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Purchased good objects and share

2021-11-28 12:04:12 38 ℃

Colleagues sent my Bellroy Lite Duffel as white version, and there is also a black black on the Bellroy website. But I suggest that if you want to buy this bag - unless you really like black - be sure to buy a white version, because it is very good. The actual color of the white version of the Bellroy Lite Duffel takes a little gray, with a delicate mesh design, which makes the texture of the bag very clear. After coming back from Shanghai, I will continue to use this package as a daily commutation. After returning to the office, I heard a few colleagues express "You this package is really good".

Borrow a Bellroy look, look

The positioning of Bellroy Lite Duffel light-line bags is urban commuter and short-term travel, so the maximum feature of function is "can load". My two-day trip is the Podfest Podcast Conference held by JustPod. I will go to myself, but Daisy has never been to Shanghai, so I went all the way. The single trip has become a double, and the clothing to be brought is doubled. But for Bellroy Lite Duffel, such load increments are not a problem.

In addition to the autumn clothing of two people and a cosmetic bag, I also installed two cameras, and one of them took a complete packaging box (because I would also borrow it to a friend). In addition, as a technique, digital accessories such as techniques, various e-books, charging treasures, power cords, and charging heads are also in the bag, even if such a flush, the internal space of Bellroy Lite Duffel has not been contest. Although the main thing is "light" travel, this package does not need to make a break from the space, the only limit is the weight - can't be desperate because it can be desperate, avoid the bag too Heavy.

When I am commuting, I will use it to install a computer.

Of course, if there is too much thing to install, it must be loaded, nor does it have a solution. Bellroy Lite Duffel offers both portable and shoulder. Its default form is a handbag. If there is not much in the package, it is very convenient to mention. However, if you need to carry or your bag too much, you can use the attached bag strap to change it into a bag. There is a soft liner on the inside of the shoulder strap, which can avoid the backbest shoulder, more suitable for load.

After I was sent, I asked the first badge to give me Bellroy because of the owl, so I was very impressed by this logo.

At the same time, Bellroy Lite Duffel also designed a detailed internal layers and a two-way zip, that is, from which side pulled the zipper, it can open or close the package. This design is very practical for daily commuting, especially like I often take out e-books from the bag, take out the paper towel, don't turn it back for a long time.

Borrow a Bellroy map, the space and hierarch in the package are shown in the figure.

I really like the side bags on both ends of the bag (that is, the location of the kettle in the figure), usually put the phone here, easy to take place

At present, Bellroy Lite Duffel has been promoted to my main commuter bag, easy to concise, and back and off work, there is a huge internal space that makes I can put a pile of zero zero. We have recommended a lot of Bellory products, but also benefit from Bellroy Lite Duffel to my impression and experience very good, I also pay attention to this brand. At present, I have already planted several other products of the Bellroy Lite series. If they start, share it in "new stuff".