10 photos that seem hangy and suspected of PS but they are true

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10 photos that seem hangy and suspected of PS but they are true

2021-11-26 00:12:36 16 ℃

We all feel the convenience of the Internet, and we also know that we can watch anything we want to understand through the Internet, but we also know what the Internet does not guarantee authenticity. Because its spread is too fast, come to the opportunity to study truth to us. On the Internet, there are countless photos that spread through the Internet virus. Some photos are inadvertently seen, some are what we intend to search, or some platforms are recommended by our best data analysis. . Although we have been familiar with the Internet, now we are not so easy to believe in miracles, believe everything we have seen. This also causes some people who appear in the Internet to appear incredible or non-conventional photos, most people are always questioning their authenticity and whether they are processed by PS.

Today, 10 points that should be introduced don't seem happen, but they are true. They may be because of coincidence, because the photographer's superb skills, but they have not experienced the modification of PS.

1, break through the plane of the sound barrier

This picture is the most shocking scene in the tail of the plane like a small swirls. Many people do not think that the plane can bring such a picture, and photographers have no way to capture such pictures. But believe that the aircraft enthusiasts will never have too many questions about this, as we introduced, this is a plane that breaks through the sound barrier. This is the speed of the aircraft reaches a certain speed, that is, the speed of the flight reaches 9/10 of the sound speed, the partial hindrance generated.

2, grab the giraffe of the plane

In fact, this photo is easy to understand, as long as you are not a person who has not even the most basic three-dimensional and space, I believe you must understand its truth. In fact, this is a non-general photo taken through the angle of the drill, although it looks, this giraffe seems to catch the plane in the flight. But in fact, the difference between them is still far away.

3, terrible hurricane

When many people see this photo, they are claimed to have a feeling of met, as if they have seen it in a certain Hollywood disaster movie. It is really shocking, shocking can't believe it exists in this world. But in fact, it is indeed a truly happening in the port of Patrimia in Pallata, Mexico. In the picture, the generated water dragon roll is indeed rare.

4, the magic of adults

This photo is more interesting. When many people see it, they will directly think that this is a screenshot of a special video, which has a big relationship with our subconscious mind. When we see such a photo, we will automatically search for the screen that has seen and recorded in the brain. And usually in animation, sci-fi movie, magic performance, it is easy to have this type of picture. Some people automatically match these pictures in the brain, and their brain consciously portrayed the next action of this photo. But in fact, in this case, our brain is directly biased. This photo is actually a picture of the camera, suitable for common, suitable for pressing the shutter, can only say that all coincidence is the real "hero", not PS or any computer special effects .

5, a girl who is mistaken into the small country

This photo is not more to say more, as long as normal logic thinking, when you see this photo in the first eye, you will definitely appear "fake", "ps" in your mind. Indeed, this photo does exist, but the photo itself has not passed the PS. In the photo, the buildings and trees you have seen are all models, and the model is a real person, there is no change in PS. This photo comes from the photographic collection "Teenage Story".

6, stone under the blanket

Similarly, in our brain thinking mode, the sea has long been in liquid, while the picture shows the picture, it seems that the sea is not very like a liquid, even if we all know the photo can record anything in front of us. The picture, we are also likely to start doubting its authenticity.

7, no girl

This is also because of the problem of shooting angles, and the illicity of our brain. The ligament of gymnast is different from ordinary people, and the suspected may ignore this, only the idea of ​​the PS photo.

8, boat floating in the air

It seems that the vessel in the photo is the floating effect produced after the PS. But it is indeed a real photo, perhaps we can only blame such a crystal clear water.

9, vertical sea

The sea looks like a vast wall, and the man in the photo is like standing on the balcony next to the wall of the sea. So super realistic scene, naturally let people think about the PS effect. But if you turn your photos, you will find it secret.

10. Beautiful painting in the desert

It seems that this photo is like a master's painting, or uses the PS software to change a photo of a daily thing. But this photo is absolutely true, it comes from the National Geographic magazine, which is a picture taken in Namibia, Africa.

Have you seen the 10 photos we brought? When you see them in the first eye, are you doubtful?

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