start automatic driving commercialization.

It is reported that Baidu Apollo is one of the earliest layout automatic driving companies. As of now, the total test has more than 16 million kilometers. The "radish run" has been opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Zhangzhou five places. It is expected to be extended to 65 cities by 2025 to 100 cities in 2030. In the third quarter of this year, "Radish Run" has a total of 115,000 ride service.

The 22nd meeting of the Central Committee held recently, the 22nd meeting of the Reform Commission, pointed out that the high-level science and technology self-sufficiency in the country, and the highest level of self-reliance, the highest level of self-reliance, and the most urgent The task is to make a strong innovative entity, collectively innovate elements, and optimize the innovation mechanism to break through, innovate, and accelerate the world's leading technology park and innovation.

At present, China has become the leader in the world's automatic driving field. Under policy support, Beijing has become a new high-driving in China. In 2016, I took the lead in exploring automatic driving "China Route". Beijing Yizhuang became the world's first network cloud control. High-level automatic driving demonstration zone, through launcane, road, cloud, network, diagram fusion mode, to ensure automatic driving safety operation, lay the foundation for commercial pilots.

Experts said that statistical data shows that automatic driving can greatly reduce traffic accidents caused by human danger driving, and automatic driving commercial operation pilots, there is a milestone for improving traffic safety and travel services. (China New Jingwei APP)