How does college students' Bluetooth headphones choose?First, RedMibuds3 Youth Edition

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How does college students' Bluetooth headphones choose?First, RedMibuds3 Youth Edition

2021-11-26 00:14:15 8 ℃


Revealing the university era, it is already eight years ago, it is only a few dinners when you need a few dinners. After all, I am going to school to give us living expenses, and I am not wider. But I still want to squeeze some money in a lot of money, such as smart phones who have used to run the speed, a small and exquisite Bluetooth headset, I believe that most of the classmates are also choosing Millet. Because not only price, it is worthwhile. So, even if you have been working for a few years, it is still willing to start the millet. So today I want to share with you is this Redmi Buds 3 youth version, it feels good, so share some experiences with you.


Redmi BUDS 3 Youth Bluetooth headset charging cabin adopts fashion classic fog, smooth, not dead angle, just like a pebble stone that is not contaminated with a silk, many female hands are small, while redmi buds 3 youth version Bluetooth headset The small and delicate design of the charging cabin can solve the troubles of this part of the population.

Redmi Buds 3 Youth Bluetooth headset adopts unique cat in ear, Mengmeng small ear, full of big energy, use skin-friendly silicone material, even if it is long, the force is very uniform, not only very stable, but also Comfortable and natural, there will be no more antichels.


The Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 chip, not only strong anti-interference ability, but also connects to the embarrassment of the occasion. When you want music to open, you can connect, you can enjoy the happiness of graceful music to you without waiting.

Although the Redmi Buds 3 youth version is small, it is accommodated 6mm high-fidel speakers. Whether it is the sound of the sound, the drum is still a magneto, it can harace the ear, it is like it is in a general.

Although the Redmi Buds 3 Youth Explorer is only 100 yuan, but supports the more prominent call noise reduction function, it can effectively filter the environmental noise, even in the noisy subway, bus or mall can easily chat, refuse to hear The embarrassing situation appears. Moreover, single-handed touch can easily answer the phone, control music playback, etc., realize the shortcut function of thousands of headphones.

Many Bluetooth headphones do not support waterproof, but the Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition supports IP54 waterproof and dustproof functions, easily dealing with small rain and snow weather in daily commuting, and sweat produced during exercise, so that you can Feel the charm of music.


Redmi BUDS 3 Youth Wireless Bluetooth headset single full-filled battery life can reach 5 hours, under the fitting of the charging cabin, the longest battery can reach 18 hours, although Type-C charge line is not available in the box, now Type- The C-charging line can be seen everywhere, there is no need to worry about the situation of wirelessly available.


It can be found that the use of the above Xiaobian can be found that the Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition is not only small design, but also the function is rich and diverse. If college students want to start a good quality and cheap wireless Bluetooth headset, the Redmi Buds 3 Youchun Edition is really a very worthy of it.