How long is the RHCA test time?

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How long is the RHCA test time?

2021-11-30 12:10:53 37 ℃

How long is the RHCA test time? RHCA is a high red hat certification, and the exam is still very rare, which leads to its test time. Test time for each course is 4 hours. Only because RHCA contains 5 courses, 5 courses correspond to Top 10 exams, candidates need to choose and pass five doors to get RHCA certificates. The arrangement of the exam is taken every day, so it takes five days. Each course is 300 points. Each grade is greater than or equal to 210 points.

Different than RHCE multi-knowledge, RHCA exams are part of a part of a separate test, such as virtualization, what is the cluster, seems to be less than, but in fact, if there is a part in the test process Then, then the back will continue. So the RHCA's exam requires nothing wrong with the test process, once the error is basically examined.

This is of course because RHCA has a high level of gold! RHCA is the latest top-level certification launched after the Red Hat, Red Hat Certification Technician (RHCT) and Red Hat Certification Engineer (RHCE) certification. Focus on the corporate data center, clouds and application platforms, dedicated to verifying technicians for the professionalism and proficiency of the Renovation of Red Hat related field solutions. The most important thing is that these courses make professional and technical personnel, they can build their own red cap leading Experts from open source software solutions.

Today, my country's Linux market has grown at average of 43.1% of the compound growth rate, and in 2017, the Linux market exceeds 200 million, with more than 1.2 million talents. As a top-level certification, RHCA is not only widely recognized at home and abroad, but also a RHCA certificate that is rare and high in China, which is easy to pay for the winner.

Also because RHCA is practical test, learn to maximize the professional and proficiency of technicians to rewind the roll-related field solutions, so I get RHCA's Red Hat experts than the network workers who hold other certificates. Get HR recognition, get higher salary and treatment!

Of course, because of the whole journey, the test time is naturally more long than other certifications, but only one day, the candidates will not pay!