Eco-city in the North University Data Trading Center to do this "three things"

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Eco-city in the North University Data Trading Center to do this "three things"

2021-11-26 00:14:03 7 ℃

On November 25, the reporter learned in the China New Tianjin Ecological City Press Conference, as a pilot of national smart urban construction, the ecological city pays attention to data accumulation, opening the data barrier, and continuously promotes the co-construction sharing of large data resources. Recently, the Tianjin Municipal People's Government officially approved, and agreed to set up a northern data trading center in Eco-City. Ecological City will build a northern data trading center to build a national leading cross-industry, cross-regional "data Hujin" circulation transaction ecosystem.

Establish a data trading system

The latest data security law stipulates that the establishment of a sound data transaction management system, standardizing data transaction behavior, the trading center should do three things, that is, "check the trading data source, the identity of the nuclear transaction, the full process of the transaction".

"For this purpose, the ecological city will be based on data transactions, with innovative technology such as privacy, data sandbox, block chain, to create a large data trading platform, do five aspects: First, carry out data value assessment, data transactions Technical research and development and the 'data can be used in the data transaction mode innovation, build security credibility, manage control, value-valued data trading environment. Second is to entrust third-party assessment agencies, for data assets The value is evaluated to provide reference for data asset pricing. The third is to improve the market rules of data elements, formulate data authentication, privacy protection, transaction circulation, cross-border flow and other system specifications. 4 is to strengthen the data transaction supervision system, formulate Data transaction management approach, clarifying data transaction supervision subjects and regulatory objects, and establishing cross-sectoral collaborative regulatory mechanisms. Fifth is to fully excavate data resources, promote marketization of data elements, promote industrial digital transformation and upgrading, and build full chain data transactions in northern my country Service Base. "Wang Hao, Director of China's New Tianjin Ecological City Smart City Development Bureau.

Provide data value-added services

According to reports, the Northern Big Data Trading Center will focus on the advantages of ecological city smart urban advantages, do data service operators in real smart cities and related industries, attract more ecological partners, encourage data innovation applications, and improve product premium capacity. After the completion of the center, not only provide basic information products for governments, enterprises and institutions, and all single companies, will also provide data application service products. Further promoting the integration of large data and telecommunications, finance, medical, manufacturing, etc., giving birth to more new states, new models, providing more possibilities for excited data elements.

Build a new operation mode

In order to give full play to the value of the data resources, accelerate the construction of the establishment of the Northern Data Trading Center, the ecological city has went to Guizhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places to investigate, learn the establishment, operation, management experience of major data trading institutions all over the country, in the system system, Combining the operation, technology applications, etc. In accordance with the model of "State-owned stock ownership, government guidance, marketing operation", the mixed ownership company is established as the operating main body of the Northern Data Trading Center.

Wang Wei said: "On the one hand, guide multi-party participation, promote the market entities of the industry chain to carry out data transactions, guarantee the comprehensiveness, authority and legality of data transactions; the other hand introduced the professional technical team in the field of large data circulation trading. Carry out the construction and operation of the center, give full play to market-wide power, mobilize the subjective initiative of operational subjects and market subjects, stimulate its own innovative entrepreneurial vitality, promote Internet, big data, artificial intelligence with industrial depth integrity, speed up a batch of 'special Jing special New 'enterprises, strengthen digital communication, promote high quality development, social service refinement development and modern development of government governance. "