Avery and SR25MKII player evaluation: Nothing changed?In fact, it has changed.

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Avery and SR25MKII player evaluation: Nothing changed?In fact, it has changed.

2021-11-26 00:13:18 5 ℃

Astell & Kern is a very personal brand in my impression, in the large environment of domestic players, the large environment of the pile of piles, it always adheres to their own characteristics, and even inheritance and development. This reminds me of "Iron Triangle" and "Spaceship" more than 20 years ago, I can't remember how many years they have.

Now the classic continues:


As early as the new release of SR25 MKII, everyone thinks it has almost no changes in the look, even in front of the SP2000T, there is a bit bleak. But no matter whether SR25 MKII is still SP2000T, everyone has not found, as long as it is a good design, Astell & Kern is willing to retain, this kind of bloodline continues, it is difficult to find in other brands.

Items in the box:

歪 子 SR25 MKII player

Rough and long USB-C charging cable

Extremely difficult soft protective film (4 photos)

Basic instructions and warranty cards

Can have cardboard backup (2)

This year, this is a burst of unscrupulous screen. I will suspect Astell & Kern to use this wonderful design to be used on a 5000+ player. The result is that the grass rate is me. I have, this is a three-generation merit, and there is no one to surpass ... In fact, this screen is used in the appearance of the standard, more importantly, when the user is holding, the screen will look more smooth, and there is, I found that the design of the small volume of the body + the design of the screen is actually one hand. It is also more convenient to operate, do you know that SR15 / SR25 users have a feeling?

Screen, appearance, everything is familiar with the taste ~ It seems that there is no change, but there is a big upgrade with a place that you can't see: it is the same as the SP2000T of the value 16800, in order to increase the sound quality, the inside is in the original shield Based on the high-purity silver plating layer having high conductivity. Although DAC still uses two CS43198, the sound quality has been greatly improved than the previous generation.

In addition to the skeleton screen, there is a taste of various irregular cuts on the body, but also the appearance of SR25 MKII in the four-four player.

If you don't look for SR25 MKII, then this volume knob may be counted. The design style is closer to the SP2000. It is clear that the processing is more fine. There will be a gentle, and you like this design when turning. Do you like this design?

As we all know that Astell & Kern is the first manufacturer of 2.5mm balanced interface, but the latest use of 4.4mm Balance, manufacturers have long heard everyone's complaints, this doesn't seem to be, it is a sudden happiness! It is not difficult to see from Kann Alpha, SP2000T to SR25 MKII, Astell & Kern has gradually begun to accept 4.4 balance earphone interface, it is said that this socket cost is not cheap, so hundreds of dollars, it can be used on such a small volume of players, it is also enough Reflecting the superb manufacturing process of Astell & Kern.

The entity bond substantially hits the blood of their own products, but there is a fine change, especially the power / bright screen key, and the precision of blind exercises is higher.

The TYPE-C charging data interface is a comparison of the mainstream socket scheme, but the measured file transfer speed is general, and the 50GB music document is consumed about 1 hour and 10 minutes. It does not support fast charge, 10W input power, but it is not very slow, and the time LOL time can be fully charged. The battery life is very surprised, can be broadcast for about 20 hours, of course, this may have some relationship with the audio file, the volume of the songs, and the bright screen frequency. According to the personal use, there will be no snakes visible to the flesh eye, so everyday Use it will not let me generate "Phase".

I mentioned the opening of the article that this player has inheritance and development. The inheritance content is almost almost, then talk about something that keeps pace with the times: System.

It is well known that Astell & Kern system is "self-closed", in order to ensure smooth running and pure sound quality, it has to make a compromise. However, from the start of SR25 MKII / SP2000T, it has changed, especially the popularity of current media applications, the old way to listen to the player, and the limitations are getting bigger and larger. So, SR25 MKII provides 8 streaming media App downloads, and Apple Music, etc. Install and use processes.

Although it is still very self ...

In addition, its Android system has some featured features, let me have a huge surprise in daily use, here a few examples:

1, BT Sink, this function puts the SR25 MKII into the Bluetooth Decoding the ear, the front end can be a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. At present, the system has not been adapted to QQ music, Netease music, cool dogs and other domestic streamline APPs. Use BT Sink to solve this problem, and can also send all kinds of lossless music files in the mobile phone, transferred to SR25 MKII through BT Sink To play, it is also a very popular gameplay. 2, ReplayGain, unify all the audio files in your memory! I don't know if I have encountered this situation: the pop music broadcasts half switch to a certain classical music, suddenly the volume drop, then you have to adjust the volume to achieve a moderate level, but if you cut into popular songs, Volume explosion ... This kind of thing has been plaguing me in previous years. On the SR25 MKII, just open ReplayGain, no matter which format your audio file is, or whether the recording level itself is high, it gives you "leveling", it is really saving.

3, AK File Drop: You can transfer music documents from mobile / PC to your SR25 MKII. This feature is too practical, I usually add a good SR25 MKII to the FTP address provided in my computer, so it can be freely delivered, as long as the WiFi environment is good enough, the transmission speed is not essentially different from the wire transmission, and the connection is saved. The urban line is cumbersome.

4, music collection: You may like to build a list of players, then put your favorite song into the playlist, so you can quickly find the song you like. But as a lazy person, I prefer its favorite function, broadcast to the favorite song, and the direct one is a collection.

Finally, I will talk about the sound quality of SR25 MKII, and it is also the most concerned, isn't it?

Compared to SR15 and the last generation of SR25, SR25 MKII dynamic response capabilities, layering, and freshness have greatly improved. This part of the opening, I can only explain this, because I have heard it before, but I am not in my hands, I am very impressed. Let's return to this SR25 MKII, DAC is still double CS43198, everyone knows that the sound quality of a player is not determined by DAC, the importance of the circuit level and shielding level can completely transcend the revenue brought by DAC itself, SR25 MKII It is a good example. In the last half of a month, I tried to have a lot of stuffes on it, although it is small, but the driver's plug is unambiguous, especially two balanced headphones output interfaces, so that more balanced wire headphones have Use the land.

The impression of the A & NORMA series of players is relatively elegant, which is a very high texture of "warm" and high hearing. In fact, as a non-flagship player that positions music enthusiasts, this tuning style is in the past or has been widely discussed. Price and positioning are placed here, so they will definitely pay. But on SR25 MKII, tuning taste has a significant change, such as dynamics. In recent, I have the most headset or this T9IE that started last year, is particularly obvious! Whether it is Zhou Huajian's "small heaven", Jay Chou's "Materia Medica", the rhythm is slow, as long as it is a bass melody, it can hear excellent great dynamics, this response ability is a lot, and the low frequency itself Partial dive is also able to satisfy, not the profoundness of moving number, but can always be hit in the heart, it is a low-frequency effort to make people touching life, which is from the front two generation players.

SR25 MKII brings me another impression that "pureness", the bottom is really a clean, not just the simple clean, there is a clear and delicate impression, this quality even let me I remembered the SE200 and had a form of tendency. The SR25 MKII is upgraded in freshness, making music even more taste, it is worth mentioning that this taste is not done, basically a upgrade within the restraint, most of the HIFI people Will be more humid, not kind of very straightforward and elegant sound line, but there is a signs of moisturizing, especially use it to listen to the old songs in the 1980s, full of feelings. It is always said that this SR25 MKII has a great difference in tuning with the first two generations. It is obvious to cater to the new attempt made by the current mainstream music style, which also makes it more inclusive on the earplug match. Sex, I even got the original road to listen to it for a long time, and it's good to listen to it .......

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