500,000 Great Wall Salon, is it too "selling well because there is Huawei"

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500,000 Great Wall Salon, is it too "selling well because there is Huawei"

2021-11-26 00:12:03 4 ℃

One day before the opening of the Chengdu Auto Show this year, a peer has said a view of a car in the dining center. "Anyway, your system is not good, it is better to use Huawei, this will be a marketing of a car. Sell. "

can judge the realization of this peer for automobile intelligence It is a semi-solving, and it is not very understandable for OS and ICT.

However, he said that the side represents many new ways of thinking and market, in the current intensive car In the era of intelligent transitions, the Huawei claimed to be a car is really much more violent than the first batch of BATs. Not simple as an OS, an ecological supplier, more intruded algorithm / platform / chip / hardware / software, etc. Almost all dimensions.

At present, the mainstream judgment of the public opinion is that Huawei is currently countless "decaying as magical" related companies, with Huawei's blessings, such as Jin Kangsi, Arcfox polar fox can also start harvest a certain trust And share.

Huawei's blessings are becoming a new selling point for many companies, even, by the core selling points of public awareness.

500,000 high-level Salon machine dragons, but also face

Pre-sale of 488,000 yuan, global limited sales 101, lifelong high-order intelligent driving assistance rights, 3.7 seconds broken hundred, Daxie battery CLTC 802 kilometers battery life, 800V / 480KW super charging, Huawei double MDC computing platform + Huawei automatic driving chip, There are 4 laser radar in a total of 38 inceptive components.

Patient in the above series of highlights, it can be obvious to see several phenomena:

1. This is a model of a show, so the budget behind the budget cannot be carried out by the conventional sales model, so in a higher budget, it brings product force + rights to the price of more than 488,000 yuan, Then add the identity of the Great Wall high-end brand, the amount of 101 is naturally grabbed very quickly;

2. Machica dragons can show the ability of the Great Wall. Integration capabilities are related.

First, the underlying basis 800V / 480kW, the current domestic automobile market of 400V-related programs are also not many, but the latest trend in corporate force head look, 800V + super-charge capacity, is expected to be rapid application in a short time . Including Wei, the Xiaopeng, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Kia, and then there's the salon, are related reflect the 800V. Not the same, that the super-power charge / overfilled logics, Korean cars in a given show the ability to fast charge 350kW capacity, speed of 18 minutes can fill 10% to 80% of the charge, to the Chinese car the higher the effect of new, 480kW fast charging will be better, but the corresponding facilities construction takes time to advance. Three-technology, Yu battery industry is currently one of the few integrated solutions, compared to BYD's battery blade made from materials and resolve the underlying structural level, Dayu battery is pre-research by all possible thermal runaway scene , the corresponding resolution and limit testing to ensure the safety issues related to the single cell / whole battery pack. And 802 km of endurance performance, in fact life is not more Aspect number 802 km, and in that the respective electric capacity under the BMS 551 horsepower two-motor system, reflect, after all, the capacity of such a battery pack 115kWh , to the vast majority of companies can do 800 km endurance + of data.

After that, a series of related ability to integrate authentication, such as under the pre-sale price of 488,000 yuan, which brings the overall performance of others in the market is not achieved.

In about 50 million price, the only two direct opponents Wei to ES6 performance version of 610KM, 615KM Wei to EC6 of performance version. Beyond that more than 50 million price range to see if the opponents have to find some armor to the dragon, will be the Tesla Model S, the high co-Hiphi X, as well as next year's Beijing Auto Show will be released together high Hiphi Z.

As part of the intelligence related highlights, the show only from the Guangzhou Auto Show book point of view, the weight should be greater than Huawei salon. Because not touch the real car, not on specific ecological interactions, etc., make the appropriate test.

From now on public information, we can see the correlation is autopilot aspects of Huawei higher weights, and intelligent network linking part, the right of the Great Wall of higher weight, but also because failure to experience specific functions only as a speculative basis for all .

Huawei sold well because, how to avoid?

Intelligent part, by intelligent interaction, smart driving two dimensions split analysis.

Leading intelligent interaction, the present situation in the main salon itself. Sharon's intelligent cabin called "source-code 'Mech cockpit, from which alone can achieve the effect, in fact, relatively retreat. Hardware, the full LCD screen + central transverse instrumentation big screen (within section 3 screen display), according to the performance level of the others, is expected to still have AR-HUD and other interactive displays.

Combined with official propaganda in seven big screen, it will be very tested its interaction logic, voice interaction accuracy, but in view of the corresponding solutions available in the market, more and more is expected for Sharon is not a problem. According to the effect that it can be achieved, a high probability it can be determined from within the Great Wall, rather than external system enabling family bucket directly or settled.

Sharon official, description thereof is, with 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 cockpit interactivity, i.e., a Qualcomm chip 8155, DMS + OMS bis car cameras, Zones 4 and 7 separate interactive screen. This logic, let us think of directly inside the Great Wall in the previous corresponding statement 2.0 promotional coffee intelligent, using Qualcomm 8155 chip, with 1 + 2 + N of respective capabilities. However, this may be the concept of marketing, then surgery is the result of a crash, because coffee intelligent call 1 = 2.0 interactive design a system, 2 = two cornerstones of growth.

However, whether from the Great Wall itself, the nature of limited significance, more to the effect that the realization of capacity and evolution. Every point of view, it faced a great challenge. For example, Sharon Mech dragon can bring good interactive feel, is to look at how much authority the external ecosystem to it, such as voice control on Xiaopeng XSmart achievable "video play / pause, fast forward" and so on, Xiaopeng is internal and Youku open deep enough as a precondition. Similarly, also need to be addressed, it is the voice assistant, semantic understanding is in place, there is no corresponding view of its own big data and technology, which means that they want to pull rank test standards as high as possible, to raise high the supplier difficult target.

As for the level of evolution, in the same way.

The autopilot sector, in order to show that the current news, Huawei body weights.

4 Huawei from laser radar, autopilot MDC chip from Huawei, Huawei from the computing platform smart driving, and the bottom layer, also from Huawei, Leonardo da Vinci architecture. In other words, from the dragon armor car models demonstrate the ability salon, Huawei Enterprise offers this advanced technology solutions for hardware and software, cloud aspects.

However, in view of the Great Wall has always repairer thinking, cooperation between the salon and Huawei, it appears to be different from the existing industry. Sharon is expected to smart driving-related, the same hand the initiative, rather than leading to Huawei, for the following reasons:

1. Compared to the current cooperation with Huawei and Huawei's leading car companies, the Great Wall itself has technical reserves, road test data, simulation data, and the salon itself on technology-based;

2. Salon's exploration of the rules is also more accurate, can give more accurate thinking power mode; 3. Huawei MDC is currently countless car level certification related solutions, for the future development of salon It can play a stable basis.

In view of these 3 points, Huawei is in the composition, and it is expected to be more supplier, and the properties of the tool are heavier.

Write in the last:

In fact, in the process of each era, with the birth of new technologies, the automotive enterprises and new solutions companies are almost the way to pass, after all, they cannot bear the corresponding capital, high cost.

The release of Machor Dragon is only from the current dominant performance on the top of the paper. It is expected to cooperate through its own reserves + advanced companies to bring new experiences to the automotive market. Huawei is here, a big probability will become an important part of the intelligent promotion of salons, which will not be like a vulnerable company, because they have no related solutions, and will be paid to Huawei.

As for the final answer, you can only find the related end when you can pay the vehicle. At that time, it was actually just beginning, after all, the next car is evolving, and after the truly delivery, we can verify that it applies Huawei related programs, which is injected into the essence of the salon. At that time, breaking "selling well because there is Huawei" This kind of public opinion point can you use it.