Express | Pfizer layout innovative protein degradation technology, selective targeting tumor tissue

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Express | Pfizer layout innovative protein degradation technology, selective targeting tumor tissue

2021-11-30 12:11:28 30 ℃

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On November 29, 2021, Ranok Therapeutics announced that Pfizer reached an agreement, which would utilize the company's proprietary molecular partner-mediated targeted protein degradation (Champ) technology platform, for an unobstructed Cancer target development innovation therapy.

In recent years, targeted protein degradation has become a new direction of small molecular drug development. Molecular partner proteins in cells mediate their normal folding, maintain their stability and activity by combining with substrate proteins. Importantly, many mutant proteins associated with cancer progression are often bind to molecular partner proteins. Moreover, in the tumor, the complex composition composed of molecular partners is highly activated compared to health tissue. This results in a unique tumor selective pharmacokinetics characteristic.

In some cases, the molecular partner can be combined with E3 ubiquitin ligase to mediate substrates degraded by proteasome. The CHAMP technology platform developed by Aino is used to pull the molecular partner protein / E3 ligase composite to the target protein to promote the ubiquitin modification and degradation of target proteins. Compared to other targeted protein degradation therapies, it can be selectively gathered in tumors, potentially improving the safety of drugs.

▲ Champ technology platform principle (picture source: 珃 珃 biological official website)

The Keno Biology has developed the innovative drugs required for tumors and other major diseases through the platform, improves the patient's long-term survival quality, meets unmet clinical needs, there are currently multiple small molecular anti-tumor compounds that are about to enter clinical or clinically stage.

Dr. KEVIN P. Foley, KEVIN P. Foley, KEVIN P. Foley. New benefit. "


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