What is going to turn, the cost?About personal collection code can not be commercially interpreted

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What is going to turn, the cost?About personal collection code can not be commercially interpreted

2021-11-28 12:09:54 22 ℃

Why can not continue business with a personal code receivables? What businesses need to apply into commercial receivables code? The opening of business application code will not increase the cost burden on small businesses? Author: Wan Min Hu Yanming letters: Figure insects creative


Message Around November 26 at 11 am, a "starting next year March 1 micro-channel Alipay payment code can not be used for operating receivables" suddenly exposed, public outcry for a time, all kinds of speculation and concern began to spread.

At 19:22 on November 26, the Beijing Daily am the original author of this message client publish corrections manuscript "micro-channel Alipay payment codes prohibit commercial? Clarification: the personal collection code specification, the merchant payment will not be affected, "wrote," November 26 morning, the end of the report 'from March 1 next year, micro-channel, Alipay payment code can not be used for operating receivables' after quickly corrected to 'next year, March 1, micro-channel, Alipay personal collection code can not be used for operating receivables', the new media has been corrected version will prevail. "

November 27, reporters at the Beijing Dongcheng District, Fengtai District, random flow to many street snacks, breakfast shop street, business communities morning interview to understand, receivables code most traders currently using micro letter, Alipay personal collection yards.

At a breakfast shop, the owner is mistaken reporters to promote digital renminbi, he has seen the news in audio and video from shaking, but he did not worry too much, he is now using a micro-channel and Alipay personal collection code, if you later want to change the code to charge a premium fee, on receivables with digital yuan.

Recently, the owner of the shop has ushered in several waves of personnel promotion of digital currency, not just low rates, gave small gifts. This scene, with a number of years ago for a small micro-micro-channel retailers in the online treasure unfold exactly the same when the war spread code.

Ambiguous piece of news within 48 hours of fermentation rapidly reproduced in a variety of media platforms, affecting the nerves outside the industry.

Finally, the morning of November 27, Xinhua News Agency published a public number "micro-letters, Alipay payment code still work? Finally clear up! "A text, made an authoritative interpretation called. For micro-news letter Alipay payment code can not be used, the Xinhua News Agency, "People's Bank of China exclusive from the relevant department, the Department of misreading the argument using the" Merchant of two-dimensional code code card "or print package, we need to payment services (such as micro-channel, Alipay, etc.) to apply for transfer of commercial receivables code, but consumers pay for everyday experiences and feelings will not be affected. "

So then the question is, why can not continue business with a personal collection code? What businesses need to apply into commercial receivables code (hereinafter referred to as the "Merchant Code")? The opening of business application code will not increase the cost burden on small businesses?

Why not continue commercial personal code?

Let's look at the difference between personal code and business code.

Personal collection code is already the micro-channel and Alipay built-in module, users do not need special equipment application process can be used directly. Many small traders on their own personal collection to use code to print out. Open the merchant payment code you need to upload some application materials, opened by the agency after payment verification.

From the timeline, the personal collection code 2017 - Paying the rapid spread of two-dimensional code phase of rapid growth in 2018. To 2019, two-dimensional code payment market becomes saturated, growth is slowing, acquiring services began to vigorously promote the acquiring services to merchants in the long tail, making the transition from the personal collection code to the merchant acquiring two-dimensional code merchants, payment service overlay on top of other digital services.

For third-party payment mechanism change business logic in that, for merchants to provide more value-added services to business transformation through personal code number, increase the service connection point with the user. For example, after the catering business presence, online payment institutions owned online platform side will flow into a diversion takeout orders and other models, businesses get more sales, payment institutions also adds more services fee income.

But for small businesses some "cottage" style, they just need a convenient online payment, without the need to increase other marketing costs, and therefore widespread use as a personal code of commercial real scene receivables.

27 afternoon, reporters in Beijing's Dongcheng District, Fengtai District, random flow to many street snacks, breakfast shop street, business communities morning interview to understand, receivables code most traders currently using micro letter, Alipay personal collection code, no collection rate, after withdrawal of the money rate at 0.1%.

Businesses have told reporters that because usually no more receivables, the monthly money flowing around thousands of dollars, received by the presence of Alipay or micro letter, usually consumption, transfer, purchase can be used. When a reporter asked why not mention now, for the purchase of financial products, etc., there are traders told reporters that "small business, a star the slightest, it is not necessary."

According to iResearch previously released research report, it is estimated that by the third quarter of 2020, my country's two-dimensional code acquiring market size of about 4 trillion. Why in the moment receivables code it has been widely used, the central bank to make such a request?

This document is the "China People's Bank of China on Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminal and" Notice "(hereinafter referred to as" Notice ") (hereinafter referred to as" Notice ") (hereinafter referred to as" Notice ") (hereinafter referred to as" Notice "), The agency, clearing agency, etc., for the payee, provides receiving barcode related payment services, should formulate the collection barcode classification management system, effectively distinguish the scene and use of personal and special merchants to use the collection bar code. "On the day of the answer When asked, the People's Bank said, "Some lawless elements use the receiving bar code to transfer gambling, provide payment channels for cross-border gambling activities. In order to effectively improve the payment acceptance terminal and related business risk management level, struggle to cross-border gambling and other crimes" funds Chain, guaranteeing the public interest, and the People's Bank of China has developed the "Notice" on the basis of in-depth investigation.

A close to the supervisor also said that the reporter on November 27th, "The core problem is that many personal codes are used for cross-border gambling and telecommunications scam collection, this and the previous 'broken card' action is a pulse "

In this year's financial industry industry exchange activities, a fire-fighting expert in the Ministry of Public Security pointed out that the division of labor of today's black agricultural industry has reached a very fine extent, and the defrauding dens has professional drainage, and also traps, These professional teams with technical services. From launched this profession, there are also professional water houses, four-party payment, and running platforms, and card merchants, codehers, card farmers, code farmers, etc. for money laundering. "And the most fundamental purpose of telecom fraud is for money, there are hundreds of millions of funds every day, from the hands of the people to the pocket of telecom fraud, the whole process is inseparable from the account and payment of the financial industry."

In April this year, the national combat for the new illegal crime of governance telecommunications networks was held in Beijing. The Ministry of Cedition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Bank of China, the Supreme People's Court, and the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the responsible comrades, will speak on the meeting.

In the Xinhua News Agency reported on November 27, the central bank's relevant departments also reiterated that "some merchants receive the payment of the" code card "or print package, such" Personal Static Collection Barcode "is lower. It is easy to use by criminals, requiring to apply to the receiving service organization (such as WeChat, Alipay, etc.) to the commercial collection code. "

Is it difficult to transmaribness?

"(Next year), the bar code that is affirmed by personal stickers after March 1st cannot be used for business collection. The spirit of small micro business does not match.

Back to the central bank's answer, the reporter asked the original article, will find that the central bank has made special answers to the "how to standardize the personal reception bar code". The relevant person in charge of the Central Bank said, "Notice" proposes the following targeted requirements: First, the personal collection bar code user with obvious business characteristics refers to the special merchant management, requiring the merchant receiving bar code for such personal users, and upgrading the individual operator The line of receipt service. Second, the personal static payment bar code is required to prohibit the remote non-face collection, which is necessary to implement white list management to prevent personal static receiving barcodes from being sold, rent, borrowed to build a gambling activity line recharge channel . The third is to refer to the implementation of personal static receiving barcode to perform personal static receiving barcode through screen capture, download, etc. to prevent criminals from using personal dynamic receiving barcode to avoid policies. The fourth is to prudently determine the personal static receiving bar code white list access conditions and scale, the validity period of the personal static receiving bar code, the number of uses and transaction limits, preventing the risk of whitelist abuse.

Among them, "personal receiving bar code users with obvious business characteristics should be managed by special merchants, requiring merchants to pay strips for such personal users, upgrading the quality of ordinary service to personal operators, small traders operating. It is most directly related.

So, what is "with obvious business characteristics"?

According to the general understanding, business activities refer to all transactions and matters other than corporate investment activities and financing activities. The business activities are widely scope, including the main business companies, including sales goods, providing labor, business lease, purchase goods, accepting labor, advertising, promotion products, pay taxes.

This too integrated concept, landing to the actual regulatory policy, how to qualitatively quantitative problems, said in the Xinhua News Agency report, "As for which users belong to 'have obvious business characteristics', China Payment Clearing Association is studying the development of relevant standards. "

A third-party payment believes that from the central bank's last "notice", it is originally hoped to distinguish the user's business activities, and then provide personal code and merchant code according to user behavior types. service. There will be no background-free transactions, and it is incorporated into a background transaction that can be determined to have business activities, and transaction properties will become consumption. "This is not easy, transaction frequency, quota, location and other information can assist in judging whether an individual has business activities, but does not have 100% accurate."

Moreover, if the standards between "business activities" is determined, "business activities" is not uniform, and it may trigger the business level to compete for the "competition" behavior. If the standard is unified from the top, it is necessary to fully communicate with the market between supervision and market to ensure that the standard is generally just and feasible. The above-mentioned approaching supervisors also said that the main purpose of the policy is to distinguish between personal collection code and merchant collection code. For example, small traders can apply for orders in WeChat Alipay, register some basic information, etc., how to operate It is still necessary to have a policy rule.

The boss of the streets and conveniences told reporters that they have used personal collection, but with the increase in the daily flow of the supermarket, it changed to a small micro commercial collection code, and the rate was at 0.38%, arrived next day. Compared with the personal collection code, the benefits of merchant collection code are that usual consumers can use multiple payment methods such as change, credit cards.

On November 27, the reporter tried to apply for opening the merchant code in his own WeChat, and found that WeChat has provided the "small micro merchant" application entrance, "according to laws, regulations and related regulations, exempt from business registration, no business Substantic special merchants, application materials, including "assisted proof materials" and "person in charge ID card" Services, if the latter needs to be uploaded, the auxiliary certificate of uploads includes filling in the business / service name, location (refining to the municipal administrative region), two photos on the site. Then upload a photo of your ID card. Next, enter the open collection merchant page, the required items include the merchant, the customer service phone (not required to have a landline or mobile phone number), you can submit a waiting audit, prompting that the review is about 2 days.

In this process, there is no need to submit an enterprise business license or other legal person materials.

From October, the "Notice" was released on March 1 next year, and the time left to payment agency and merchants were relatively abundant. The above approached supervisors said that the payment institution feeds back to the internal merchant management, payment, category, settlement, etc. System adjustment, may get three months, the relevant policies are mainly to give the payment institution adjustment system and the buffer time of small traders to apply for merchants.

The relevant person in charge of the Central Bank also said that the reporter asked on October 13 that in order to ensure that the personal receipt barcode is effective, the business is smooth and transitioned, the "Notice" sets the transition period, requiring the payment of the service body to fully evaluate the customer's normal payment Demand, formulate supporting service solutions, do customer guidance and service work, ensure that service costs are not rising, quality does not fall.

Then the next question is that after the personal code is transferred to the merchant code, will the payment cost of small traders will rise?

How is the cost of small merchants?

In addition to the openness, the individual code is free, and it is free to have a free, until 2016, the two major pay giants WeChat and Alipay have announced the recovery fee. According to the current standard, in addition to a certain free withdrawal amount, the two cash available service charges are 0.1%.

The payment service fee of the merchant code is based on WeChat. Its small micro commercial courage rate of 0.38% continues until the end of this year, the official pricing of non-small commercial households is 0.6%.

Even in a more favorable 0.38%, after the personal code of the small traders, it may also pay more 0.28 percentage expenses.

In the Xinhua News Agency report, November 27, the relevant person is referred to that "the collection service agency is obliged to provide commercial collection code for merchants for free, and merchants only need to provide the necessary identity verification information."

As mentioned above, the payment agency provides commercial collection code is to increase its service added value, and the payment business income of the agency. If you implement "free", commercial sustainability or will be tested.

The above approach supervisors said, "there will be this problem", but there is no solution that can be disclosed.

The breakfast owner at the beginning of this article said that the reporter said that the personal receipt of the WeChat and Alipay's personal receipt fee is 0.1%, but the usual WeChat and Alipay's collection has points. If there is any discount, you will use points to exchange deduction. This is basically no cash withdrawal costs. The owner said that the news recently noted that WeChat, Alipay personal collection code, if it approaches the handling fee, you will use the form of digital renminbi to collect money.

In terms of fees, the digital RMB that is currently promoted during the pilot promotion is still very competitive. According to the reporter, when the entity merchant operator in the current line can download the digital RMB wallet when participating in the digital RMB pilot, not only the zero rate, but also arrive in real time, the money received in the digital RMB wallet Can be used as direct use, if the bank account is redeemed, there is no fees.

However, in terms of transfer limit, the digital RMB wallet has set different limits according to the strength of the real name. In the weak real name wallet, single, average average, and accumulated payment limit are generally lower than WeChat, Alipay.

Safety and convenience have always been balanced wood games for banks and non-silver institutions, and the number of digital RMBs in the future will have a stronger scene adaptability.With more and more banking parts of the access digital RMB, all banks promote digital RMB in their business coverage, from this perspective, small merchants have a greater choice for payment tools.space.Conduct headlines | Suggestion 20 years: The system is not over the market, investors are dissatisfied with "vases", there is a bitter

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