Reno7 series is equipped with Coloros12, a full-scale security new experience

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Reno7 series is equipped with Coloros12, a full-scale security new experience

2021-11-28 12:04:39 36 ℃

On November 25, the OPPO Reno7 series was officially released, and the new product was fully upgraded to the image section. Of the Reno7 Pro started the IMX709 Super Light Cat eye lens, equipped with Tianzhu 1200-MAX chip, etc., this new product is also equipped with the latest Coloros 12 It is possible to fully improve the experience.

Coloros 12 uses a new borderless design, through the reconstruction page layout, increase the daily interfacial interface is more concise, reduced interference, and users easier to focus on core information. Coloros 12 prepares a lot of featured new features to enhance the experience.

The ColorOS 12 system equipped with OPPO Reno7 Pro has 36 months of smooth double engine bonding, where AI self-fluid engine 2.0 is sorted by different user utilities, first cleaning the application, first cleaning the most uncomfortable background process, pressing resources Need to assign, always guarantee system fluency. The system also passed the anti-aging evaluation of Tel 36 months, and the system fluency can also be guaranteed for a long time. On a negative screen card, the user can see daily AI self-smooth optimization effect. Coloros 12 system is equipped with quantum animation engine 3.0, optimizes 300+ animation details, so that the system animation is more natural and smooth.

ColorOS 12 System Built-in Smart Sidebar 2.0, can recommend different practical tools based on the use scenario, including smart letters, identify background music, etc., effectively improvement. Users can also use cross-screen interconnection to work with efficient cooperation between different devices.

In the user privacy security section, the Coloros 12 system protection features override. When you share a photo, you can choose to erase location information, shoot parameters, avoid risk of exposure privacy. When a third-party application calls a camera, location and other permissions, the system will be reminded that the user can view the App to call the corresponding permissions of the current call, so that the user understands in real time. The system will also display permission records in the form of a data table, which is convenient for users to find privilege abuse behavior in time.

The ColorOS 12 system provides a privacy manner. After the application is turned on, the application is automatically replaced with blank information when applying personal information, protects privacy, so you can use it with confidence.

OPPO Reno7 Pro also supports the anti-peep function. When the phone identifies the owner, there are other people when viewing your screen, will automatically hide the notification content, even in the elevator, subway, etc., don't worry about privacy People see it.

In addition to a lot of surprises, OPPO Reno7 Pro has a lot of surprises in terms of image, performance, and design, and there are also many brightations. The Coloros 12 system is conveniently interactive, and the privacy is fully protected, which allows users to get a worries and safe use.

In addition to OPPO Reno7 Pro, Reno7, Reno7 SE is also equipped with Coloros 12 systems, which can enjoy new features of various systems.

In terms of price, the OPPO Reno7 Pro 8GB + 256GB version is priced at 3699 yuan, and the 12GB + 256GB version is priced at 3,999 yuan. Reno7 8GB + 128G version price 2699 yuan, 8GB + 256GB version price of 2999 yuan, 12GB + 256GB version price 3299 yuan, these two new products will be officially launched at 10 o'clock on December 3.

Reno7 SE 8GB + 128GB version price 2199 yuan, 8GB + 256GB version price of 2399 yuan, this new product will be officially launched on December 17, interested friends can pay attention.