Xiaomi Q3 comprehensive "big harvest", "core" exceeded 100 million people, giving a pressure on friends

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Xiaomi Q3 comprehensive "big harvest", "core" exceeded 100 million people, giving a pressure on friends

2021-11-26 06:04:03 10 ℃

Recently, Xiaomi Group announced the 2021 Q3 quarter earnings, and its various business is a great harmonious to obtain "big harvest". Xiaomi Q3 totaling is 78.1 billion yuan, net profit reached 5.2 billion yuan; Internet service income is 7.3 billion yuan; the global MIUI has exceeded 500 million.

In addition, Xiaomi has reached 146 million shipments in the third quarter of 2021, and it is basically the same last year; Xiaomi TV has been shipped in China's mainland. Before five; in the end of September, the number of connected devices in Xiaomi AIOT platform broke 400 million.

Slightly paying attention to the "machine circle" message, you can know that this year's Xiaomi has done a great way. Whether it is mobile phone business, smart home business, or is preparing for automobile business.

Among them, the core "smart center" of mobile phones, home, future millet cars, etc., Xiaomi is also very well trained. In September this year, the number of people who love students in the moon has succeeded by 1 100 million people.

Today's Xiai'Hi students are no longer a simple voice assistant. I have upgraded to become the user's smart life assistant. It is the core of Xiaomi to realize the smart home of the whole house. Supporting smart home appliances can be intelligently manipulated by Xiao Love.

It's now more than a TV, air conditioner, washing machine, sweeping machine, water heater, dishwasher, is nowading, small to curtains, door locks, switches, small light bulbs, etc., can order little love students to control, realize user intelligent life Experience.

I used to open the door or an upset, don't say that I met when I was busy with my hands, even if I was lying on the sofa, I heard someone knocked on the door, I thought that I would get together to open the door. It will be lazy.

However, after all of the smart door lock, there is a small love classmate this smart life assistant, directly "command" it can open the door, the door lock will automatically open, do not need himself.

Watching TV wants to change the station, you don't have to find a remote control. Direct calls to the small love classmates, or to broadcast your favorite drama, Xiao love classmates connected, manage the smart home appliances, can be said to be the best in my intelligent life Life assistant.

In fact, when Xiaomi has just launched a little love classmate, who will think of Xiai'ao classmates so quickly, becoming today's smart life assistant, more short half of the development time of Apple, now in the details, details It is better than it.

It can be seen from Xiaoyong classmates, why Xiaomi can achieve today's achievements, because Xiaomi is very paying attention to the user's consumption experience, the foot-on-place goes every step, as a domestic mobile phone manufacturer of only 10 years of development, today's mobile phone sales can be more Apple, it is really very powerful! # 小 爱 同学 隐 蛋 #