The domestic mobile phone is so strong, why is the domestic camera can't make it?

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The domestic mobile phone is so strong, why is the domestic camera can't make it?

2021-11-28 12:04:23 36 ℃

Recently, Tony wrote a camera to buy one pair of 11's recommendation, so many tangled buy what the camera's junior partner, have a general direction to choose.

Coincidence, two days before the Tony for a long time did not contact the school girl, I do not know how to brush the article, after reading head two big question marks came Tony asked:

"You say these foreign brands are too expensive, do not like millet, Huawei cell phone camera so domestic brands can recommend it?"

This wave output so that it broke anti-Tony, sometimes do not know how to answer.

Indeed, today the domestic mobile phone small, unmanned aerial vehicles, large domestic cars, planes, and consequently there are domestic, why now sold on the market are Canon, Nikon, Sony these brands?

So domestic brands of professional camera where to go then?

To talk about this thing clear, we had to begin from the age of film cameras.

Time back to 30 years ago, when the camera is not only more domestic, but also experienced a period of very brilliant period.

If you guys have to play at home photography elders, they must have used like seagulls, Shanghai, Phoenix, Lucky, the red flag so inexpensive brands.

Before the advent of digital cameras, ah, take pictures of nature, which is by the camera's mechanical transmission and a photosensitive film being built up.

So once you have a good optical lens technology and film production, independent production imitation or a camera, it is not difficult.

DF series such as seagulls,

Imitation is the Minolta SR-2 series ▼

However, after entering the digital age, CCD, CMOS sensor chip appears to replace the film, did not take long to put no domestic camera manufacturers of semiconductor technology, pushed to the edge out of the market.

After all, the camera's mechanical structure easy to imitate, such as this sophisticated technology can chip, not so well done, especially the use to the manufacture of chip lithography machines, always stuck his neck in technology.

On the one hand, and research and development for manufacturing an image sensor lithography machines, the cost will be enormous, and even put a huge amount of money, not necessarily to have the research results.

On the other hand, R & D needs of the lithography machine for a long time accumulation of technology, in order to achieve a breakthrough.

Veteran Japanese camera factory Nikon, Canon, back in the late 60's began to get involved in the field of lithography, after decades of research, in the 1990s, Japan has become a force in the international semiconductor lithography market.

Nikon released the first commercial lithography NSR-1010G ▼ 1980

Although my country lithography machine industry also started early, and once in the seventies and eighties with top international technology gap closer.

In 1982, the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed the KHA-75-1 lithography,

And the most advanced Canon lithography, the gap also in about four years. ▼ ▼

Unfortunately, because there is no follow-up to launch commercial areas, and lack of research funding, in order to promote viable economy, the domestic IC production line began to purchase research equipment, domestic lithography machine, but unfortunately entered a standstill.

And in addition to lithography, in digital cameras use to focus, metering, image stabilization, processor and other sectors, because of the lack of key components, but also stagnant.

In short, you want to create a camera, advanced new technology is essential, down by the legacy of the film era capital, "local force" no problem, but will not achieve a key role.

For example, like the old frog-made light lens,

Great sound in photography circles. ▼ ▼

In domestic product lacks the strength of the case, foreign natural camera brand and quickly occupied the domestic market, there is no competition, camera prices have also gone up.

The camera seems inexpensive domestic products, working with our lopsided.

But things always turn will lead inadvertently, two years national attention on the semiconductor industry, to CMOS domestic production and development, providing a new window.

Among the most relevant and CMOS, acquired in 2019, it is one of the world's three major manufacturers Howe image sensor (the other two are Sony and Samsung) Vail semiconductors.

This wave of acquisitions can be said for the future of China-made image sensor, it laid a solid foundation.

In 2007, Weill, chairman of Yu Renrong semiconductor 400W funded the establishment of the company, the main business is in the field of semiconductor design.

After the acquisition of several domestic semiconductor companies, and gradually expand their business into the RF chip, Soc chips and other projects.

The company can always have a lack of backbone services market competitiveness.

This time Yu Renrong the target placed on OmniVision this semiconductor image sensor company.

OmniVision is a Silicon Valley company founded by a Chinese-American, once the rage in high-end image sensor market, became well-known for many years.

But in the last two years, Sony, Samsung with high-quality CMOS come from behind, OmniVision's market share has been squeezed out a lot, need to find a new way out.

Samsung pioneered on the phone

100 million pixel sensor ▼

After a series of business wrestling, Yu Renrong spend nearly 16 billion yuan, the acquisition of 85.53% stake in Howe.

Although the current main business is not a professional camera CMOS, on the battlefield of mobile phone CMOS, it has been confronted with Sony, Samsung. The products released after the acquisition, and slowly began to emerge in the domestic flagship. Time and place, this acquisition is really the right to accept.

Under the chip ban on the US long arm, Huawei's SOC processor, 5G chip and other products can not be used on the phone.

And the original Huawei finds the Sony depth customized mobile phone camera sensor, whether it can continue to be installed in the future, but also a unknown.

At this time, the appearance of Haowei can be said to provide a new choice for Huawei.

It is worth mentioning that last year Xiaomi is on the Mi 10 Supreme Memorial Edition, the main consolidation is also the OV48C sensor.

At least in the mobile phone business, the Hushi's CMOS is already able to form a considerable combat power.

Today, there is a news burst, Changguangqin's domestic 8K image sensor, successfully passed special acceptance, completed comprehensive domesticization.

As a professional company focused on high-performance CMOS image sensor design and development, Changguang Cixed this CMOS released this CMOS called a world's heavy bomb.

Single frame 87dB dynamic range, stacked full-frame TSV, 16bit 120 FPS 8K / 240 fps 4K, native 422 RAW, code rate 6-8Gbps. . .

Such a brutal parameter is not a conscience than some of the toothpaste factories in someone in foreign countries?

More terrible is, in the official website of Changguang Cixing, Tony also found a 15th billion pixel in the CMOS. . .

If this metamorphosis CMOS can stuff into the camera, what Fuji, Pentax is in the style of the game, and is all standby.

On the other hand, in the camera consumer product, domestic manufacturers are not idle.

Domestic drone company Dangnan, early November 2015, was exploded in the small part of the Swedish classic camera brand Hasu.

On the latest Mavic 3, we can see that the Hasu camera of the M43 frame is configured to the drone.

If you have a heart, try to integrate, then you may be a domestic professional micro-single camera, it is really not far away.

In general, this piece of domestic camera is still in the stage of thickness, the processor chip is also good, the CMOS chip is also good, really just take some time.

After the time was mature, we were online to search the camera brand, and it was really a beast.