Huawei's 9 months earned 46.5 billion, compared Apple's net profit, the gap is not a half-point

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Huawei's 9 months earned 46.5 billion, compared Apple's net profit, the gap is not a half-point

2021-11-28 12:03:54 33 ℃

Wen / Dong review / Ziyang School of Autumn

On November 25th, Apple released the company's net profit data report from September 2021 to September 2020. From the relevant data published by Apple, Apple's annual profit reached 57.41 billion US dollars during the reporting period, about 371.1 billion yuan.

In average, Apple makes an average of $ 3,000 per second during this reporting period. According to this data, Apple is steadily sitting in 2021, the most profitable company throne.

In fact, Apple has never been vague as a global science and technology giant. According to the data: 2013 - 2019, Apple has been accounting for the top 500 listings of the world, this is Microsoft, Google can't compare with Apple.

From Apple's 2021 fiscal report data released on October 28, as of September 2021, Apple's revenue reached approximately 36.5817 billion US dollars (approximately RMB 2.33 trillion), a larger than 33.26%. Among them, Apple's net profit from the ordinary shareholders of the Parenta Corporation was approximately $ 94.68 billion (about RMB 605 billion), an increase of 64.92% year-on-year.

It is worth mentioning that the third quarter of 2021, Apple's single-season net profit reached $ 20.5 billion (about RMB 13.13 billion). Industry insiders said that Apple's growth in the third quarter of 2021, thanks to the release of the iPhone 13 series.

Unfortunately, Apple's performance in the 20021 fiscal performance is quite good, and Apple's old opponent Huawei, the development situation is not optimistic, and the two have a distinct contrast.

Affected by the restriction of the chip supply, Huawei high-end smartphone business has a thousand feet, which not only creates a chance to win the gap between Apple, but also makes Huawei's revenue. From the data released from Huawei, in the third quarter of 2021, Huawei's sales of 455.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year fell of about 32%. Among them, net profit is 45.6 billion yuan.

Apple earned 605 billion yuan for 9 months, and Huawei earned 45.6 billion yuan in 9 months. It is not difficult to see that the gap between Huawei and Apple is not a star half of the net profit of Apple.

It is worth mentioning that although Huawei has a big gap between Apple in net profit. However, in the autonomous research and development, Huawei is not ambiguous.

The "2021 Chinese private enterprises" released in the employment, the research and development of China's research and development has reached 141.893 billion yuan, and the list is the first, and the second Alibaba (57.236 billion yuan). There is a considerable gap. At the same time, in terms of invention patents, Huawei is also a dusty.

Compare Apple, although Apple's ability to make money is very strong, it is very "" "" "" "" According to the author, before 2018, Apple's research and development funding proportional to the company's general collection has never been more than 5%. However, Huawei's research and development costs have a proportion of total revenue, but more than 14%.

Even if the current situation is affected by various factors, the relevant business has been frustrated, but there is no "throttle" in terms of research and development costs, and the weight of key core technology is always grasped.

For a technology company, although the revenue of Apple is full of dust, Huawei pays more attention to the ability to achieve better profitability based on the core technology. The author believes that this is a winning method for a long-term development of a scientific and technological giant.