Dialogue, Liu Xu: From the product to the service, it will create a joint idea to implement every link.

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Dialogue, Liu Xu: From the product to the service, it will create a joint idea to implement every link.

2021-11-26 12:03:30 9 ℃

On October 19 this year, the Zeekr 001 quantitative model of the high-end intelligent pure electric brand is officially launched in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay. After a month, the extremes of Zeekr 001 appeared in the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2021.

This is the first time I landed in the Guangzhou Auto Show. In addition to Zeekr 001, the user service brand Zeekr Care is also the focus of this release.

Director of the Communication and Media Relationship Director of the Communication and Media Intelligent Technology Enterprise

In the first day of the auto show, Liu Xu, director of the spread of the Tempera Intelligent Technology Enterprise and Media Relations, to the headlines of the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show car, surrounding the products, services and the topic of the topic, sharing the current status and future planning.

Second model or high-end electric MPV

"After the implementation of the delivery on October 23, the delivery volume of Zeekr 001 was 199."

When the mass production vehicle is offline, the blood has been mentioned that the chip has an impact on the supply side. For this, Liu Xu said, facing the pressure from the global supply chain and chip shortage, the delivery of the blood has also been uncertain, but the Geely Group, the extreme has received very much from the supply chain guarantee and support.

Therefore, the confidence of the tension quickly rapidly this year, deliver Zeekr 001 to the owner's hand. Not only that, but the height will also guarantee the delivery quality of Zeekr 001, give the user a good delivery experience, service experience, and car experience.

It is mentioned in the 2022 product plan, Liu Xu said, "Based on the creation of the entire system, it is not so fast at the beginning, but we will get more and more quickly." From the ability of the Geely Sea vast platform. It can realize full size coverage from the A-class car to the E-class car, which can meet all storms of vehicles such as cars, SUV, MPV, small urban cars, sports cars, pickups.

Although there is no more model information, in May this year, a spy photos of a pure electric MPV model were circulated on the Internet. This means that after Zeekr 001, the extreme will pick up or will launch a high-end electric MPV model.

Previously, the extreme had already clearly relying on the SEA vast architecture, launching 6 models in the next three years, sold more than 650,000 new cars in 2025. Based on this sales target, the hectum is considered to have the highest-end electric vehicle market share.

Extend the idea to the service session

Since the brand release, the blood has been clearly clearly explicitly "user-type enterprises." From organizational architecture to and user communication, the tensullen is the establishment of a corporate model with C-terminal.

With the official opening of Zeekr 001, the sales service system of the tension is also accelerated.

"The brand has been released for more than half a year, and the best has actually received many users, including suggestions in the product and service experience." According to Liu Xu, "Since June 30 this year, on November 17 The amount of users of the extreme APP platform has exceeded 520,000, and the highest daily live in October is over 100,000, and the integration of the integration of the extreme 氪 app has more than 2 million times.

Type APP is one of the main positions that have creating a co-creation with owners. Outside this year, in September this year, the first cessation center was officially opened in Hangzhou.

As an important part of the construction of the sales service system, the center of the polariomy is positioned as the Spatial Brand Space, the city's living room and the city station in the same place. According to the plan, including the Hangzhou Taxin Center, in 2021, the bullion is open, and the two extreme center is opened, and it has expanded to 25 scale in three years.

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, the tensus also released the company's service brand Zeekr Care. This brand is based primarily based on intelligent, digitized, humanized technology, to solve the service pain points of pure electric travel, realize three services of "intelligent, efficient, and enjoy".

At present, Zeekr Care services have covered 31 provinces and a total of 208 cities across the country.

In terms of intelligent services, based on leading intelligent interconnect technology and large data applications, Zeekr Care can realize the intellication of vehicles, the full traceability of services, transparent transparency, and the intelligent diagnosis of the problem

In terms of efficient service, when the user has an accident in driving, it can call the 极 极 专 专 后 后 会, "Extreme Orange" team can quickly respond 24 hours to quickly provide the user. This reaction ability is derived from the total 极 distribution in more than 300 high-quality service points in the country, bringing users more service convenience.

To enjoy the service, when the user is in the outdoors, Zeekr Care will instantly start the dilemma and rescue services, provide 24-hour dilemma online companion and dual-car rescue services. The Zeekr Care can also provide a variety of trip services in the case where the user cannot be used.

Liu Xu believes that "now the extreme may not be so perfect, but can be sure that in the process of defining the 'one user-type enterprise, we must walk on a right way."