Can the Japanese can't engage in Chinese?Absolutely you haven't seen it!

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Can the Japanese can't engage in Chinese?Absolutely you haven't seen it!

2021-11-26 12:04:00 9 ℃

for a long time

Good in Japan seems to be deeply rooted

Is there any national brand?

Can you compete for domestic goods?

Recently, the lying stone presses the sea of ​​the bead pen.

Give an answer with actual actions

China is created, no one!

In recent years

It is mainstream that gradually replaces the clamping pen according to the pen.

Walkpoint pen is also the advantage of continuous line, large ink

Become a new expensive in the hands of students

So the ods is pressed to go to the ball.

It can be described as strong combination of both

For pushpoint pen

People who don't understand the pen may not

This is a Japanese brand has developed

But ultimately unable to succeed

Because of its high technical requirements, production is difficult

Big brands are all desirable

But the stone is done

Therefore, the lying stone pressing the beaded pen is not only the first domestic

It is also a single success in the world!

Is it so difficult to turn the pulse of the claw? !

It's hard to feel it.

First of all, you need to slim down the pushpoint pen.

Change into a push

Otherwise, it will cause the pen to be thick and affect the grip.

Then the core diamond type ink core

Precision springs passing through a hole diameter of about 1 mm

Tight fit with steel beads in the pen

Guaranteed ink flowing

Double bead spring pen

Sliding rubbing of a single bead is a double bead scroll friction

Greatly reduce writing resistance

Writing is more smooth

Special quick-drying ink

Quick dryness is not pickless

That is, don't worry, don't worry about

Most clashed wallets are one-time

Using it

The lying stone pressing the bead pen is a replaceable core

Dressive, and environmentally friendly

When I first came into contact with this pen first, I found out.

There is no sound! ?

Let the Xunjun think that it is a bought

It turns out that this is a new function of lying stone research and development.

Mutely exploitation

In the examination room, classroom, library, etc.

You can also press at will

Use technology to interpret "mute, it is a virtue"

When I met in school, I had this pen.

It is not because they accidentally criticize them.

The mite presses the bead pen clearly can rely on strength.

Biaser value also explodes

Two-color injection pen, hard and hard

Visual window, concentrated industrial wind

With highlighted electric plated strip, show fashion

have to say

The lying stone is really unique in this matter.

Trend this pen according to the pen

Combined with the strength of the walker, the advantages of the line

Integrate 3 patented technology

Not only upgraded the experience, but also created new categories

In the moment of the rise of China

Lying stone press the shot of the bead pen

Undoubtedly, it is more surpassing the Japanese brand.

China's creation is another classic "press" example!

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