What is the key to the new semester?

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What is the key to the new semester?

2021-11-26 06:04:18 10 ℃

Whenever there is a school, I will ask me to be big, I will be the next focus, I said to find my own direction. There are too many fields involved, and there are too many scope. What do you want to do?

If you want to follow my direction, it is like this.

Big 1: Front-end technology (HTML + CSS + JavaScript) backend technology (C / C ++), primary calculus, discrete mathematics, data structure, and algorithm, linear algebra;

Big 2: Software (Git, Visio, Axure, Intellij Idea, MyEclipse), Front End Technology (java, SSM Framework, REDIS), Database (Mysql, Oracle), Linux System (Ubuntu , CentOS, server apache tomcat;

Big Three: Software (Vitual Machine, VirtualBox, Jmeter, Postman), backend technology (in-depth Java), project (combined with your own blog)

Big 4: Internship, rejoin (carefully complete the topic, do Demo Engineering, learn to solve various problems)

But this direction is really perfect. After all, the ideal is a full reality is the backbone. Therefore, everyone must try to find their hopes in the field, the front-end development and backend are different, do not like to knock code, is preparing to consider software testing or product managers?

Computer professional future direction

Front end: The front end development also refers to the interface seen by the user. The front end frame is more, the technical update is fast, mainly HTML + CSS + JS. Many computer professional girls will consider graduating and select the front-end related work.

Back end development: More code levels, different languages ​​have different background, mainly to choose the development language + technology framework.

Database: Database has also become DBA, and Ali has trained a very excellent BDA, mainly maintenance of databases, design and development for databases. Commonly used mysql, oracle, sqlserver, etc.

Big Data: Big data is a new direction, a small bit of crawler to a big data mining, is called big data, big data is the background technology plus database operation, and massive data.

Embedded: Some students can learn about embedded development, mainly using C language and C ++;

Machine study: This is the content of artificial intelligence, and it cannot achieve employment level after graduation of ordinary undergraduate, mainly the direction of graduate students.

Product Manager: Many student studies have learned a computer classmate, and find that he is really not interested in the code, and chooses the product manager, the product of the computer professional background is very competitive.


The proposal to do college students is the school's arrangement as soon as possible, know the focus of their development, and learn from the different directions of the different directions of the above!

Self-study must have its own way, now is an era of information explosion. Excellent learning resources can be seen everywhere, but we have become more and more lazy. Everyone must have a certain self-driving force first, forced yourself to learn more.

Secondly, use tools, good learning websites: stack overflow, github, etc .;

College students can pay more attention to Ali technology, US group technology, Tencent technology, etc.

Recognize the direction to go less