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Don't question some no longer

2021-11-26 06:03:42 5 ℃

Established for ten years, I know that I have been tortured. A representative point of view believes that knowing that the content community must operate, it is necessary to restrain, ideal, commercialization will affect the content quality and community atmosphere. Especially after the commercialization of commercialization in 2019, I know that I have encountered a large number of users.

But knowing that this cognition is reversed with practical actions, and good content can be a good business. On November 22nd, the reported financial report showed that the third quarter, knowing the camp is 823.5 billion yuan, an increase of 115.1% year-on-year; hair profit is 424.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 93%. The average monthly active user number (MAU) is 101.2 billion, an increase of 40.1% year-on-year.

With content-centric growth and sustainable business model, the driver's knowledge-based business performance achieves super expected growth - knows the quality and commercial balance points.

Behind this, the most important thing is to know what is clear about what is good.

Where is the content of the content of the content?

In the past, there was a cognitive misunderstanding in the industry: commercial content will not be good content.

Classic cases breaking this cognitive misunderstanding are the rise of new consumer brands. The content community plays a vital role in the rise of new consumer brands, but also benefits this value revaluation. Both are the relationship between mutual achievement, that is, commercial content can not only drive brand sales growth, but also promote content community prosperity.

In the context of consumer goods, consumers want to know more product information, the brand is also willing to pay all over, which requires a platform to carry product details. For example, the ingredients, formulations, small appliances of the formula, and even the coffee flavor, baking process, etc.

Although these contents have commercial properties, it is also valuable for users, so they are still welcome. The history of re-shake, fast hand, Weibo, B station and other content platforms, each platform can be based because it provides differentiation value to meet user-specific needs: some platforms meet user entertainment and time-to-send demand Some platforms meet the needs of users to obtain information, and there are platforms to meet users to seek identity needs. This is also the source of content vitality, creating value for users, users will consume and share.

So, as a content platform, what is the need for users? Where is the vitality of the content?

In the early days of the development, many people did not understand: it was considered to be upgraded and Baidu knowing that there is no difference from product form to content. But in fact, knowing from the beginning, for the definition of "know", it is not standardized.

Knowing that it is more vivid, rich and interesting. The user brush knows that it is a pleasure, but it is often ignored.

After a long time exploration and thinking, the management finally defined the value of differentialization: "Get Sense". They summarize the contents of "Get Sense" as "can broaden their eyes, help or resonate".

For example, during the rainstorm in Henan this year, he knows that the owner @ 元 元 in "Historical extreme in Henan rainfall, how is the local situation? What is the flood control measures to take?" We share the heavy rain self-help manual prepared urgently prepared, very detailed Introduced the self-help measures under different scenarios, such as outdoor, communities, and work units to get 1.8 million. Netizens share their experiences in their comments while they praise.

This is "Get Sense". It is not a standardized answer, but a share of personal experience, experience, opinion and other individual perspectives. In an emergency, these contents provide great help to people who have encountered disasters and more likely to make users resonate and identify than standardization.

At the same time, the presentation form of the question and answer allows for different forms of content, and can also make different views integrate, give the user more vision. This is what I can't replace it by other platforms so far.

After defining a good content criteria, knowing the upgrading content distribution mechanism, the good content of the community standard will receive more than 2 times the flow rate, which will drive the content creator's attention and gain growth.

Under the new content distribution mechanism, the life cycle of high quality answers is extended, and the influence is enlarged. The knowledge community ecological construction entered the forward cycle development, and the content consumer experience improved the rapid growth of users. Knowing the monthly active users broke through 100 million in the third quarter.

Knowing that redefining "content is king"

In the third quarter, I know that the content-centered driving diversified commercial revenue growth.

The financial report shows that in the third quarter, I know that the online advertising business revenue is 3211 million yuan. In the large environment of the overall advertising industry, the best online advertising business remains a year-on-year increase of 38.9%;

Business content solution business revenue is 278.4 billion yuan, an increase of 511.9% year-on-year;

The pay member business revenue is 178.3 billion yuan, compared to 95.8% year-on-year compared with the same period last year; the online education services of vocational training and professional courses are committed to other business revenues mainly $ 45.7 million, year-on-year. Growth 202.6%.

The business value of "Get Sense" is displayed.

The core competitiveness of "Get Sense" is to use individual experience and opinions, to carry out facts judgment or value judgment, itself with strong business value, the most direct user is willing to pay for these content. The reaction to knowing the revenue, on the one hand, the pay member business income is rapidly increased, and on the other hand, the online education service revenue and the rapid growth of e-commerce revenue. For example, the famous piano family Lang Lang is knewing the "salt election column", telling the piano learning to quickly get started, and combined with his personal experience to tell the classical music, let a large number of users open the eyes and bring help, Attracting users to join pay members to watch nature is not difficult.

Getting the content, essentially a moment of viewing information demand is satisfied, and the positive feedback is fed. Since the implementation of the "Get Sense" content standard, the "open eye", "help", "lead resonance" content is recognized by more users and content creators, and drive the content community.

This also means that knowing that "content is king" new significance: "Content is king", it is not only to provide users with high quality content, unique content can also become a driving platform business growth. The value of the engine and the quality content is further enlarged.

Getting content is not only a knowledgeable value, but also gradually be recognized and practiced by more content platforms.

For example, after knowing the sense of definition, Chairman and CEO Chen Rui depicts the community atmosphere of the B station as, everyone sharing and watching life, knowledge, insights, opinion exchanges and sharing moving, spitting, joy, Angry, harvesting from all sides of the identity and companionship, this is unable to meet the content of "the idea to advocate" can open the eyes, bring help or resonance ".

This means that the content of the session is in order to lead the content industry's new value orientation.

Good content grows bigger business

This year, the double eleven, knowing that it is also in the end.

At the end of October, knowing the official account pusher "double eleven, knowing what is going to join in the fun? ", And invited to know that the Lord jointly released" Zhizhi Gao Yiwan 100 List ", 100 good things can all be pointed to specific goods.

Knowing the e-commerce, essentially, is also a sense of content to drive business. Users are satisfied in the content, of course, willing to experience and try the lifestyle and the goods they recommend.

For example, in "memory pillow, cervical pillow is really effective?" Our professional evaluation.

The answer is 1.5 million professional medical equipment and engineering equipment. Through the nuclear magnetic resonance technology, seven different materials of the pillow, from the dimensions such as sleep, geometric size, returning, supportability, and selection "high praise Pillow ", the answer to how to measure your parameters, how to choose your own parameters, how to choose the pillow suitable for you, and the answer is very practical.

In fact, the consumption itself is a process of finding problems to solve the problem, which is very fit with the Zhizhi Question.

In this sense, the behavior of the user's purchase can be understood as an answer to life. There are some new answers to the old problem, such as instant coffee can be super-soluble, no matter the cold and heat, it can be dissolved; some are more subsequent, more professional new problems, such as how to brush the skin, whitening Which active ingredients are more convenient to eat more and healthier.

Many users have developed the habit of searching for Sai Kepau before spending, knowing that it has become a platform for strong grass and strong transformation. "A problem with a street, an answer a shop" is very imaged, summarizes the model of the e-commerce.

After years of accumulation, I know that "consumer content" is started to translate "content consumption". This not only represents a good business, but more importantly, it is more important to map the development trend of the content community.

In the way to practice, it is also a good business road. Zhihu and Xiao Hong Book, the B station is going to converge, becoming the most identifiable content "Community San Jie":

Xiaohong book is a beautiful world with pictures as the core, following the first eye's heart attack;

B stations, the world with long video and more complex narrative, creation, and picture;

It is known as a question that is composed of one question, and is a question and answer community compatible with the domain private domain, and the new pavilion chart is constantly built on the question and answer foundation.

The common point of "Community Sanjie" is to help users decisive through "development of helping", "bring help", "trigger resonance", and drive consumption behavior growth, and they have also become the most potential new consumption platform.

I know that there is a higher-recognized community atmosphere and creator group in the "Community Sanjie", which is more likely to get the trust of large consumption households for content standards and quality.

The third-party data consulting agency Kaid said in the "2021-2022 Content Marketing Platform Value Insight" in the near future, 86% of users have had the final purchase of the final purchase of the target product, and know the confirmation before the purchase The influence has appeared. Especially in the fields of digital & small appliances, large household electricity, automobiles, insurance management and other fields.

Under these advantages, I know that e-commerce has also entered the growth of fast lanes.

Knowing CEO Zhouyuan disclosed at the financial conference call, the third quarter, the knowledge of the business content through the help of consumption decision, and finally completed the transaction, the total amount of commodity transactions were 4.97 billion, the year increased by about 92%, the order volume increasedMore than 30%, the conversion rate was 100% year-on-year.

This is a higher commercial exploration, but also known as knowing the good content is also a deeper understanding.In the new business ecology that gains content-driven, it is known that the future will receive a greater growth space.