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Redminote115g | acombar average overall small kitchen

2021-11-26 00:12:26 7 ℃

Remember that the cottage machine, when the contract machine flew, the 2013 red mobile phone is like a certain mission, it will bring the difficulty price and approximate flagship mobile phone, bring our side. Later January 10, 2019 "Red rice as a launch conference of the independent brand operation, and also first took the" Redmi "LOGO Note7, known as" small gold ", except for many stringent tests The first 18 months warranty is also a stunning four. Just a long time, Lu Weibi Lu is in the Note11 series, and the Note series is also announced as a year two generations of operation, thereby meeting the user more and differentiated. Demand, a side weight, a side heavy battery life, and equilibrium, the latter includes design and comprehensiveness. Finally, the double sword is combined, and there will be a product system.

I am very happy that this time I got to experience the Redmi Note11 5G mobile phone existing as a thousand yuan 5G popularity, the color is my favorite shallow dream star river, and there are two kinds of poetic color, micro-mint and mysterious black. Tianzhu 810 5G SoC + LPDDR4X + UFS2.2 storage combination, 5000mAh large battery randomly standard 33W speed flash charge, and 90Hz high brush LCD screen, meet 50, 60, 90 Hz three-speed adaptive refresh rate, in 1199 yuan Under the price, it is very sincere.

In terms of design, Shallow Menda River color, the back of the fuselage is transitioned from the sky blue, and the color of the bronze shiny is different. With the conversion of the light and angle, the color is also a bit different. The back camera module adopts a third-order design, highlighting about 1 mm thick, the top main photo is 50 million pixels, the following is a wide-angle lens containing 8 million pixels and the flash and two decorative lenses, and the front center is a 3 million-pixel beauty shot. 6.6-inch FHD + full HD screen, 8.75mm thickness, 195g weight, with rounded transition, the grip is also good.

In terms of use, the stereo dual speaker cooperates with the X-axis linear motor and retains 3.5mm earphone holes, daily brush, listening songs, and answering phones can have a good experience. 33W Speed ​​fast charge full of 5000mAh batteries only take an hour, with the LCD screen, you can really charge for five minutes, easy to use one or two hours. In the process of use, in the process of use, I have always wanted to test the charging speed, but the daily use of the two or three bureaus has been glory, and there is still about half of the electricity.

In terms of performance, the Rabbit rabbits is nearly 390,000. Tianzhu 810 5G SOC is data or WiFi. When the king is gloring, it can stabilize 60 frames, and the whole machine remains less than 30 ° C, one game 20 minutes, consumption It takes only 4-6% of electricity. In addition to the stability performance of MIUI12.5, the negative screen also contains the highest functions of our daily frequencies.

In terms of photographing, it is not like a thousand-yuan machines that can only scan the basic function of the code. 50 million post-photographs, with 8 million wide angle, in high light, dark light, backlight, and capture and other scenarios can have a good performance. At the same time as a second stop, it is also quite good. And there are customized nightscapes, short video, panorama, document modes, and the hottest slow motion and delay photography, and there are also a variety of AI watermarks. Take 16 million times under the beauty of AI, you can also take a good selfie.


It is useful for me to give me the biggest feeling. It gives you this price all that can give you, the most equal stable use of hardware and software experience. Although the LCD screen is not comparable to the OLED screen, but it satisfies a long-lasting During life, even if I live in a tremble, after six or seven hours, the amount of power around 60% is still 18% remaining. The thin body is 33W, which makes the user who "Lu Turi", will have a leap-on feel, and the double speaker also meets the daily audio and audio demand, 5G popularity, and so on. All this is practicing "the fun of everyone to enjoy technology", experiencing the beautiful life brought by technology, which may be the yearning for each person brought by Redmi, our star sea.

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