Sony mobile phone, Nirvana rebirth?

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Sony mobile phone, Nirvana rebirth?

2021-11-30 12:10:20 28 ℃

Equipped with "1 inch sensor" Sony Xperia Pro-i release, mobile phone main camera function is the largest head.

The camera has three focus, 24 mm wide-angle lens uses the sensor used by the advanced pocket digital camera, and the effective pixel is 12.2 million. The video shooting function of the new mobile phone has improved, Sony first equipped with auto-focused objects on mobile phones.

The release of the new machine can make the Sony mobile phone reunite, especially known. After all, Sony Ericsson's golden era has ended, only 2.4 million units in 2019, only 1/10 of 2010 sales, until it is growing in 2020, to this year's second quarter sales display, electronic products and solutions business sales The income rose 9% year-on-year to 581.9 billion yen.

After acquiring Sony Ericsson, I didn't save Sony Ericsson. The system is still the original Android. The non-comprehensive screen has long been outdated. This makes many users who come to "Sony Dafa", but in various brands of mobile phones are fighting The era of development, the Sony mobile phone that maintains the primary state has become Others.

As suppliers of mobile phone camera chips such as Apple, Vivo, Sony mobile phone has a unique core advantage. This should be a leader in the camera, why will it be so bleak?

Sony Dafa failed in the field of mobile phone?

Motorola Dynatac8000x opened the beginning of the wireless communication device, traced back in 1983, "Big Brother" entered the Volkswagen's vision, heavy two pounds, and half an hour, up to $ 3995. Subsequently, the first GMS mobile phone Ericsson GH377 entered the country, with Nokia, Motorola became the head brand of mobile phones, and Liu Dehua's endorsement is to let Ericsson know that the city share of mobile phones in the world is in the third place.

However, the marketing strategy mistakes cause huge losses, so that Sony sees opportunities. In 2001, Sony Ericsson was founded with Ericsson joint venture, and the two companies were strongly united, and they began to explore the star sea. With the support of Sony video technology, the first music phone W800 is launched, and the Sony Ericsson mobile phone with "Walkman" logo has become a generation of people.

After entering the smartphone era, the brand of Samsung, Apple and other brands are struck. The rapid development of the rear waves, the status of the old brand is in jeopardy, Motorola, Sony Ericsson has fallen, although the foundation is relatively stable, but the traditional thinking can only be fly.

Sony Ericsson and Nokia and other PSION companies jointly funded PSION, the research and development competition system made a head brand missed the best time, using the Android system Samsung, LG, etc., Sononikia occupied the price advantage The first place, but Sony Ericsson is not so lucky, barely saves the top five positions, only 540 million units.

Sony Ericsson's market share gradually decreases, in addition to the reasons for the Saipan system to exit the market, the marketing strategy of Sony Ericsson also has a relationship, and less cooperation with the offline retailer, the promotion is not enough, so that Sony Ericsson is not as well as the well-known Nokia, and finally The ushered is Sony acquired 50% of the remaining shares of Ericsson, and I used the first three Ericsson mobile phone to finally quit the historical stage.

In the past ten years, the other retail business of the Sony Group has flourished, and Sony mobile phones have gradually become edge products. In the competition of Apple, Samsung and VO, Sony's special is not to pay by consumers, causing final Fall out of the list of purchases, becomes Others.

In the era of increasingly paying attention to the screen and system, Sony mobile phone still does not follow the trend to make a full screen, the system is still the initial version of Android, the price is also very expensive, the price is the same, Apple has become a king, Sony is still. Until 2020, the situation in all the way was improved, but it was not the head of Sony, and did not join the market.

Solving and redemption of Sony mobile phone

Sony mobile phones have been quiet, and there seems to have a new action in the past two years. From the latest hot two mobile phones, the camera has become the focus of Sony mobile phone development. Of course, it has made a little change in the system and screen. It is clear to meet the country market, but in the current situation, Sony It is difficult for mobile phones to be able to divide the market, that is, the country's mobile phone market does not reserve Sony's position.

At the beginning of this year, Sony launched the professional image flagship Xperia PRO, priced at $ 2499 (about 16162 yuan), did not sell in China. As the camera external screen is promoted, some netizens give the evaluation, compared to other brand external screens, the price of 3,040,000, Xperia PRO is less than 20,000 pieces is very cheap. Obviously, for most consumers in China, this price cannot be accepted, it is impossible to win, consumers can't afford it.

However, the domestic market is one of the fields that Sony mobile phone can't give up. Sony Xperia Pro-I launched in the Xperia Pro cater to domestic users, pre-installed some of the Flyme adaptive application, the camera uses 1 "sensor, the screen The border is narrowed, but the price is still high.

In addition to their own changes in the country market, Sony also chooses to cooperate with domestic manufacturers, Meizu as a high-light, now the brand is not a good choice for Sony, in this part of this part, in the case of weakness, The classics who want to re-seek love is basically no hope. The first flagship model XPeria Pro-i after the Sony and Meizu officials, on the basis of maintaining the native Android, pre-installed some of the Flyme adaptation, and I don't know that it is a Meizu. Obviously, Sony mobile phone has made a lot of efforts in order to save the market, whether it is the improvement of the camera performance, or cooperation with Meizu Flyme, is the current situation in which the mobile phone business gradually decline.

It is embarrassed that the high-end camera chip has always been the exclusive Sony mobile phone, but the Sony mobile phone gradually disappears in the vision of the public? Sony's core technology has been favored by various manufacturers. Although each brand is trying homemade video chips, such as Xiaomi's image chip 澎湃 C1, Vivo's self-developed video chip S1, but all of the Sony chip R & D. Sony mobile phone has the advantage of most brands, but it is not to be in the development of users' other needs, is it really wanting to return to the peak of the smart machine?

In fact, it seems that Sony mobile phones are in catering to users' needs, but the new XPeria Pro-I is the advent of XPeria Pro-I, and the one-inch sensor loads the mobile phone camera function more like a test water, wants to re-squeeze into intelligence with camera technology. Mobile phone market.

The stone of the mountain, it is difficult to break the dilemma

The downturn of mobile phone does not give Sony to abandon the smartphone market, depend on Sony's business group, mobile phone is constantly exploring new directions, sticking to the original system and screen while actively exploring mobile phone camera technology, looking forward to Can re-occupy some mobile phone markets with camera chips.

This is actually not big for Sony mobile phones. The premise of comparability is that other parameters are extremely fascinating, and the mobile phone camera chips are highlighted, and consumers will not buy.

Sony Xperia Pro-I, in addition to re-entering the smartphone market, it can also be used as an external screen of a single-reverse camera. The audience group is the owner of the SLR camera, and the development of the camera has played aid.

Although Sony mobile phones have made a lot of efforts to cater to the domestic market, they have been realistic, and they seem to have increased in 2020, in fact, because of high-priced low sales, profit increases.

According to the 2020 financial report, the electronic business shows the starting profit, but its sales volume is only 2.9 million, and it is not as low as sales in 2019, and the reason for the profit is the decline in cost and the price of the price. In the 2021 Q2 earnings, the electronic product class is the most incremental quarterly revenue in the quarter, the price increase is only a time, but it is certainly not a long time.

For Sony Xperia Pro-I, the results of the professionals have been analyzed. Ordinary users who do not have photographic experience may not be able to use their professional image configuration for photography, users who use this phone must have a wealth of photography experience In order to achieve lightweight photography creation, or to complete some of the short-term shooting angles that are difficult to implement. This is true for users who choose other brands, and the camera is not Sony's winning magic.

Can you enter your smartphone market with a camera? Can you become a new way out as an external screen?

From Sony Classic Minolta A-Single Draf Sequence Products It can be seen from the official website that SLR cameras have been evolving to micro-single, microelectric transition, and nowadays are already mainstream. Sony Xperia PRO-i 6.7 inch, 4K HDR 10-bit (equivalent) OLED 120Hz high refresh rate, and built-in BRAVIA X1 mobile picture engine, enough to meet the camera's external screen requirements, but the audience group of the external screen Not big, this can only be one of the auxiliary functions of the phone.

Obviously, Sony mobile phone wants to re-acquire consumers, there is still a long way to go, want to re-enter the domestic market, can only rely on the improvement of the camera, combined with the needs of consumers, constantly improve the update is the most important. Other brands are chasing my high-speed development, and Sony phones require a chance.