Intelligent "cool cover" is not afraid of Battle, "new species" Ford EVOS daily opening

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Intelligent "cool cover" is not afraid of Battle, "new species" Ford EVOS daily opening

2021-11-27 18:05:18 42 ℃

Car, high-tech, save family ... See which movie will you think of? "Speed ​​and Passion" series? No, this is not a speed-activated label, and it is also playing the super 6 "007: ignorant to death". However, compared to the intelligent technology weapon inside, 007 is more dazzling, super bulletproof, self-cultivation of the classic car, the magnets in the elevator well, the watch with electromagnetic pulse, can track the vital signs Smart blood ... What is the extent to which the future world can intelligently, and the film has brought us unlimited imagination.

As an important part of building and linking wisdom life, cars undoubtedly also accelerate attribute transformation to intelligent mobile trips. How to use intelligent technology for intelligent travel? Adhering to Changan Ford, an innovative concept, always adheres to the "better solution" to build a wisdom for consumers with Pioneer Technology. Ford EVOS listed on the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, with the advantage of intelligence design, smart cockpit, smart driving, etc., to pursue intelligent technology "intellectual youth".

How to pull a sense of technology? Ultra-large screen is YYDS

What kind of experience is the TV in the cockpit? Entering EVOS, the "giant screen" of the "giant screen" that has brought the "giant screen" of the "wow", 12.3-inch high-definition dashboard +27 inches, large 4k-mode CP, with B & O eco Wall, let the driving passengers can enjoy "iMax" in the car.

In addition, Changan Ford also equipped the new generation of SYNC + 2.0 intelligent banking system for EVOS, integrating the artificial intelligence technology of Baidu leaders, support 70+ vertical semantics identification, more in built-in Ford's first visual virtual artificial intelligence assistant - VPA II Partner, realize the time to accompany the "second understand" communication; there is also the industry's first "joint driving fun", gesture control, face recognition, and massive entertainment, travel services, etc., hidden surprises!

Leading architecture in the world's cloudless upgrade, often uses often new

Intelligence, far more than being seen. Ford EVOS is equipped with a new intelligent technology architecture -FNV intelligent Internet architecture as a "decision-making center", which supports domain OTA upgrades, covering core systems such as the most important smart driving domain, smart cockpit correlation and power related modules. In addition, Ford EVOS has 100 times higher than the multi-Ethernet broadband, and the data transfer speed is 100-fold, and the 80GB of 4K HD video can be transmitted within 1 minute, bringing a seamless speed experience for users to achieve more efficient information. communication. Not only that, the Ford, OTA technology guarantees that the vehicle will not be black during the upgrade, and there is no need to suspend any vehicle functionality that is being used, support breakpoints, can complete the silent "no sense" upgrade within the longest 30 minutes; Adopt A / B backup design

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On the stage, if you are, for this way, Changan Ford has always been continuously completed in the field of automobile intelligence, and it is more in line with Chinese consumers, more trend, more intelligent hard core, unlocking wisdom life. Ford Evos In the launch, while enriching Changan Ford product matrix, we also have seen Changan Ford's "striking intelligence" and accelerating the action of intelligent layout. At present, Ford Evos has new cars to the store, interested friends You can go to the store to test the test drive, the first time to experience the extraordinary power of this new generation of intelligent SUV.

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