PLEXPASS lifelong version of the black five discount

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PLEXPASS lifelong version of the black five discount

2021-11-26 00:12:38 6 ℃

What is plex

Plex is a media player and media server software that allows users to organize movies, music, television and image files on devices such as computers, NAS, Xbox, to servile to mobile devices, smart TVs and electronic media players. superior. Introducing Plex's articles in the station, especially those who play NAS should not know, I can see the following:

There are also Emby and Jellyfin, Jellyfin is an open source version of EMBY, and the difference between these three software can be searched in B.

Appearance Gallery

Put two official website


The price of PLEX is as follows, these two days of black five activities (deadline at 12 o'clock on November 29) Lifelong version of the coupon code "LifetimeOfComfort" can be hit by 75%, which is 119.99 USD * 0.75 = 89.99 USD, 575RMB

The price of EMBY is also posted, the annual price is more than PLEX, the month, and the lifelong version of the price is flat, there is no black five activities.

Purchase process

575RMB is still a little expensive, but I found a lower price on the V stand, Hostloc and Chiphill, share it with everyone.

Let's register your own PLEX free account and log in;

Https:// =asustor-plex30 Use this link to complete 30 days free month pay trial, pay attention to the Visa credit card area when settlement Select China and China Zip Code (or log in to https: // and manually enter "Asustor-Plex30" coupon code);

Write the monthly payment in the Plex subscription (here is to avoid the duplicate deduction of the month);

Choose an upgrade to choose a lifetime subscription, fill in "LifetimeOfComfort" in the coupon code and apply it after success, and found that is -25% discount;

In the credit card in the payment information, I chose Turkey in the area and fill in the Zip code (one Baidu one) in the zip code.

Select Next, you will find that the settlement amount becomes 617.24 New Turkey (307.3855 RMB, everyone's credit card is less than the same, I am 317);

Select Subscription and successfully upgrade the PLEX lifetime version.

After completing the subscription, you may receive a custom-controlled automatic customer service phone phone call to confirm the transaction.

Some credit cards may not be paid, prompts and bills of accounts are different. According to observation, the transport card is relatively large, VISA passes high, I am a GF single-standard VISA card and pays smoothly.

Post Chiphill's post You can refer to:


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