Flowers 200 can experience two thousand miles of seabed, can VR can save the script?

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Flowers 200 can experience two thousand miles of seabed, can VR can save the script?

2021-11-30 12:09:32 29 ℃

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Have you played a VR script?

According to the statistics of the US group, as of the April this year, the domestic script killing the store is more than 45,000, and it is expected to reach 60,000 at the end of the year. At the same time, there is also a data show in the sky-eyed, as of September, this year, more than 5,000 scriptures have been added to the relevant enterprises this year. In the process of the barbaric growth of the script, many industry people sigh, the script killing shop is serious, and the player is increasing.

The market competition is fierce, and the scene killing shop is trying to play "differentiation", and the VR scrutiny is one of the big weapons.

The VR script kills, that is, the player wears a header (headset display device), experiences various script killing scenes, completes the search link. According to the employee, the VR script killing can solve the problem of scene reproduction, using technological means and content to enhance the immersion. For some real-scenes, the players can be difficult to have a sense of the player in the scenario in the cassette (unlimited script), can improve the experience with the help of VR technology.

In the case of the "Script Killing Space Geometry" report released in July this year, the immersive drama created by Ar, VR will be a major trend.

It is worth paying attention and is related to the heat of the cosmic cosmic. In this tide, VR is considered "entering the" yuan universe, enhancing the important ports of the immersion, but the popularity of equipment is also limited by the content ecology. The previous VR player said to deep combustion, the current VR is the most important experience in the C-terminal is to watch and play, but the experience has been playing for a long time, it will find that there is no new game to play, the VR device has to be put as gray.

What are the applications can access VR? VR and script kill needed to be a natural adaptation, VR script kill, is also one of the trends of attention.

However, like the problems facing other VR content, the VR script is killed, the technology and application content have reached the consumer level, can meet the needs of players? In terms of industry, introduce VR to restore script content scenarios, can it improve the upper limit of the script? Is the VR script kill lysted for a store in a fierce competition in the industry?

What is the VR script kill?

The DM (Script Kill), which touched the script early, told deep stagnation. Attempts to try the VR script in October this year, it has brought more than 20 cars (twenty) scripts, which have exposed more than 130 players. He told deep burning, the VR script killing is very immersive, helping DM guides players in a short time to enter roles. When the VR device is taken on the first time, the players will make "wow".

Similar to the boxed script killing process, players play VR script kill, but also need to see the script content first, and introduce themselves. But reading, search, and final resting site, you need to wear a VR head. Script Killing The main drama said that if the plot needs time and space to shuttle to 20 years ago, when wearing a VR device, you can restore the scene of the year.

DM Gong Jingying in Shanghai H-Affiliation Museum said that the VR script she took a total of three rounds of VR equipment. For about 5-10 minutes per round, the total length of the VR equipment was worn for more than half an hour, and after wearing it, Car players can enter the same virtual space.

This requires the scene. In the VR scene, you can restore the real scene, or you can monitor the location of the teammate, detect the boundaries of the room, players can move freely when playing. At the venue reserve, the store needs to leave a 25-50 square meters of space and ensure that there must be no obstacles in this space.

Players are experiencing the VR script killing source / respondents

The advantage of VR script killing is obvious. It can solve the problem of real-world scene implementation, and increase the cost of the game box, it can also improve the search interactivity of the book box. For the store, it can reduce the dependence on DM.

For example, in the scene, the real-this search session will involve specific scenes, years, era, and some real-life, the killing shop will spend vigilance to do a special search room, but once the decoration is completed, the scene is fixed. It is difficult to replace and do not have enough real enough.

And these problems can be solved by VR. VR reserved from the original, organically combined according to the logical logic of the story, so that the players have a sense of it.

At the same time, the traditional desktop script killing, the evidence will make a card, and the DM will send it to the player. It will tell them how much evidence is, that is, most evidence is ready, directly provide the player, not Real search. Wu Chengtao, founder of H-site digital technology, said that if the sense of belief in the player's game is not very strong, the interactivity will be slightly weak.

The VR script provides a solution to this. For example, the player searched a book in VR as evidence. In fact, he couldn't read this book in VR. After the search, the DM will search an entity, as a player. Evidence takes out. When the entity is opened, the player has an experience, and can communicate with each other. "The box can only rely on brain, but VR can help the player restore the scene." He said.

The advantage of the VR script kill is not only the case.

Gong Jingying said to deep ignition, the gameplay of VR script killed is very compact, allowing players to follow the process. In some scripts, DM not only needs to control the overall situation, but also needs a scene to interpret. Deductive players can have a deeper generation, but these two major powers are not every DM, but in the VR script, some plots Guide, search, can be completed in VR, DM does not intervene.

What problems still exist?

For most players even a lot of stores, the VR script is still unknown.

This is related to the gate of the entry. Simply put, the condition of the VR script must have a hardware, but also a team that provides content.

In terms of first-screen hardware, from visually, the current technology, VR presented picture resolution, resolution, etc. affect the player's experience, and even some players wear VR equipment for a long time, there will be vertigo, disgusting and other physiological reactions. .

The industry is looking for a solution.

The world is a script-killing shop in Shenzhen. The main drama of the store tells deep burning. The current VR script kill has used virtual reality to achieve a realistic, virtual, interactive 3D space environment, player experience Feeling on the rise. At the same time, it is also one of the ways to shorten the usage. Small black mentioned that in the process of bringing, each time wearing a VR device does not exceed 10 minutes, there is almost no players will discomfort.

Technology is still in development iteration. According to the experience in the past, Wu Chengtao said to deep ignition, VR script needs multiple players to be synchronized in the same physical space, this multi-person space, technology often occurs. Lost problems. At present, the domestic usual practice is that if there is a player to drop the line, everyone needs to restart it, the experience is not good. Later, the team specialized in developed a new positioning return mechanism. That is, any person is dropped, just restarting the corresponding machine, restarting the time required for two minutes, for many players, in an acceptable range.

In fact, the current application of the VR script in the industry is not the technical side, while supply.

A Zhizhi netizen mentioned that the store is now a VR script, just hope to raise a single price, but there is no solve the problem of creative end, which is great.

Deficit in the public comment, the US group observed, some script killing shop will play a publicity of VR search, but after understanding, these "VR script kill" just put the material or video simply into the equipment, did not use VR and The content of the script is in the case, and the player experience is not too much different from the online play box.

At present, the VR script is still in the stage of "implantation" script killing store.

Taking the first Mango Printing Museum in China to play the VR script as an example, it is located in Changping's offline store in Changping, and the player has 90 boxes to choose, and the VR script only has 3 scripts to choose. It is understood that the Mango Printing Museum currently puts the VR script of the market and has only three.

According to Wu Chengtao, the H-government experience will only have developed a script. He realized that VR and the script kills to let the player experience more stable, this is indeed a market, but even the VR script kills, the essence is still a script, which is the content. The drama said, according to him, according to him, there are only 4-5 killings in the true VR script in the current market.

The VR script kills two questions in terms of content, one is the development of the script killing, one is to build the script content into the equipment.

Wu Chengtao introduced that the creation of the VR script, involving content creation, 3D modeling, VR scene design, and game mechanism design. During the whole process, in addition to the traditional script story, committing methodology analysis, the layout of the evidence chain, also involves a multi-way process such as animator, lighting engineer, rendering, construction and modest, all work, but also to put the VR program Import the VR device after encryption.

A car (six players) The Source of the VR equipment required for the script is available / respondents

It is also a big problem in the difficulty of building the script content in the equipment.

A entertainment industry observer said to deep ignition, the same real scene player is very low, and the output of the script also determines the ceiling of the VR script, if you can't continue to produce quality content, it will greatly attractive to the player. reduce.

Wu Chengtao mentioned that VR script killing technology is the basic conditions, and the content is the core competitiveness. Under the premise of ensuring the contents of the script, the output rhythm of the VR script is not high. The result of this is that the production of VR script killed, caught up the iteration speed of the script. After the VR script, after the development of the script, I have to revisit the scene in VR. If you want to be perfectly cooperated with the script, every script kill needs to develop multiple scenarios. At present, Wu Chengtao's script development rhythm is, every three months. A VR script, and a boxed script creation cycle is generally just a month.

The VR script kills greatly eliminates the script development cycle, and a script is only 3-6 months on the life cycle, and it is relatively low.

Wu Chengtao said that more practitioners and funds are added to increase efficiency.

The staff of the script killing online service provider's shell platform said that he is more optimistic about the use of holographic projection in the script. Using holographic projection, the store does not need to decorate the script, and the new script is used to use holographic projection to change the scene. The combination of holographic projection and script killing shop became a trend. He estimated that at least 10% of new stores were renovated. In his view, although the role of holographic projection is just on the atmosphere, it is difficult to develop difficulty than the VR script, the time is long, and the holographic projection can produce 5-10 books (script), the efficiency is higher. It can improve the immersion sensation, and there will be no symptoms of discomfort, and the unpackage of the store is even greater. However, he also admitted that the visual impact of the VR script killed is that the holographic projection is less than.

Does the VR script kills popularize?

With the development of VR equipment, the VR script is also developed and iterative.

For example, Wu Chengtao mentioned that in terms of technical support, now the latest version of the VR script in the market application, you need to wear a VR glasses, left and right hand hold equipment. Soon, the handheld device will be canceled, and it is turned to touch the object interaction within the VR in a manner that is handed.

Technology is still iterative, the content is still developing, how to let more script kill the store to access the VR script, is also a problem.

All this is going to return to the business essence: Can this business can earn money?

Promoting the VR script kill, from the perspective of implementation, there are two typical models on the market. One is a brand franchise model similar to the Mango Deal. According to the public information, the foundation store is required to be 400,000. The total investment reaches 980,000, which is relatively high than the ordinary script. This model is more mature, applicable. The new bureau's store, convenient place to decoration.

The other is divided into mode. As an example, Wu Chengtao said to deep ignition. The business model that is currently trial is, first charge a certain equipment deposit to the store, one car equipment (one car 6 players) a month deposit of 5,000 yuan. After the VR script is implanted, according to the consumption situation of the city, it is charged separately, or quota costs per month. As a device and content provider, Wu Chengtao mentioned that it is currently not considered for half a year.

The cost investment is relatively large, how to popularize and return to the consumer side, and it is also a problem facing the VR script.

Wu Chengtao said that "DM is mainly" DM's name, or its own influence is guaranteed. "Players believe in the store brand, believe in DM recommended to play, in fact, there is no relationship with the VR concept."

Script Kill Search Dial Source / Respondents

Gong Jingying also mentioned that she was in contact with the VR script after DM, and many players did not know the existence of this type. Unlike the boxed, the VR script also needs to work to the player's way of operation. How to wear the device, which keys can be pressed, what is not pressed, involving a lot of precautions.

Given that the VR script is more invested, the current unit price will be higher than that of the ordinary script.

Taking the existing market pricing as an example, located in Beijing, Shanghai's Mango Deal, single pricing is 238 yuan, and the box will start from 98 yuan. Gong Jingying said that the single price of Shanghai H-site experience is 238 yuan, but in order to promote, through discounts and discounts, 160 yuan -200 yuan can play a game, this price is similar to other prices in the store.

More than 200 yuan, this is the price that the real script can achieve, but there are more than 200 yuan unit price. At present, it is only suitable for the consumption of a first-tier city, and it is difficult to walk down the market. The single price is high, I am afraid it is an obstacle that the VR script is difficult to prevent.

However, Wu Chengtao still optimistic about the application of VR in the script. At the consumer end, the VR script is more refined, and it is possible to improve the experience. He believes that the VR script can meet the boxing of the box.

Some stores have expressed their interest in deep combustion, and they are willing to try access, but they have to wait until the VR script development is stable. Hardware comfort has improved space, the customer's price is high, the content supply is not sufficient, waiting for the VR script to kill, there are many problems, everything has to wait for more players to test, in order to find out the future of the VR script .

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