How to use Sogou Information Stream Advertising Correctly This article tells you

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How to use Sogou Information Stream Advertising Correctly This article tells you

2021-11-26 00:13:58 16 ℃

With the increasing Internet competition, major Internet products are striving to grab traffic to traffic, hoping to get more traffic with the lowest cost is the needs of all enterprises. Of course, as bidding competition is getting bigger and bigger, some companies have begun to try new promotion methods, with information flow advertisements have become a very important means. So information flow advertisements are except for bidding advertising, another very core incremental channel.

The information flow advertisement is when the netizen is browsing the page, the advertisement present. There are different types of launching types, single chart, big picture, three figures, short video, etc. in the information flow advertisement. Information flow advertisements are displayed when browsing content, and netizens are easy to view them as ordinary content. Of course, information flow is greatly helpful to account costs and customers who need increment. The following small series gives you the information flow advertisement of Sogou.

First, Sogou information flow characteristics, launching scene and traffic source

Sogou information flow advertisements mainly have the following features:

Debrising: Mainly focused on the mobile side browsing page, the potential audience continues to make sourcing, thereby clicking on the advertisement.

Most of the orientation: from the people's interest point, the media, the property, the network environment, the mobile device, etc. of the population.

Raw confusion: In the style of information flow, it is integrated with the content, so that netizens are difficult to distinguish, the click rate is basically the same.

Effect evaluation accurate: digital marketing channel, data tracking is very mature, where every penny is consumed, basically can be counted.

1. Sogou information flowposting scene

2. Sogou information flow boost advertising style

Graphic style: The user experience is good with the page content seamlessly.

Large pattern style: Figure attracts the user's gaze to improve the click rate.

Three-picture style: three maps are more rich in content

Second, information flow account level and delivery

In order to manage advertising, the background is set to the account level, so that we will manage our later management.

Sogou is 4-layer structure: account - promotion plan - promotion group - creativity. As shown, regardless of the hierarchy, the final purpose is primarily classified, and the advertisement can be launched separately according to different categories. The payment model of information flow advertisements is also paid in accordance with CPC.

1. Log in to the search promotion background, choose to enter the information flow advertisement

2. Setting up the promotion plan to set the promotional purpose daily budget delivery time

3. Set the promotion group to set the group bid

(Group price is the bid of the information flow) Media type default (Sogou search, Sogou browser, today's top ten, regional settings, netizens age settings, gender settings, education settings, interest labels sign set, interested keyword orientation Setting, online, operating system, app behavior, price range.

4. Set up ideas

Setting up ideas include creative style editing, creative writing, and pictures, as shown, creativity is made according to the demand for delivery, mainly with single map, big picture, three diagrams, video.

After the creative production is completed, the preview confirmation is previewed, and after the operation is basically completed. In actual delivery, we will continue to conceive accounts according to the data of the data, and then set it to the data and transformation.

Third, put a case

Next, as an example of the production industry.

Conception and concrete delivery

In response to the account structure, combined with the customer promotion products to classify the promotion plan, facilitate post-management and monitoring data, customers are sold and joined for the sale and joining of mineral water equipment and bottled water filling lines and pure water equipment. We make a subdivision plan according to our customers' products.

In terms of audience, it is mainly based on tarction, and potential users of barrel water equipment are mainly major retail vendors, and the male proportion is higher than that of women, and the age group is mainly concentrated between 25-45. The characteristics of interest is mainly interested in bottled water equipment, pure water equipment, and we have targetedly put it according to the keywords in the crowd search.

2. Advertising ideas and style selection

Advertising ideas and advertising styles are very important, even if it is possible to accurately. But whether it is still an important issue that can be transformed from the audience, so it needs to be repeatedly pondered to the disclaimer of netizens.

Scene of information flow advertisement. It is when the browser is more boring. See information articles, etc. for the hair time. The main selling point of customer products is: less investment, high income, considering that these advertising creative is basically determined.


It is to create a water plant, small investment, big income, and enter the go. This creativity is from the psychology of netizens, with less investment, and high income to attract netizens. Of course, try the ideas of different styles, but to note that information flow ads can be appropriately "header party", but cannot exaggerate the title and material. The information flow advertisement contrasting the search advertisement is low, but it still needs to be monitored regularly to monitor the audience, and attract interests as much as possible.

3. Data

Information flow data

Auction data

The customer's overall data is launched, and there has been a large increase in the information flow, and more user groups have seen advertisements. For their own brand and well-known improvements, we will continue to write quality ideas. On the basis of huge exposure, continue to enhance the click rate. Continuously optimize the improvement of advertising.

The arrival of the mobile Internet age.Make the information stream to the explosive growth and attention, low cost, high exposure, can be flexible to set up advertisers, do accurate positioning, ideal for increasing traffic, increase transformation, saving advertisers, hoping this articleAdvertising mains to enter the information flow can help, we will see you next time!Hebei North Internet

Author: Wang Jinpeng