"200 million pixels" camera's smart phone is coming?MOTO flagship new machine

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"200 million pixels" camera's smart phone is coming?MOTO flagship new machine

2021-11-26 06:04:42 10 ℃

"200 million pixel" camera smart phone to come? Moto flagship new aircraft come out on top

Moto in September in the domestic market equipped with two "100 million-pixel" main camera models, pictured left S870 is powered by Qualcomm processor Edge 20 Pro, right is using MediaTek DNT 800U processor Edge 20 Fusion.

Flagship phone camera towards the 200 million ultra-high pixel era is about to come! According to PhoneArena reports, Samsung is releasing up to 200 million pixels photosensitive components ISOCELL HP1 in September, with the most advanced 0.64-micron pixel technology, and through the new Chameleon Cell technology, the adjacent 16 pixels into one has 12.5Mp 2.56 microns large pixel image sensor, and can absorb a greater amount of light and have higher sensitivity in low light can more easily shoot bright and clear high-resolution picture.

However, starting next generation flagship model not for the flagship model of Samsung Galaxy S series are equipped. The report quoted broke the news of people IceUniverse news that the world's first take a 200 million pixel camera lens will be its flagship mobile phone by Motorola's flagship phone Edge series come out on top, presumably the fastest next year is expected to launch in 2022. As the flagship model of Samsung's own forecast is likely to be released in 2023 Galaxy S23 series, it is expected to carry 200 million pixel camera.

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