Paying scan code new rules land in March next year!The business code rate is 6 times the code, what should I do if the road edge booth?

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Paying scan code new rules land in March next year!The business code rate is 6 times the code, what should I do if the road edge booth?

2021-11-28 18:02:13 31 ℃

Recently, "From March 1 next year, WeChat, Alipay personal collection code cannot be used for business collection" rushing on hot search, brushing screens in major social platform. The "Daily Economic News" reporter learned that this news is derived from the new notice of the central bank's recent barcode payment supervision.

On October 13 this year, the central bank official website released the Notice of China People's Bank on Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminal and Related Business Management (Silver Hair [2021] No. 259) "(hereinafter referred to as" Notice "), paying the acceptance terminal business Administration, special merchant management, acquisition business monitoring and other aspects provide specific requirements and will be implemented on March 1, 2022.

It is worth noting that bar code payments in daily frequencies are also included in the supervision. For recent personal reception bar, "Notice" makes specific regulations for its use specifications, mainly focusing on the formation of collation barcode classification management system, prohibiting personal static receiving barcodes are used for remote non-facing receivables, Do not conduct business activities related receiving services by personal receiving barcodes.

Does this mean that we are habging to often use the WeChat or Alipay collection code? WeChat, the two giants of Alipay have been hit? What is the difference between the merchant collection code and the personal collection code? What is the impact of this new regulation will bring about the payment industry, small micro commercial households and consumers?

Can a personal collection code?

Just can no longer be used for business scenes

It can be seen that the central bank has made specific regulations in the above-mentioned "Notice" to make specific regulations, mainly, as follows:

First, the personal receipt barcode user with obvious business characteristics refers to the special merchant management, requiring the merchant receiving barcode for such personal users, enhances the quality of the listing services to individual operators.

Second, the personal static payment bar code is required to prohibit the use of remote non-face collection, which is necessary to implement white list management to prevent personal static receiving barcodes from being sold, rent, borrowed to build gambling activities Online recharge channel.

The third is to refer to the implementation of personal static receiving barcode to perform personal static receiving barcode through screen capture, download, etc. to prevent criminals from using personal dynamic receiving barcode to avoid policies.

The fourth is to prudently determine the personal static receiving bar code white list access conditions and scale, the validity period of the personal static receiving bar code, the number of uses and transaction limits, preventing the risk of whitelist abuse.

"This doesn't mean that the personal collection code can not be used, but it is not available for business scenes." The person in charge of a payment company expressed the "Daily Economic News" reporter. He also mentioned that supervision is not "completely card death" for remote non-face collection barcodes to limit personal static receiving barcodes, and special circumstances can apply for white list.

In fact, "Notice" proposes the requirements of the above four aspects for personal collection code because there are some risk hazards in personal receiving barcodes. For example, some institutions use a personal receivable barcode transfer service to handle a large number of production and operation, living consumption transactions, which have both confused transaction nature, leading to trading information distortion, affecting risk monitoring effect, and is not conducive to the service activities for business activities Can increase value. There are also some criminals to use the "running score platform" to attract a large number of people to use the personal static receiving bar code and the gambler "point-to-point" online remote transfer gambling, and the gambling is hidden in many normal trading scenes. The normal order of the barcode payment business is influenced, affecting the effectiveness of the retrospective mechanism involved in the gambling "capital chain.

Yi Guan Senior analyst Su Wei received the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that the management specification related to personal collection code is both conducive to the collection of personal collections and merchants, and also prevent personal collection. The code is caught in the "drilling empty" that can make up for the presence of the short board, and finally lays excellent foundations for promoting the health of payment, orderly development.

The person in charge of the central bank's relevant departments, in order to ensure that the personal reception bar code requirements are effective in landing, the business is smooth and transitioned, "Notice" sets the transition period, requiring payment service subject, fully assessing the customer's normal payment, and formulates a supporting service solution. Do your customer guidance and service, ensure that the cost of service is not rising, the quality is not reduced.

What is the difference between the two collection?

Commercial code rate is relatively higher, personal code or quota

It is worth mentioning that the "Notice" has been described on the collection barcode management. For the payee of individual or special merchants, the payer is used to read and launched the payment bar code, bar code payment collection The service institution should formulate the collection barcode classification management system, effectively distinguish between the scenes and uses of personal and special merchants to use the collection bar code, and prevent the collection barcode is leased, borrowed, sells or used for illegal violations. .

The person in charge of the above payment company explained that every reporter said: "In the future, a situation is a small avatar in the middle of our sweep, this general is the personal collection of Alipay or WeChat. Code, in the usual transfer can improve the user experience. The other case is that there is no avatar in the middle of the sweep code, then this code is a merchant entry. "

There is a market analysis pointed out that distinguishing between personal code and merchant code, currently based on new regulations, this responsibility is mainly subject to WeChat payment, Alipay and cloud flash payment, and is expected to be a series of rules such as receiving frequency, amount. During the way, it is a unified set of rules, or the self-contained distinction is still observed. "Personal code and merchant code are certainly different at the rate." Senior people in an industry said that the spending fee (understandable for the handling fee) ratio is much higher than the personal code.

He further explained that the personal code only charges a billment fee while cashing the bank card, and the collection standard is generally 0.1%. The merchant code is generally relatively high, such as WeChat's merchant code is generally 0.6%, and a small number of business accounts may have exceptions. Third-party aggregation payments are lower than the WeChat, but it is also about 0.4% ⁓ 0.5%. In general, no matter which kind of business code, the rate is higher than the code.

In Tencent customer service official website, each reporter discovered that it is introduced to the current WeChat payment merchant species, rate, and settlement cycle. Content shows that the ratings of each merchants have generally 0.60%, but there is also an exception. All the levels of all secondary industries under the network media / computer service / game category are 1.00%, which is higher than those of other industries. In addition, the secondary industry logistics / express, private small young, refueling rate is 0.30%, public utilities (water, electricity, gas, heating), credit repayment rate is 0.20%, the rate of traffic fines is 0.10%, private universities and colleges, registration platforms are 0.00%.

In addition, after the new rules, the personal code will have a limit. The person in charge of the payment company said that the current is not too much, such as Alipay, can still be a large amount of transfer. But subsequent third-party payment agencies may limit their code to prevent it from being applied to certain discrete scenarios.

What is the impact on the payment industry?

Two giants still have resource advantages

There is a data display. At present, the online scanning code payment market contains the three major categories of merchant code, personal code, and third-party aggregation, and the scan code payment market is about 40-53 trillion yuan, of which aggregation payment is about 15 trillion yuan.

For this new rule, a major focus of the market is whether this means Alipay, the market share of WeChat will be hit? And whether the rest of the subscriber will usher in development opportunities?

Image Source: Tibet - 500670681

It is understood that the current personal code is roughly two ways, one for Alipay and WeChat guidance merchants converted by personal code into a merchant code; the second is to transfer the existing receiving code to the aggregate payment provided by the subscriber Way.

"For other payment agencies, I don't think so obvious." The person in charge of the above payment agency said that the reporter said, in addition to Alipay and WeChat, other payment agencies generally do not do this, because of the code Only the wallet has a lot of money, most institutions are all transactions. On the other hand, how Alipay and WeChat will guide their existing users according to the regulations and need to turn their code into a merchant code, which is also to be observed. "The two giants may use some preferential ways to promote this transformation, such as subsidizing handling, etc., they have such resource advantages."

The person further added: "It is not to say that due to the transformation of the collection code, Alipay and WeChat will let the market, then other subscribers are divided, not the same. In addition, the rest is doing this When the business is working with Alipay, the information about WeChat will also be different, such as the form of a merchant code, many institutions are doing aggregation code - a code card can be compatible with various institutional cards, in personal code cannot be used for business activities , there may be a merchant to choose the polymeric code for more convenient, this will bring some market opportunities to Alipay and WeChat. Of course, there are still many factors that are considered, such as rates, etc. "

In addition, Bo Tong analyzes the senior analyst of the Financial Industry, said the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that the compliance tasks of the subscriber institution will increase, but the personal operator is incorporated into the management of merchants, and the number of merchants is actually added. From the long run Look, the rights and interests of merchants will be effective in the development of the overall industry.

"From the industry's overall development, how to find balance in high-speed development and wind control has always been a topic worth exploring. In the early stage of the industry, consider the factors such as Pu Hui, let the market have a certain free development period is a good The choice, but when the market is large enough, it should improve the importance of compliance. For the stipulations of the stipulations. "Wang Pengbo said.

What is the impact on merchants?

Helifted the safety of small micro commercial households

In addition to paying the industry, what is the impact of consumers and small micro commercial households?

The relevant person in charge of the central bank said that the "Notice" generally helps to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and help the lawless elements through the transformation of the acceptance terminal, apply for a false merchandise and other means to steal personal information, and even steal account funds; At the same time, it is conducive to the promotion of the quality of service such as banks, payment agencies, transaction information inquiry, and fully guarantee consumers to know, reduce relevant disputes and complaints. In the long run, the "Notice" on standardizing individual collection codes will further enhance the quality of orders for personal operators and small micro commercial households. Not only that, but for personal collection code users with obvious business activities , the "Notice" requires the subscriber to participate in the management of special merchants. Will this affect the number of "street hawkers" in the number, the wide range is wide?

The central bank said that after the personal operator and the small micro commercial households cooperate with the subscriber to complete the merchant networking program, the subscriber should provide payment services in accordance with the merchant service standard, establish the related relationship between the information of the merchant and acquiring settlement account, which is there. It helps from the source to prevent outsourcing agencies to misappropriate funds, large merchants "two clear" and other risks, which helps to better protect personal operators and small micro commercial household fund safety and service experience.

"In the case of small and medium-sized merchants, I actually make up for vulnerabilities in the direction of misappropriation of funds, two clear and hopping code, which helps to better protect personal operators and small micro commercial households. On the other hand, The payment has been implemented, and the business cost of online merchants has been decreasing, and the actual impact on personal operators will not affect. "Wang Pengbo said.

Su Wei believes that "street hawkers" is only a specific type of commodity sellers, and the identification of barcode type is not covered by the store's business form, but is mainly concerned about whether the transaction frequency is operational. As long as there is a business character, you need to specify in accordance with the document.

"Is it a business event , such as making an pancakestone, put the payment code next to the payment, such business activities can not use personal collection code to pay. Similar Business activities with frequent trading characteristics need to apply for a merchant code for payment agencies such as Alipay, WeChat, and use the business code to collect money. "The person in charge of the above payment company also said.

From the personal code, it is gradually transformed into a merchant code, how is the small business acceptance?

Senior people in the above-mentioned industry have admitted to the reporter that the merchant code access to the Nets, UnionPay, and the merchants have been replaced by the merchant code, although more dealt of regulatory agencies to combat illegal crimes, there is a certain difficulty.

The person in charge of the payment company mentioned above also said: "Although the fee is implemented, no matter what, the cost of the merchant code is higher than the personal code, and the small micro merchant itself is sensitive to the price, so they are temporarily unwilling to change the code. It is not surprising. "

How does the merchant code apply?

Can be operated, small micro commercial users do not need a business license

The merchant approves the merchant code and is not difficult. The person in charge of the above payment told reporters that on the current perspective, ordinary merchants apply for merchants to pay strips, follow the central bank's relevant rules, and handle the certificate of business licenses.

As for "street hawkers" without business licenses, the application process has a difference. He said to the reporter that the "Notice" specially mentioned the management requirements of "special merchants", and "special merchants" is mainly for small vendors without business licenses, such operators need according to third-party payment institutions, Provide relevant certificates, such as on-site photography, and more. He also added that different third-party payment agencies may have a certain difference in the review of certified materials.

In order to further clarify the process of applying for the user code, the reporter entered the WeChat to pay the official website to "Experience" application process.

The official website shows that WeChat collection commercial version is a self-help, free development, WeChat payment payment, business products. WeChat Collection Commercial Edition provides small and medium-sized merchants with convenient and rich collection of business digital solutions.

The page also shows that the commercial version has "free development and use WeChat payment" "distinguished store management" "support credit card collection" "automatic cash ones" "quick access hardware device" and other features, and support "Business Report" scanning code "Sweeping code" "Collection Audio" and other functions.

For the current operation process, the reporter enters the self-service application page via the mobile phone scan code, the page displays "Activities rate 0.6%" "Fund T + 1 to the account", etc. Open instructions. Enter the registration interface of the merchant, you can find that the WeChat collection code is open to five subject types, which are corporate, party politicians, institutions, institutions, individual industrial and commercial households, other organizations (such as social groups, private non-enterprises, funds) Will) and small micro merchants, the objects that need to be prepared in the application are also distinguished.

In the introduction of the main type, it can be found that "small micro merchants" refers to entities that are free from hand-registered and non-business licenses based on laws, regulations and relevant regulatory requirements. When the small micro commercial household is applying for a merchant code, the application material only needs to provide auxiliary proof material and person in charge of the ID card.

What is the specific referring to "auxiliary proof material"?Tencent customer service reply, the merchant with the store needs doorhead photos and store in the store. If it is a mobile business, such as the farm planting the sales of fruit seedlings, it is necessary to provide photos of stalls or farm sales.The person in charge of the above payment company also told reporters that assisted proof materials generally refer to materials such as booth business photos, mainly to prove whether merchants are really doing business.

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