Open Tesra Model3, I spit | Net red new energy car big experience Vol.01

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Open Tesra Model3, I spit | Net red new energy car big experience Vol.01

2021-11-26 00:10:39 9 ℃

Deep (SHENTUCAR) original


10 months before this year, Model 3 has sold 110,000 units, which exceeds last year. Other competitions with "net red" attributes, like Xiaopeng P7, BYDam, etc., the sound is quite big, but the head is strong enough, but in sales, with Model 3 still can't ratio.

Model 3, where is "red"?

Launched the "Net Red New Energy Car Experience" series, not blowing, not black, not X. With popularity, from the perspective of products and industries, we have experienced the current new energy models currently in China.

In the first issue, we went to experience Tesla Model 3.

Design of cutting: appearance like Porsche, interior is a rough room

Get Model 3, stop in shooting venue, stand up the camera, Model 3 gives me the first impression, is "True like Porsche".

Look at the front face, Model 3 is a little like a time. Frog eye lamp design, flat front car cover, round gentle line, sports car unique exercise breath.

Model 3 front face / deep pass

"It seems that it is very cool, it seems quite expensive." Don't understand whites of car, usually this will be assessed.

This is in line with Tesla temperament. Tesla's starting point is a luxury car, the first car Roadster is a sports car, priced for more than $ 100,000, the earliest seed user, is the startup of Silicon Valley and the star of Hollywood.

Later, until Model 3 appeared, and in China, Tesla's prices were only able to consume the ordinary people. The cool taste and fashion adjustment is in the bones. Many details can reflect this: the shape of the big sneak back, the top of the panoramic glass truck, frameless doors, and many people are not very habitually - hidden door handles.

Model 3 frameless door and hidden door handle / deep pass

Someone opened a Model 3 back to the hometown. The father of the countryside came over to watch, as if I saw the fresh things in the world. Ocean outside the ridiculous. Of course, this is before the "Tesla can't live".

Model 3 panoramic glass car top / deep pass

The appearance is fashionable, enough for front, enough, this is a lot of young people, including many girls, one of the reasons for Tesla. After all, there is more than 200,000 people who have taken a few hundred thousand people to buy "sports car", or "look like a sports car", the price is still ok.

However, comparative appearance, Model 3 "simple", let a lot of people who like luxury feelings.

"Simple" should be called "simple" strict sense. Sitting into this car, completely found the leather, metal, edging, and various materials, even the function buttons are not, multi-function steering wheel, color atmosphere light, but also don't want to think. And these are the standard of luxury cars in the past.

Model 3 Interior and Central Control Screen / Deep

The entire central control of Model 3 has only one 15-inch LCD screen, and all functions are set in this screen, so it cancels the dashboard.

"There is no workmanship, no atmosphere, no luxury, like a rough house." Someone evaluated this. Indeed, such an interior is difficult to talk to the high-end semi-cow.

There have been a night in the evening, I went to the airport to pick a friend, the first sentence after got on the bus was: "How do you say this is so strange, the interior is too simple!"

Inside and outside, in words.

The interior of the "rough room", compared the "Porsche" profile, will bring a cutting feeling to people who are used to fuel vehicles. This kind of cutting is also reflected in some small details.

For example, many MODEL 3 car owners vomiting the "door seam too big", "the gap is inconsistent", "sound insulation is too bad", etc., it seems that this car is not sincere.

With the production capacity of Tesla Shanghai factory, these details have been solved in new cars delivered this year, such as replacement of single-layer glass into a double layer. Our experience is 2021 Model 3 standard battery life upgraded version, noise problems have been much better than old.

Model 3 window glass / deep pass

But embarrassing, 2021 new models, only upgraded the front rolling window glass, and then drunk the old.

The design is actually a very subjective thing. There are also many young people who think that Model 3 is still harmoniously uniform. Polar dynamic style, with luxury, it is two roads in aesthetics.

Tesla's power is, you can say it simple, and even say it simple, but you can't say it is no taste. You can also say it is perfunctory, saying that it is not sincerity, but can't say that it has no strength.

More precisely, Model 3's design is more practical and efficient. There is no one without there. For example, the five-flowers of the five-flowers in the traditional fuel truck will never use it, Naslan removed.

Tesra's designers have made Tesla and athletes: "The physical and shape of the athlete is very particularly efficient, no muscles are extra."

According to his statement, the design is for efficiency services, Model 3 performance and control experience should be prominent. So, what is it?

Dizziness performance: very fast, sitting and halo

The actual situation is that there are a few laps, I almost spit.

A sunny afternoon in Beijing, the small partner of the deeper opened a 2021 standard battery upgrade version of Model 3, and experienced a deep experience.

The most intuitive feeling is accelerating. The 100 km acceleration of this car is 5.6 seconds. The throttle (accurately called "accelerator pedal") stepped down, instantly speeding up, there will be a strong back. And with the step of following, there is no helverance, accelerate very linear, and there will be a case where the fuel car "" the engine roar is very large, and the distance is very small ". It is also very convenient to overtake. The throttle is a bit, and it is going to front.

Model 3 / deep pass

A hundred kilometers accelerated 5.6 seconds, which has been spike most of the fuel truck. For those who have never drifted electric vehicles, this acceleration brings the backbone still very special. And because it is a tram, there is no gearbox and the sound of the engine as a blow, it is easy to open very quickly.

Turning is very precise, the steering wheel does nothing. The stability of the chassis is also very good, and the high-speed crossings are very supportive. The chassis tuning is very moving, the independent cantilever of the front double bifid, is stronger than McEafon.

However, the suspension is hard, and the absorption of the bump section is weak, and when the high speed is shocked, there will be a bounce.

Model 3 over-shock tape / deep password, Model 3 is a gestational style, comfortable is relatively different, which is the same as the shape of its coupe.

Accelerated, stepping on the throttle is that the technical content is not large. The most worth mentioning is actually braking, which is why many people are easy to make.

Tesla has a function called "kinetic energy recovery", also called "single pedal mode". The so-called single pedal is that only the pedal of the throttle can achieve the function of acceleration and deceleration, while also recovering electricity.

Specifically, it is to step on the acceleration, carry the foot brakes, and can play the brakes without step on the brake. This model has a lot of benefits, such as energy saving energy, long-term vehicle, and reduced brake pads, especially when the opening slope is obvious, the car actually "more power more." For those who practice the gold right foot, you can fly away from a pedal.

But this also brings a problem, that is, the acceleration speed of the vehicle is severe, and it is relatively strong, and it is easy to hara.

Model 3 is recycled by kinetic energy

During the experience process, I sat in the back row of Model 3. The small partner responsible for driving is an old driver who has opened a dozen years of auto-car, and the honorable BBA owner. At that time, I was like a non-tumbler, rock back and forth. Stepping on the throttle, accelerate, people fall back; pine oil doors, decelerate, people in front.

Acceleration is fast enough, slower, a few laps, the small partners of the co-driver and the back row said: fast vomiting.

It is no wonder that many people who are busy have not habits, and there is a driving school even launched a special course for Tesla car, 10 hours 2000.

However, the deceleration of Model 3 after the oil retaining door is adjustable. Loosing the accelerator pedal during the driving process, in the "slow" mode, the speed will drop to 3-5km / h creep, a bit similar to the D-file of the fuel car; "rotation" mode, the vehicle is not started after the vehicle is completely stopped Parking brakes, such as the fuel truck is hung by the air block; "Keep" mode, the vehicle will automatically decelerate until it stops, just like the brakes.

Three stop modes of Model 3 /

Tesla's translation is really cloud in the cloud. Subject to "low speed", "slide", "stop".

The whole experience, Model 3 is really different from traditional fuel trucks. In driving experience, Model 3 has a strong sense of handling and speed. Like the design of it, Modeel 3, also represents innovation and radical.

Indeed, this is a revolutionary product, which also brought a lot of controversy. However, the most controversial, but also the automatic driving of high-profile promotion.

Contradictory auxiliary driving: Very fragrant, also a chicken rib

Automatic driving, is considered to be the soul of Tesla. But in strict sense, it is now only called "auxiliary driving".

Model 3 AutoStated AutoPilot Automatic Auxiliary Driving (AP), free, new car standard. Now there are two features that can be used: active cruise, auxiliary steering. These two functions are usually used.

We experience this feature on the three-way road in Beijing, and it is very easy to use.

During the driving process, the right gear of the steering wheel, move down, will hear "咚咚" sound, there is a steering wheel icon of a blue circle on the center control screen, the lane in the screen becomes blue The colored solid line has entered the AP assist driving.

Model 3 Turn on AP Features / Deep

At this time, the vehicle is similar to "automatic driving", you can move the foot from the throttle and brake pedal, and your hand can also do without control the steering wheel. The vehicle will remain in the middle of the traveling line, drive itself, turn itself, turn itself. If the front train slows down, it will also be slowed down.

The steering wheel right roller can adjust the speed of the car, and the distance between the front car is adjusted, and there is no need for other redundancy. It is convenient.

Model 3 steering wheel rollers / deep pass

But your hand needs to be gently held on the steering wheel. If you leave for a long time, the middle control screen blinks, prompting you to drive according to the specification.

Model 3 AP mode reminds the support steering wheel / deep pass

But one problem is that MODEL 3 will be easily plugged after turning on the AP function. When the speed is cruised, if the front bus is running away, the rear car is likely to grab the overtaking.

This is only the simplest auxiliary driving function of Tesla, which can be understood as an experience version. More advanced is EAP (enhanced version of automatic auxiliary driving), and then it is FSD (fully automatic driving). Of course, these are charged, with 32,000 and 64,000 respectively. After all, like Apple phones, Tesla is more than hardware, and software is an important part of the performance.

How to advocate technological innovation, it is a business.

When we experience Model 3, we just catch up with Double 11 promotion. Tesla pushed the EAP function free of charge to the owner of mainland China, free trial for 30 days. Compared to BAP, EAP adds automatic auxiliary navigation driving (NOA), automatic assistance, automatic parking, intelligent summoning, etc. The vehicle is automatically assisted on the highway. This feels like a game to buy equipment, first give you the base equipment to taste the sweet, if you want to upgrade, you have to pay for the trip.

But driving with playing games is different. Playing games are greatly not played by KO, open a secondary driving "turn", it is to come out.

After the EAP is free, there is a car owner uses the automatic call function. Like the mobile phone like a remote control car, standing outside to control a Model S out of the parking space. Then, I went to the side of the vehicle. "Auto Summon" has become an "automatic accident".

"Play to play, can't be true." Big truth.

So, drive, very dazzling, cool, very fragrant, but in the end, it is not practical, is it a chicken rib, a question mark.

In addition, we have found a problem in the experience. Model 3 navigation built-in Baidu map, during the fast driving process, in some fork, sometimes the navigation response does not keep up with the speed. A friend who works in Baidu tells the deeper, Tesla's top-level navigation software is the architecture of themselves, and the third-party domestic map data used under the bottom is Baidu. In compatibility and practicality, there is also an increase in space.

There is also a problem, Tesla sometimes appears in the case of the central control screen. A Model 3 car owner who took the car for half a year said that he had two cases of sudden black screens during driving, but the car after black screen can also travel.

In addition, recently dozens of overseas Tesla owners said on the Internet. They received the error prompt "Fault Code 500" on the app, which could not open the door or start the car, and he was locked outside. Mask apologizes to the owner of this.

Tesla's intelligence is very high, but some derivative risks bought are also worthy of attention.

Conclusion: Who is holding red Tesla Model 3?

There is no doubt that Tesla is the most technological and futuristic car enterprise worldwide. Model 3 is a model with an epoch-making model. This car became "net red", not unexpected.

Tesra is radical. Model 3 as a product that combines with pure electric drives, whether it is the appearance of the unknown front arch, the function button is concentrated to a liquid crystal screen, or the limit of the control, single pedal mode, automatic driving, and already Very cheap price, there is subversive.

Model 3 front face / deep pass

Tesla is going to reduce the goal of driving the driving threshold and liberate the humanity. Now Tesla has canceled a variety of cumbersome buttons, weaken the brake pedal, and it is entirely possible to remove the throttle, brakes, and even steering wheels.

This determines its target population. Now, most people who buy Tesla Model 3 are people who are perceived with the Internet, and willing to accept fresh things, and they are in young people. In addition, the female owners are also a lot, I latenable in the Model 3 owners, and I can often see the active female driver. They all held Hong Tesla Model 3.

Of course, the controversy of this car is also very large, and there are many critics. The interior of the rough house is not a table. I have seen the most powerless refutes.

No. But SO What?