Everything can be "Yuan Universe" must be a pseudo-proposition?

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Everything can be "Yuan Universe" must be a pseudo-proposition?

2021-11-28 12:11:14 44 ℃

Text / DONEWS columnist

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The Yuancai is very hot, and many technological giants have been introduced. Facebook is directly changed to "Meta", indicating that the next stage is to enter the Yuan universe, move the realline scene to "Yuancos" Let people experience a true virtual world, just than the game that everyone is playing in the "number player". That is a new new world, and it is no longer a fantasy in the world, so people are called Yuan Universe.

Of course, now everyone has no clear conceptual identification for the Yuancos, all parties are also mixed. Some people say this is a great technological innovation, and some people say that this is a pure concept, it is difficult to put into practice, so it is a scam. However, technology innovation is the driving force for modern society. It is not currently not realized. Only everyone is willing to invest in it, can be successful. From the current perspective, it is unrealistic. So, is the "Yuancosian" is a directive question?

Why is the Yuan Cosmic Concept? How is it fired?

With the continuous upgrade of the underlying technology of 5G, VR technology, block chain, intelligent AI, big data analysis, plus the impact of the global epidemic in these two years, people began to rethink the impact of the game for the real world, and Similar to the virtual world described in the "Lost Player" broke the limitations of existing routine games, in addition to the boiling, the universe of the industry is sprouting. In the Yuan Universe, you can complete all bioactics other than eating sleep, bringing the ultimate visual and auditory, tactile experience, in many areas such as social, office, conferences, entertainment, etc., can have a wide range of applications.

Of course, this is just part of it, according to Zuckerberg's envision, in the future, the virtual person, the robot can communicate at the same time, and he will use the extended reality technology to provide users with an immersive experience.

The concept of Yuancai is not suddenly fire. As early as the famous science fiction "avalanche" written by the famous Science fiction novels of the United States in 1992, the concept of "avalanche" has proposed a concept of Yuancos, which depicts a parallel The virtual real world of the real world, everyone has their own roles, Liu Cixin's sci-fi's "three-body", the spirit of the three-body is separated from the flesh and the Yuan Cosm, which is a more complete interpretation.

Plus the development of VR technology and graphic image simulation technology in the past two years, further promoted everyone's understanding of the Yuancos. At this time, the world's largest social platform Facebook is renamed "Meta", which is the first four letters of the English name of the Yuan Cosmic, pushes the attention of the Yuan Coso to the peak.

Is the Yuan universe not a pseudo-proposition?

In addition to Facebook, many Internet giants are in the middle of the universe. At the GTC 2021 technology conference held in a few months, Ying Weida released a video presentation of Huang Renxun, including 3D simulation virtual platform technology to speaking a virtual person to speaking, but everyone I didn't find different from my head. Although the video spent for a long time and used a number of new technologies, it allows people to see that the current technology can almost let the virtual person reach the fake real level. If you don't carefully check it, it is difficult to find the differences. And this also means that the Yuan Universe is not technically not implemented.

In March 202, the game platform Roblox wrote Yuancai to the company's prospectus and successfully landed in the New House; before, Huawei released a "river map" app based on virtual integration technology, Tencent investment Yuan Cosmic concept with olumbile Ultraleap, intermittent tactile technology, byte beat investment, code, Qiankun, NetEase is a high-profile strategy to investigate "Virtual Man" Ecological Company "Senior Culture" and other industrial platform enterprises. The giant technology company has frequently layout the Yuan Universe, which has long shown in the attitude of industry companies.

Although the current metamorosis related products are more conceptual, with the development of technology, we have reason to believe that more and more new technology companies will appear, which is the operation of the Yuancai, enhancing the operation of the industry. Sex and practicality. After the completion of the underlying technology, the advanced analysis of the big data and cloud computing and the combination of operations, the metacular cosmic trend is mature may be just a problem.

Beware of Yuancosian traps

At present, the Yuan Universe is still in the sprouting stage, and many technologies are also in primary levels and are not mature. So the Yuanyuan universe that is only can only be conceptual. It is also because of this, there are a lot of Yuancai scams to continue to emerge, similar to the training course related to Yuancai, the pseudo-investment project that borrows the name of the universe and the various cottage virtual currencies, mostly to cut the leek Many things are still the existing big data, artificial intelligence technology, and have not effectively landed in the essential level. The members who are being deceived join are also discussing how to speculate virtual coins, how to speculate make money, etc., these are not true Yuan Cosmo project products.

Therefore, it is especially important to guard against Yuancai scam in Yuancai related products and technologies.To discover the business opportunities, you must first understand it correctly, know what it is, then learn to understand the cosmic scam, can guarantee that you will not be taken by others.Everything can be "Yuan Universe" this is not a scam, but everyone is a lack of understanding of emerging things. As long as the real Yuan cosmic product is landing, everyone has a more profound understanding, this statement is to be established, it alsoWill not be a directive.

"Innovation Borderless" is our slogan, we are not limited to tracking and exploration of the Internet industry, but also to the unknown direction to the unknown direction.Therefore, "Building a new road benchmark, interpret business," is one of the directions we adhere to.