Bai Shi TV's first exciting drama, 8K production "two people's world" How to touch new users?

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Bai Shi TV's first exciting drama, 8K production "two people's world" How to touch new users?

2021-11-26 00:13:27 7 ℃

Author | Wang Banxian

In Shanghai frequently with warmth and inclusiveness boarded hot search when there are more and more people feel good and curious about the city.

The TV drama is undoubtedly understand the history of the city is a good tool, especially in the recent broadcast of "two people of the world", for the first time by way of a chronological presentation of Shanghai from "atypical pneumonia" to the "new crown" the 17-year history, and the great between background and Liwen Jia, Xu Dongyang ups and downs of the fate of the two heroes integration, enough so that every young man in the big cities struggle to resonate empathy.

On the show, in addition to Shanghai's label, there is a word frequently mentioned is "8K", the more the technology industry to say, "two people of the world" in another city outside the science of weight value.

But before introduction 8K, people are more exposed to 4K restoration unit film festival.

For example, some time ago the Beijing International Film Festival will release a version of 4k "The Godfather", attracted a lot of fans rush ticket punch, experience high-definition visual impact. In fact, not only is Beijing, almost film festivals around the world will fix release version of the classic film, which has become a trend.

These can repeatedly sell the film rights, one of the reasons that the original film shooting mode used to retain sufficient detail and clarity, even in the moment it is possible to meet the user's visual viewing needs.

The only "Godfather" a series of films, almost all have different versions of copyright sell out every year, such as 4K, Blu-ray, DVD, and even different linguistic regions, and so on.

Here it comes, "two people of the world," executive producer Cui some regret: "In fact, many outstanding domestic film and television work has a very high artistic achievement, but the clarity of shooting conditions when possible, use a digital camera is not enough even turning the system is not as good viewing experience. "

This shows that the image is not only about the importance of the moment for film and television work, but also to limit follow-copyright works and influence earnings.

Inspired, Cui where SMG is still in preparation for the World Pictures "Two people in the world", it was decided in line to the highest-definition television industry needs, in the case of commonly used in industry 4k shot, taken 8K the first step in the whole process of production of the series.

8K made to bring the visual experience coupled with the Shanghai city, so that "two people of the world" to get more attention, but also the birth of the "two people of the world where seeing" hot search terms.

SMG hope which is user-generated questions, because in addition to exclusive premiere the show in the Group's Dragon TV, but in the end chose the network on-line Blockbuster independent broadcast TV and IPTV as well as large-screen exclusive on-line synchronization, and SMG interactive version of 4K simulcast, this multi-screen broadcast of the way the Group carries all media strategy.

"My memories of youth and are dedicated to Shanghai."

This sentence from the actor Xudong Yang, a Shanghai as Shanghai from the northeast to drift, he and "educated youth" Here descendants Liwen Jia spent 17 years of hard work, personal fate and urban development has always been firmly tied together. The "two people in the world." In fact, the original is called "two people of Shanghai", the city is invisible third place play hero.

Unlike other series works with Shanghai element or a certain time to expand the section, "two people of Shanghai" For the history of the city and features a panoramic presentation.

Cui recalled to Entertainment Capital said:. "Original time span is very short, but the details of city work hard to book due to the very people resonance, of course, including me."

Based on feelings and television works rich in content and Cui Yi of Shanghai city experience, "two people in the world," the time span extended to 17 years, to start the "atypical pneumonia" to "new crown" end in the stories and emotions have done tail echo.

But it also let the script writing to become a part of this drama hardest. The first is how to choose a major node Shanghai 17-year history, as well as news events highlighted the node.

"These nodes and news to meet the three elements, the first to carry the collective memory of the people of Shanghai, the second is to have enough authenticity and representation, and the third is to reflect the spirit of the city of Shanghai."

But only news events is not enough, the news on the fate of the characters but also the role of the hero and heroine and emotional process.

In a recent broadcast of the story, in 2007 Shanghai all stocks, Xudong Yang also join in this unit into the tide, become Liwen Jia Niang Niang stock manager, the stock market ups and downs make Liwen Jia Niang Niang is stuck , as emotions between the two increased the twists and turns, but also highlights the Liwen Jia forbear strong character.

High demand on the creation of this makes "two people of the world" in addition to the original author Zhou Yi Fei, back and forth to attract a number of writers involved, and the "new crown" point in time as the end of the drama of ideas, even in shooting only OK.

"Adapted screenplay and shooting simultaneously also brought new challenges, we make a lot of adjustments in the studio, the actors will conduct on-site creation based on an understanding of the characters."

Guo Jingfei in particular, as a Pekingese, speaking in a northeast, then in the play, relying on language and demeanor, adding color to this humorous original orthodox relatively serious drama, and Wang Luo Dan, played by Liwen Jia is quiet with urban women between temperament, and Guo Jingfei to a static one move to balance the drama.

"Two people's world" as a realistic theme episode, in addition to the story of a beautiful reality, its obvious Shanghai label is an important reason for this drama to pay attention to the industry and user concern. In Cui Wei, there is a city characteristics in the future. The episode will be more and more, and the "two people's world" can be treated as a creative reference for the urban background and the fate of the fate. "The woman's mobile phone is the same as me, my first mobile phone is Nokia 3100."

The audience commentary of this social platform, explaining that in the "two people's world", there is a historical props that can have a sense of viewers, and outside of the play, there are many buildings and scenarios filled with old Shanghai style. .

For example, Li Wenjia, who borrowed from Shanghai, was located in the middle of the hall, and a family squeezed in a small room. The forced environment has a cooked fireworks and human emotions. One go to the 5th or six people gathered in the public cafeteria Cooking, mutual delivery rice. Mr. Shanghai Old Kle Kong, who met in Xu Dongyang had a house, which could see the scene of the old age on the beach.

Most of these buildings in the play are from the crew. "The scenes of the characteristics, such as the home of Wenjia, etc., the old house, etc., all of us are 1: 1."

The general modern drama actually made a lot of landscape, but one of the particularities of the "two people" is in 17 years. For visual presentation and the trust of the audience, the crew chose a lot of landscapes. The Scene of the Opera and the scene with the characteristics of the Times are from the restore of the lapse team.

The high requirements for the 8K full process for the picture are also the reasons why the drama is a lot of lascas. Workload. And 8K can present a picture detail, it will force us to do fine. "

The coincidence is that this drama plans to boot at the end of 2019, because the epidemic is postponed for four or five months, this time was taken by the crew of the crew to make a lascover, there is now today's presented effect.

In Cui Weikou, "the world of two people" in the position of the scenery is more than moving movies, but has done upstream levels in the TV series.

However, a lot of scenery will bring an increase in the corresponding cost, which has always emphasized the investment output than the film and television industry, 8K full process production has increased, except for the screen requirements, also on the rendering output Will spend a lot of time, energy, and equipment.

This has returned to the beginning of the problem, why is the Shi Shi Shao industry to choose 8K production.

"Because the SMG itself has the foundation of 8K production." As early in 2019, the SMG's Teng Junjie directed the first 8K panoramic sound opera movie "here's dawn quiet", accumulated a certain experience in shooting and output .

Cui Wei also emphasized the content of entertainment, and the most troublesome place in 8K is not shooting and broadcasting. On output, according to the 2020 level, 3 minutes of trailer rendering foot foot takes two and a half days. On the broadcast, in addition to the special vocabnce hall, there is no 8K definition broadcast home scenario.

But this is also a forward-looking place for "the world of two people". Today's technical level can be supported by the normal speed of the 8K definition material. Plus 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will use "5G + 8K" to broadcast, it will definitely bring 8K super high-definition technology and equipment, the current SMG has been promoted in the future 8K channel.

Although ordinary users are not easy to see 8k quality pictures, Cui Wei is very confident: "Our visual quality of our drama can meet the needs of users at least 20 years."

However, "I can't help but", I don't have to break through. In order to meet the audience's early feelings, I will have a strong will. The film is recently planned to hold a line "Theater Opera" activity in the cinema, with 8K Playing the equipment, bringing the audience an unprecedented immersive watching experience.

For the "two people's world", from the oversized screen, to the big screen, to the small screen, it can be said to be a network.

In the past, the episode works outside the satellite TV, and the practice is in cooperation with the three major video sites.

But "The World of Two people" is an exception, the network is only broadcased in hundreds of TV, and as the beginning of the SMG size screen, the episode of the group will drive the episode of the episode.

As we all know, the episode products have always been a new tool for domestic and external media platforms, especially a good work, but also the number of users, it is possible to become a label of platform content, bring users good sensation, stickiness and The growth of commercial capacity.

"Two people's world" is naturally also hoped by SMG, to meet three aspects of user satisfaction, technical capacity accumulation, and economic benefits. The current results are obvious, the episode is in the first week of the Satellite TV. The social platform feedback, many users were downloaded by the drama TV.

"Two people's world" may be seen as a iconic incident after competition, which is considered to join the domestic streaming media platform, which reflects the unique advantage of Besi TV in the competitive pattern.

The first is the regional cognition, as the streaming media platform under the SMG, the awareness of "two people's world" in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area, "two people's world" exclusive, is also meeting users There is a need for a unique area tag work. On the way to become a national content platform, regional cognition will become the basis of Bai Vision TV continuously expand users. On the ability of the content output, Bai Shi TV is backed by the Oriental Pearl and SMG Group, with the ability of "Broadcasting". Before the "two people's world", the Group's output content has been on the line. And a series of content operations. In the future, with the results of the reform of the Oriental Pearl Film and Television Sector, there will be more quality episodes to supply flow media platforms.

The last layer is that state-owned enterprises are grasp the policy orientation, and film and television works as cultural products in the entertainment public, and there are certain education and promotional functions. Whether it is the industry or users, the value orientation of film and television works. Higher requirements, and state-owned enterprises have better produced in this regard.

Looking back in the creation of "two people's world", the Group's forward-looking and technical accumulation supports 8K shooting, the strength of the production team and the pursuit of supporting the creation of the Shanghai label, the ultimate economic benefits and word of mouth in pushing high flow media. While the platform and satellite water level, experience has accumulated experience in the creation of the next episode.

After the "two people's world", the industry may be more expected to be orthopedically after technology innovation, as if people in 2003, people can't imagine high-tech, but they have begun to have high-tech infrastructure. Entertainment and creation.

The future 8K HD visual experience will also bring new entertainment experiences to users, regarding it as a new pattern of Shanghai Guangcheng Media Strategy, and will usher in its beautiful prospects.