Tencent Background Development - Repeat 2

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Tencent Background Development - Repeat 2

2021-11-26 06:04:30 9 ℃

First, I ask the internship problem: Can you practice in advance, you can internship in March, Beijing internship.

Ask professional issues: postgraduate major and software industry-related issues, answering learning.

Algorithm 1:

The reversal of the linked list, the merger of the linked list. Basic operation KO

Algorithm 2:

A two-dimensional matrix, sequential output, test the algorithm idea: the application of the minimum pile, the interviewer prompt, barely say that the idea

First analyze the return, no two rows, this time complexity is (M - 1) * n log n

The interviewer prompts a pile,

Here, build the minimum pile, first incorporate the first income, then pop up the top elements, and finally the second income is compared to the top elements, it is smaller than the pile element.

I feel that my data structure needs to be improved, continue learning ~

Questions on your resume:

DataX principle (talking about the interviewer said), because the interviewer is not very familiar, so this is only confident in this area.

How to synchronize between data sources, the same.

Java memory management (talking about the interviewer said), I think this piece I have mastered, release the JVM memory, and I have said it to the garbage collection algorithm.

Scene test:

Feed ID design.

Video content recognition system, how to design. Real-time or synchronized or asynchronous. Talk about the technical selection. (Not very good for this piece, you need to look at the knowledge points related to system design)

In response:

Improve the recommendations for my interview, the interviewer said that it is not nervous.

Ask the team, the algorithm project is to do algorithms or do development. Mainly use GO development, Python development

Team work: Do video content identification, video understanding, label.

I feel this is a new direction, not many candidates matching, new big technological learning space.

If there are three sides, continue to update. If you don't have to come on, spring move!