Apply 34 patents!Shenzhen Book fair mobile public toilet contains big technology!

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Apply 34 patents!Shenzhen Book fair mobile public toilet contains big technology!

2021-11-28 12:10:19 44 ℃

Recently, Shenzhen Book Exhibition was held in the center of Book City Square. There are several simple and beautiful box-shaped architects in the square, and the reporter approaches a public toilet. Many citizens have a toilet, and they praise the public toilet. On the 27th, the reporter's site exploration learned that the small public toilets were present, and they were an epidemic prevention intelligent environmentally friendly mobile public toilet. The academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering led the team to independently design and develop, public toilets have applied for 34 patents, including 12 invention patents.

Mobile public toilets are equipped with a maternal and child room and toilet between the households. Shenzhen Special Zone reporter Mo Rongbao Sun Di

Mobile public toilets are more comfortable

On the afternoon of the 27th, the reporter saw 5 mobile public toilets in the central book city square. Every public toilet is clear, there is room toilet, maternal and child room, when someone in the toilet is used, the door will be Light red light. Entering the interior of the toilet, less than 2 square meters of space, including air conditioning, handwriting station, disposable toilet bed, washing hand, dryer, paper towel, hook, trash can, etc., some facilities are inductive, no need Contact with your hand.

The maternal and child indoor facilities are more rich, free diapers, and diaper tables are equipped with automatic exhaust devices, eliminating odors. There are also hidden toilets, baby seats, big seats, hot and cold water, charging sockets, and bottles, drying, etc., nearly 4 square meters of space can accommodate three children.

The public toilet has a lighting device, and there is no need to worry about lighting at night. Although the toilet is set on the square, but the toilet has no odor, clean, and a cleaning staff often cleaning.

Mobile public toilets are a small one and earth, appearance, internal facilities, and environmental hygienes make people refresh, bring comfortably to the public. "Specially designed, very advanced, it is very small, but very delicate, there is something, health is also very clean, I am more willing to go to the toilet in the public toilet." Ms. Shen with children Since the toilet is called. Mr. Zhang, who came to visit the book fair, also felt good to the public toilet, he said, "There is a sense of technology, set such a public toilet in the local area, it is indeed a lot."

Small public toilets contain big technology deodorant and disinfection

It is reported that the public toilets on the central book city square are the mobile public toilets set by the Shenzhen Book fair. When the traffic is large, people can better and toilet. Recently, the highest use of public toilets reached 250 a day. The birth of such a small and exquisite mobile public toilet contains full scientific and technological content, solves the odor of mobile toilets, insufficient flushes, feces, and short-term epidemic prevention measures.

The reporter learned that the public toilet was designed and developed by the Meng Jianmin, the subsidiary of Shenzhen Building Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., is designed and developed by the subsidiary of Shenzhen Micro Space Building Technology Co., Ltd., and the company has the first health space industrialization engineering technology research center in China.

"There is a nanomiggical disinfection device in each public toilet, which can set the frequency of disinfection." Zhou Su Jun, deputy general manager of the company, said that the epidemic prevention device is an important element of the public toilet, and people care about the toilet deodorizing device is a present invention. . The conventional deodorization is a cycle deodorization, and the deodorization of this public toilet is passed by deodorization, and the odor gas is treated by deodorizing modules, and the gas discharged is clean and fresh. Zhou Su Jun said, "Public toilet deodorization module is Bun's neighborhood to draw sketch design."

In addition to disinfecting deodorization, public toilets also make public toilets lower carbon environmental protection and intelligence through integrated storage, energy saving, harmless treatment, resource treatment. It is reported that in general, the flush toilet and washing should be used 5-6 liters of water. The public toilet uses water-saving technology, so that the flushing and washing is only less than 2 liters of water, and the water-saving rate is more than 70%.

The only designated toilet product in the Winter Olympics Awards Square

Break through a number of technical problems, with high-efficiency epidemic prevention, odorless taste, no need to access the municipal management network, with low-carbon environmental protection, etc. , Nucleic acid detection points, greenways, water source protection areas, parks, etc. also have 200 units. Shanghai, Tianjin, Dongguan and other places have also been stationed, but also the only designated toilet product in the 20022 Beijing Winter Olympics, will invest more than 100 units.

Why do little toilets affect the hearts of the academicians? Zhou Shujun revealed that this series of public toilets are Shenzhen by the public toilets designed by the academician team. In the event of the meeting, the goal is often seen, some of the toilets have a lot of people, some toilets are very good, bringing people to people, in the country In the context of carrying out the toilet revolution, Mrs. Meng put the eyes of the study to people's livelihood and infrastructure. "The area of ​​the toilet is small, but involves water, electricity, gas, epidemic prevention system, etc., the design is very difficult, can do good to the toilet, and other spaces are simple." Zhou Su Jun sighed.