Bone passage headset - healthier, safer headphones

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Bone passage headset - healthier, safer headphones

2021-11-28 18:03:16 49 ℃

The update replacement of these years of digital products is especially fast. We have more and more healthy when we pursue experiences. Today is a bone conduction headset. The bone pass-by-headset is safer than the traditional headset, because the sound is transmitted, so that it is completely not hurt, which is difficult to do in traditional headphones. This NANK Runner CC2 is a bone conductor headset, and has a good value and comfort, and the price is very good.

The material used by the NANK Runner CC2 is very light, the headset is only 28g, which is very lightweight for hanging headphones, and it also uses skin-friendly silicone design, comfortable, soft, long worn, no longer It will feel pain. The NANK Runner CC2 has a tangent, which is durable, and can adjust its shape at will, wear more stable.

For headphones, I personally prefer to have more operations, this NANK Runner CC2 can complete the song, adjust the volume, voice assistant, etc., which is very convenient, because you can do it directly on the headset. Some operations, so you don't have to smash your phone.

On the protection, NANK Runner CC2 is a magnetic charging design with a structurally closed design. This enclosed design can improve its dust-proof and waterproof performance, because there is no gap, it is also very convenient, and it can effectively prevent leakage sound. Powerful protective performance makes it more applicable.

In addition, it also equipped with call noise reduction technology and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the connection is stable, and the call is also clear. Built-in 150mAh battery, which has 6 hours of battery life, which is extremely good for this small volume of headphones. This price is very worthwhile to have so many functional configurations.