ZiHintPause, the first RISC-V extension approved under the FastTrack architecture extension process

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ZiHintPause, the first RISC-V extension approved under the FastTrack architecture extension process

2021-11-26 12:03:32 12 ℃

The RISC-V open architecture allows designers to implement their own instructions, some of which may even become an official RISC-V extension. However, the RISC-V approved new extension process is not the best. In order to optimize this, RISC-V INTERNATIONAL has recently published Fast Track Architecture Extension Process, referred to as Fast Track. Fast Track simplifies the approval of the small architecture extension and the ZiHintPause, which is the first extension that is approved under the new "Fast TRACK" process.

The Fast Track process is designed for simpler extensions. These extensions have no dispute, and can provide value for the entire RISC-V community, so it is not suitable for more complex extensions. The extension of the submitted consideration will be conducted before entering the 45-day public review process. You can read the detailed rules of the new extension approval process here.

ZiHintPault Extension experienced a 45-day review process on Google Group and recently approved. ZiHintPause extension is designed to reduce the energy consumption of the design, improve the performance of Spin-Wait Loops, enabling multi-threaded kernels to abandon the expansion resources. This extension is very simple because it simply adds a single PAUSE instruction (encoded as Hint instruction) to the RISC-V ISA (instruction set architecture).

I have to ask if RISC-V INTERNATIONAL can provide a specific example to show us "Pause instructions can be used to improve power consumption", but they cannot provide such information. To learn more, you can read the documentation illustrated by ZiHintPause Hint, Version 1.0.

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