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E-commerce operation hidden rules?Why is your store difficult to break through A +

2021-11-30 06:05:01 28 ℃

Hello everyone, I am a teacher Bao, suddenly burst on the article, plus a lot of small partners to communicate with me, left me a lot of questions?

The biggest problem is difficult to do business this year, far less than last year, the year before? Pay also opened, details done, the money has been spent, the performance of the chain is not growing, but also a slight decline? Part of the anxiety of small partners have explored the trend next year with me?

Trader shop concept: do not always think sleight of hand tricks, good ecological threshold required! Also met for a possible asset-light industry, seize the time to carry out, such opportunities can not be met. The best way to learn is to reduce their operating costs, the first thing most small businesses think about is, not investment, high return. This market is difficult to have such projects and products. I hope more small partners to communicate with me your business model and views?

one. Business pain points?

1.1 shop wanted to know what to do next.

This year should be the boss are more anxious, starting a chain reaction with a decline in performance, performance change, management changes, personnel changes, seeking business breakthroughs items, exchanges and discussions around? This seems to be where the confusion and anxiety, to appease his heart ------- least I think of a way?

Explanatory Note ripple metaphor corresponding changes related things happen. Chain: like a chain-like inter-related. In a dynamic system, small changes in initial conditions can bring huge long-term butterfly effect throughout the system.

1.2 for information on recent industry

First of all start to look the best shopping district Recently what happened?

l "involution" two popular words

l "antitrust" the words, popular

l Community electricity suppliers buy flame was extinguished, according to a big hand

l medical liquor industry last year's big white horse, waved his hand

l live electricity supplier network-related Red was sent off by a big hand

What are the effects of microscopic 1.3 will be?

For our little friends Jingdong, what impact will it? First I generally do not feel the money, in fact, not do not make money, make money as fast as before? Many students find that traffic is running out, and now more consumer choice of channels, unlike the previous, limited to so few. Coupled with lower down the epidemic, the original foreign trade enterprises, the line (especially wine industry), has quietly become your peers, accelerated within the volume.

two. What will be the butterfly effect under rule changes

2.1 electricity supplier in the potential of the butterfly effect

In the other side of the Earth moved his butterfly wings, can affect the other side of the Earth's ecology, we called the butterfly effect. The same rules to every small change, a big change in the overall macro and volatility can affect the performance of the store.

2018 forward, many businesses rely on search eat the first wave of dividend

After 2019, more and more attention is paid to promote, but not to pay business flow tight feeling

In 2020, under the epidemic, there has been unilateral effects. Medical, consumer related industries outbreak of a wave of small partners.

2021, you will find a small partner, the same old three knives, paid search, warehousing as effective as before obvious.

The more investment, found that the lower profit margins. End immediately prepare financial statements and saw the cool heart.

Behind every rule changes, the test is the ability to understand information for the students, for the future trend of judgment. A little old world experience of electricity providers, understand, do not make predictions, depending on short-term and long-term trends. You can always see some people seem very busy, but earn very much. Trends come, unstoppable.

2.2 less to make decisions, to look at trends

And several recent exchange Jingdong guy in the business, we see some clues. For example during the big promotion, the whole rhythm of the date, type of activity, there is little knowledge of the operation. After there is a business in the first half in the layout of winter products, protection products, in recent days has burst to the front of the list, and also does not have much action, is the basis of the well, and the layout of some stations outside the station content, paid to promote a single volume has burst into 200 single day, are now busy warehousing. This is why the teacher said, on trend, you do not need to be so busy.

2.3 Why Jingdong opened a shop will not do?

Most small businesses partner shop in mind, in fact, is to see the surrounding relatives or friends, earn money doing this, and so you do it, the trend is absent, there is no formation of trade barriers, we must think good. Any industry that is behind all twenty-eight law. Unless there are major changes the rules, or body mass market can not be released, many businesses would be very difficult to break.

2.4 Why is difficult to upgrade your shop?

Long follow-up research, let me know, in order to search for the core categories, the absence of the recommended content with blessing port business case if you want to break through. There are so many situations:

"Supply chain whether they have the advantage

"Part of the business category of the head may be a small partner drink tea

"Profit unable to support (master blows, or fight response, or hard power)

"I do not have the team management

"This product ceiling

2.5 Why do some businesses will lie flat?

Many small partners who have lost their losses here will "lie flat", this "lying" is not "lying", I am in B + and A, I have a good activity, anyway, I also Can't reach this goal. I want to break my head, I finally want to have a way, low-key acting, and I will open a few stores, do B + position, look similar, profit can earn, I will not rush. It may be realistic, but in fact, everyone will fall into 'volume', the inner volume is not smooth in our child's education, maybe we have the side, everyone will look at it, will find it. 2. See the post trend of Jingdong operations in Jingdong

In the future, the requirements of operation will become higher and higher, and the traffic is now getting more and more scattered, is a good thing or a bad thing. In fact, this answer is not standard. Seeing the problem of the problem, the resulting answer is different. For merchants who have done a lot, there is no change in rules. For new merchants who have just entered the bureau, the rules change, the changes in trends are good things, and the laws of history are always the same, and behind every change, they will Birth of some new products, new ideas play to our market, the water does not move, it is not a good thing for the long-term development of the industry.

2.2 What are the ability to operate in Jingdong in the future?

The above may be more macro. For some small partners, it may be more difficult to understand, simply, the future, you don't light, you will have the layout of traffic in the station (in the station express train, seaot, booth and other tools), you still have to understand How to drain into the station (shake, fast hand, public number), how to translate the real-time traffic into its own private domain traffic, how to optimize products and services according to people.

three. The so-called expansion is better to adhere to the Bank

The old man will always say a sentence: "Standing, standing"!

In other words, what does this sentence mean? This year, it is very good, that is good, I don't want to say, listen so much, it is better to put things on my hands, people always, I feel that the cross is easy, I can see it. The so-called direction of the right, I don't know if I don't leave a god, the leeks of the adult home layout.

Many small partners don't know, how many people envy your current situation, have their own stores to struggle, no time limit, completely what you do? Many freshmen who have just graduated, there is no small partner in the home, I want to have a home online store is really difficult.

Tough is difficult, please see it!

Four. Summarize

Finally, summarize! The full text content, there is no specific method tells you why classmates are difficult to rush to A +, but actually

The answer to the question has been implanted, this problem has no absolute standard answer. What angle in seeing students stand?

I am Abao teacher, I have been thinking that the direction of future operation is the expansion of all channels. If it is only limited to one sector, it is easy to cause the store's ceiling. If you say you, you can add my knowledge.

Contact information, exchange.