Live broadcast belts do nothing to do "tax" beauty, "block" into reality and terrible Omicron |

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Live broadcast belts do nothing to do "tax" beauty, "block" into reality and terrible Omicron |

2021-11-28 12:02:29 35 ℃

How to pay taxes in the end

This week, the microblogging of the two people in Sydney and Lin Shanshan is banned, the cause is that the Hangzhou Taxation Bureau discovered that two anchors were suspected of stealing taxes through tax data.

According to the official announcement, Sydney, Lin Shanshan is in 2019 to 2020, through the establishment of individual-owned enterprises in Shanghai, Guangxi, Jiangxi and other places, the fictional business has changed to the business income of personal salary salary and labor payment. , Stealing personal income tax.

The relevant departments will recover taxes according to law, and the retaining gold is added to 1 times a fine of 655.531 million yuan, and Lin Shanshan recovered taxes, and the retained gold and joined 1 times a fine of 276.725 million yuan.

Sydney, Lin Shanshan two anly a fine of fines make a lot of people to eat, if these two anchors must be fined almost a hundred million, in the double 11 pre-sale, I will take the 18.9 billion yuan GMV live broadcast with the live brother, Li Jiaqi How many taxes with Viya?

The anchor is not fresh, but in recent years, live broadcasts and extensions of the playing art in the past few depends on the rewards and platforms are different. To clarify how much tax needed, first need to clarify the relationship between the anchor and platform, the relationship is probably Three species:

1 Employment relationship, belonging to the platform, calculate taxes according to salary salary, platform companies need to pre-pay taxes according to the 3% to 45% of the 7-level incubated tax rate (more than 960,000 applicable 45% tax rate);

2 Labor relationship, do not belong to the platform, taxation, tax rate 20% according to labor compensation

3 Establishing a wholly-owned company, working with platforms belongs to undertaking business, collecting personal income taxes according to operation income, with 5% ~ 35% over-increasing tax rate, and full profits.

Since the media Radar Finance once, Li Jiaqi and Weiaya were counted in the "Pit Fare" and 22% -26% of the exclusion, minus the live platform. And the division of the MCN institution, one brother's income reached 1.5 billion yuan and 1.165 billion yuan respectively. This revenue can estimate the A-share company that covers more than 90%.

However, due to the anchor, you can choose to register with some tax "depression", through the company's operation, such as Li Jiaqi, there are 5 registered companies. In this article, Sydney and Lin Shanshan are also active through fictional business, and the personal salary becomes taxable to the taxation.

According to Ai Rui consulting data, China's live e-commerce scale has reached 1.2 trillion in 2020, and the complex growth rate of 58% in the next three years. The two platforms of the fast hand and the shake 2021 live e-commerce GMV goals are over 600 billion yuan.

As the tax supervision is strengthened for the new industrial supervision of live broadcast, maybe the head net red anchor and the platform will be more concerned when announced amazing record. The People's Daily is written at this time: "Whether online online, no matter which field, there is no" gray zone "of the tax."

Block World "Photo Reality"

If the "Yuan Cosmic" is the hottest vocabulary in China this year, which word is the highest in foreign flow? The Collins dictionary gave his answer.

This week, the Collins dictionary announced that the annual vocabulary of 2021 is "NFT", namely "Non-Fungible token", the first letter abbreviation. NFT, Chinese translation is "non-homogenized coins", the explanation of the Collins dictionary is "unique digital certificate registered in the block chain, used to record ownership of assets such as art or collection."

Let NFT's first big thing is the work of the Grand Mike Winkelmann "Everyday, Mike Winkelmann" EveryDays: The First 5000 Days "NFT is sold at an amazing $ 69.3 million, and the price of about 440 million yuan is sold. shock the world.

Since then, to encrypt the world's favorite Twitter founder Jack Dorsey Jack, west, with a price of $ 2.9 million, taken its first pusher NFT auction.

However, even if Beeple's work or NFT's NFT's NFT is auctioned, you can still copy the same picture or pusher text on the Internet, but if you believe in encryption, then in that world The asset ownership of its work belongs to the user who took the time. Is it a bit mystery?

If NFT is just out, the encrypted currency exchange will make more thoroughly, they bought the home of the Los Angeles Lakers in the price of $ 700 million, Staples Center, STAPLES CENTER 20 years of title. Starting from December 25, 2021, the Spless Course will be renamed arena.

And when you open, it is a short film that is photographed by Hollywood Male Star Matt Dadon, which describes encrypted monetary users into adventurous explorers. As for the Los Angeles people and the fans of the Lakers, how to understand the holy place in the heart is another matter. The neighboring chain of "going to centralize" is the sale of the neighborhood, and there is another thing that has also been carried out to show the value of the encrypted world. On November 19, Beijing time, the centralized autonomous organization in the block chain consTao, attempted to bid auction of the US Constitutional original text exhibited by the Sufibi Auction, which is printed in 1787 representatives of the Constitutional Constitution. One of 500 official version of the Constitution, currently only in the world.

Within four days, ConstitudeDao raised the value of about $ 45 million worth of ETH (Ethers) from 17437 participants. The participating users can use the donated Eth to get the activities related people, the latter can be used to vote the display location of the constitutional document that is determined.

Although the auction action failed, the rule user can redeem the donated ETH in the specified website, but there is a large number of users not redemption, but continue to hold the theoretical person without any value. Probably because this activity is too successful, the PEOPLE penalty is 10 times in a short period of time. Subsequent people who bought people to buy people believe that People have become the "Thai dog currency" with Mask's goods, and it is really "belonging to the people", and it is still rising.

Some netizens should see the blood, and DAO is the "brother" on the Internet, and the recklessness is full. When the Internet platform developed in the past two decades gradually became a supervision, the DAO and WEB3 that appeared in the world, from the DAO and Web3 that appeared in the world, wake up the enthusiasm and ambition of the next generation of the Internet.

Micro LED Company JBD received hundreds of millions of A round financing

Recently, Shanghai Shimoyao Show Technology Co., Ltd. Jade Bird Display (JBD) has completed hundreds of millions of yuan A round financing.

JBD was established in 2015, focusing on the R & D and production of ultra-smaller displays below 0.5 inches, mainly providing an near-eye display, MR, car head display, no mask lithography, microphonic, 3D print exposure, etc. Solution, the first mixed integration technology for the preparation of micro-display devices in the wafer stage.

Currently, JBD can provide 5000 DPI, 6350 DPI, 10000 DPI Monochrome Micro-LED active matrix micro-display chip. November 24 JBD officially released the AMLED Microled Light Engine Series products applied to smart glasses, including two programs of monochrome and color light engine to meet different types of development needs.

Wang Jing, the investor, Tongchuang Great Investment Manager, said that the AR track has entered the investment window period, of which the hardware project will enjoy the first wave of the industry. Micro LEDs are a recognized ultimate solution in the industry that can be the core of a lightweight interactive product than the heart of the AR glasses. "But currently still solves the problem of maturity and mass production, JBD has realized the industry's leading industry in Micro LED chip research and production technology with independently developed mixed integration technology, and is the most promising solution in the world. The company's business. "(Source: 36kr)

WHO nomenclature new crown virus new variation plant is OMICRON

The World Health Organization issued a statement that the new crown virus B.1.1.529 found in South Africa is a variant worthy of attention, named the strain with Greek alphabet Omicron (Okeki). On the other hand, as the potential threat range of the virus is expanded, the United States announces the restrictions on flights to eight countries in Africa.

The WHO Virus Evolutionary Technical Advancement Technical Advisory Group issued a statement on November 26th, "According to the evidence that has been submitted, it indicates that the harmful epidemiological changes have occurred in COVID-19, and the advisory group notifies WHO. The body should be calibrated into variants worthy of attention, WHO has made this calibration of B.1.1.529 and name it OMICRON. "

British scientists have announced earlier that the south Africa has discovered a new crown virus strain that had at least 32 mutations in South Africa, but only 22 cases of infection were found. The new poison strain was also detected from the travelers from South Africa to Hong Kong and was found in Botswana in southern Africa. (Source:

DHL test long-distance fuel freight truck

November 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Germany Post Group DHL Express is testing long-distance fuel freight trucks to promote low-hydrocarbon fuel heavy trucks in the field of logistics.It is reported that Apple is the first service customer of this test project, and DHL will cooperate with Apple to drive test vehicles to and from the Netherlands Brussels with Belgium.Previously, DHL Express announced that 12 Alice full-electric motors have been ordered from all-electric aircraft manufacturers Eviation, thereby establishing a power-driven air express network to contribute to achieving sustainable development.This batch of electric vessels are expected to be delivered in 2024.(Source: Global Technology)