Eight sectors: The webmark platform does not allow the driver to overemployment

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Eight sectors: The webmark platform does not allow the driver to overemployment

2021-11-30 12:09:18 40 ℃

According to the Ministry of Transport, the New Beijing News Department WeChat public number, in-depth implementation of the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, promoting the norms of transportation of transportation and continued high quality development, recently, Ministry of Transport, Central Propaganda Department, Central News Network , The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, Human Resources and Social Security, the State Market Supervision and Administration, the Chinese National Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Rights and Interests of the Transportation New Art". The full text is as follows:

Opinions on Strengthening the Rights and Interests of New Conductor Personnel in Transportation

In order to further implement the party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, strengthen the rights and interests of the transportation of new business practitioners, and promote the norms of transportation of transportation and continued high quality development, better serve the broad masses of the people, and put forward as follows.

total requirements

With the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era, the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics is fully implemented, and the spirit of the 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Plenary Session, and insist on steady and strive to enter the work, based on the new The development stage, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, service to build a new development pattern, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, adhere to system concepts, coordinate development and safety, and closely surround the new business new business practitioners Direct most realistic rights guarantee issues, pay attention to the symptoms of the specimen, improve the management system, and focus on regulating the business behavior of transportation and transportation, maintaining the order of fair competition, and improves the security system of employees, and creates a good job of employment. Legal rights, promote the norms of transportation of transportation and continued high quality development.

main mission

Perfect the platform and employee's interest allocation mechanism. The relevant departments of the localities urge to urge the Internet to reserve the taxi (hereinafter referred to as Netmo) platform enterprises to the driver and passengers and other relevant parties, the income distribution rules, after each order is completed, the driver should also list orders at the same time The passenger pays the total amount, the driver's labor remuneration, and shows that the total amount of passengers pay the total amount of the driver's labor payment and the total amount of passengers pay the total amount (commonly known as "drawn"), protect the driver's right to know the right and supervision. Supervise the Internet of Motor Platform Enterprises to strengthen the organization of the management of the business service, the communication consultation of the Industry Association, reasonable setting of the proportional upper limit and publicly released on mobile clients and media. Understanding the Internet of Travel Platform Enterprises publicly requested the opinions of employee representatives and trade union organizations and industry associations before determining and adjusting the pricing rules, income distribution rules, and announced the advice of employees, and announced to the public one month in advance.

Support practitioners participate in social insurance. Improve social insurance business services, improve new service providers and enjoyment of services and enjoy the benefits of services. Strengthen the professional injury protection of the webmares, encourage webmarks to actively participate in occupational injury protection pilots and provide safeguards for labor safety during online services. Urind to the Internet insurance, guiding and supporting non-fully compliant webmares who are not fully compliant with the new web coverage of the INTRI, which is not fully compliant with the mobile phone.

Safeguard employees reasonable labor remuneration. The relevant industry authorities, trade union organizations, industry associations, etc. should continue to pay attention to the industry operations and the level of labor remuneration of the network, and publicly released, and guide the driver to form reasonable income expectations. The trade union organizations at all levels should determine the driver's labor compensation calculation rules and standards with the webmobile platform enterprises and industry associations based on factors such as working nature, labor intensity, work tasks, local workers, market operations, and industry associations. Urban Urinding Web Platform Enterprises pay for labor remunerations not less than local minimum wage standards to provide normal labor.

Safeguard employees get a reasonable rest. The relevant departments from all over the country urge to urge the network of netmobile platform enterprises to determine the long and labor intensity of the driver to ensure sufficient rest time. Urind the network to the Internet, the company continuously optimizes the manager, improves the operational efficiency during the online service, and does not attract the driver to overemployment.

Improve the environmental environment and working conditions. The relevant departments of the localities should optimize the approval process to facilitate access to access to access conditions. Actively promote the construction of the taxi comprehensive service area, set the taxi temporary stop point in the hospital, residents, integrated transportation hubs, etc. In terms of meals, parking, such as toilet, etc. Supervise the network of net money platform companies to strengthen education and training of employee vocational skills, labor safety, operation services; strengthen the management of the employee unit, may not depart the business risk, the guarantee, must not score the driver service Hook with the service duration, send a single mechanism, etc., may not change the illegal obstruction of the driver free to choose the service platform.

Strengthen the humanistic care of practitioners. The relevant departments of the localities should pay close attention to the difficulties and problems of the transportation and new business practitioners, and have a wide range of various forms of warmth and other concerns. Encourage transportation of new business companies to strengthen the humanistic care of practitioners, establish an excellent practitioners incentive system, and improve the sense of employment in the industry and professional honor.

Promote the development of networks in networks. All local transport authorities shall urge the network of net us to strictly abide by regulations and must not access the drivers and vehicles that have not been licensed from the net us. When supervising the online registration of the Internet, the bus driver and vehicle license shall be required to provide a webmark driver and a vehicle license, and will not be registered without providing, and reminded that the corresponding license shall be handled according to law. Severely crack down on illegal operations and encourage the use of informationization methods to strengthen accurate law enforcement. Maintaining the order of fair competition. Strengthening the overall chain supervision of the Chinese matter of the new business enterprise enterprise, strengthen the operation of transportation, strengthen the operation of transportation, and timely warning and monopoly risks, and increase anti-monopoly, but not just a competitive supervision. Preventing capital is unordered in the field of transportation, and severely investigates the low-cost dumping, "big data", induce fraud, etc., in accordance with the law. Implement the main responsibility of the new transportation of the new business, guide the company to consciously carry out fair competition, and encourage enterprises to make a fair competition commitment to society.

Smooth complaint report channel. Give full play to the 12328 transportation service supervision phone, 12315 consumer rights control phone role, timely handling employees and social public on management departments, chaotic fines, violation law enforcement, etc. Everything has echo. Supervise Transportation New Art Corporate establish the first question responsibility system, timely accepting and properly handling the employees and consumer complaints, and must not be perfunctive, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of practitioners and consumers.

Strengthen the organization of the union. All local trade union organizations should use the webmark driver as a key group promotion, further broadening the channels, maximizing the new business employees of transportation, to join the trade union organization, build employees and new state enterprises exchange communication platform, explore the establishment Equal consultation mechanisms of employees and new state enterprises.

Safety precautions

Improve the synergistic linkage mechanism. Give full play to the mechanism of joint conference on the supervision of the transportation of the Transportation, further strengthen policy connection and cooperation, and timely coordinate all kinds of issues encountered in the rights and interests of transportation of transportation in transportation. All localities should refer to the Mechanism of Joint Conference on Travel Transportation Social Co-regulation, establish or improve the multi-sectoral supervision joint conference mechanism before the end of 2021.

Compact the responsibility of each parties. All localities must fulfill the rights and interests of the transportation of new business practitioners, strengthen coordination, refine task measures, and do a good job in work. Pressing the principal responsibility of the newcomer's rights and interests in the maintenance of the transportation, the direct management of the transportation of new information, and organizes the employees of the transportation and cooperation units, which shall be borne according to the law Employees' equity guarantee the subject responsibility. Supervise Transportation New Art Corporations clearly inform practitioners about rights and obligations and labor security related legal policies, and provide convenience to them, and meet the relationship between labor relations, should be signed according to law.

Strengthen promotional guidance. Strengthen policy publicity and interpretation, and increase publicity of positive information such as transportation and new business companies to actively fulfill social responsibility, care for the advanced deeds of care practitioners and advanced deeds of employees. Organize the "most beautiful taxi driver" publicity activities, tailoring typical stories, carrying forward the positive energy of the industry.