Volkswagen ID turned over, pre-defense

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Volkswagen ID turned over, pre-defense

2021-11-30 18:02:17 32 ℃

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The space is not comfortable and spacious, the appearance is not gorgeous, there is no automatic driving of boasting ...

Magic is that the public ID series sales have come up.

The official data shows that its ID series is 12,376 departments in October, and it is more than two consecutive months. It is more than Wei Qi, let people look.

The transition attributes relatively "oil modified", from the ID series of the MEB platform, it is truly known to the public's new energy product, and it is highly hoped.

New and old

At the beginning of the year, I had just pushed the public in the market, and Idd.6, ID.3 was launched, and the ID series completed the compact hatchback, SUV, and large SUV product expansion.

According to media broke the news, there are currently 6 models of the public ID, ID.1 will be released in 2023, ID.2 or 2025 debut, ID.5 initial exposure into the certificate, may be launched during the year.

The above is just the ID family series of the MEB platform, the transitional "oil change" model is still plundering new energy market share; the product line tree is deep, Nanta + Jianghuai, the East does not bright, the West is bright, the Western chart, the public, the public New energy turns around, the error is thicker.

In recent years, the "Volkswagen is not good", it is easy to ignore the global sales and growth momentum of mass new energy.

Last year, Volkswagen delivered 91.57 million, including 23.16 million electric vehicles, 190,000 plug electric vehicles, a total of 422,100 new energy models, is three times the previous year.

The new forces delegates were: 43728 sets last year, an increase of 112.6% from the previous year; Xiaopeng 27041, with an increase of 112% from the previous year, Ideal One began to deliver in December 2019, without annual growth contrast, 2,3624 in 2020.

Last year, the world's new energy sales brand list, Tesla won the champion, the Volkswagen, BYD third.

Volkswagen is at least temporarily "okay".

Qi Qigi has not truly threatened traditional car companies at the new energy market share, but in "flow harvesting", the public is obviously not an opponent.

Where is the new forces?

New Brand Concept: An ideal "mobile home".

New product force: zero hundred acceleration performance "Cross-price" experience, technology configuration, automatic driving assistance, etc.

Product form: such as the propoyment mode. New business model: use the direct mode of "drying the middle business", offline experience, online order, give the customer new experience.

New car life: Personally think that the concept rendering from the actual perspective, the actual changes in the new forces are three points: 1. Do not limit. 2. The low electricity fee (complete use costs are controversial). 3. There is more expansion of the scene with the scene, and the wild is burned, and the cooking is not here.

The "new" "new" of the new forces will release the "old" of the traditional vehicle enterprises, and the new imagination is injected into the automotive industry, attracting attention, and has got capital.

Capital especially likes "buy new no bought".

Background difference

Before and after 2015, the new power of more than 200 car is full of hot money, and the capital is boosted, and the finals of the new energy stadium will be filtered.

The snowball has done statistics. As of the end of last year, Tesra has accumulated 17.67 billion US dollars since the IPO, 9.768 billion US dollars, ideal for $ 6.16 billion, Xiaopeng, is the capital market.

The 18-year-old Tesla car market value broke through the billion US dollars, the 7-year-old flight market value of around 64 billion US dollars, the 6-year-old ideal car market value is about $ 35 billion, and the 7-year-old Xiaopeng market value is about $ 41 billion.

The public established in 1937, the market value is only 0.12 triesla, 2 more orders, 4 ideals, 3 Multi-Xiaopeng.

The market value of the new forces has increased sharply. In the past few years, the market value of traditional cars has been embarrassed, and the financing is smooth, and the burning capacity is also obvious. Loss is normal.

According to the three financial reports of Qi Qi, it was a net loss of 5.304 billion yuan last year. Xiaopeng net lost 2.732 billion yuan, and the ideal net loss is 151.7 billion yuan.

The latest ideal loss in the admission, and in 2020 Q4 first realized the quarterly profit, this year Q1 is net loss again, Q2 net loss is 235.55 million yuan.

Qi Qi will still pass financing, promote production, new stories, push up stock prices, and then absorb the financing cycle for breaking, selling vehicles can not make money temporarily, letting capital recognize their future.

Ideally, after the public market, the US group plus Wang Xing's shareholding ratio exceeded the ideal, became the ideal first shareholder, Tencent is the second largest shareholder, Alibaba is the largest external shareholder of Xiaopeng.

The Internet company platform not only brings a lot of capital influx. The Internet resources grafted the car will have a new business perspective, there is a huge imagination space, which in this regard, the public compares the "lonely fight".

It is worth noting that the public will have a big impact on the entire industry on the industry chain.

At present, the cost of electric vehicles, accounting for the maximum proportion is that the power battery is almost 40% of the vehicle cost.

After the conspiracy of the cost "put" conspiracy "demolition", the public has begun to study the "demolition", and the strategy of new energy begins to develop, this time is the power battery.

With LG, Samsung SDI, SK Innovation, Ningde Times and other battery manufacturers have purchased cooperation, entering Swedish Northvolt, Guoxuan High-tech, US Solid Lithium Battery QUANTUMSCAPE, currently, should only transition.

The public really wants is the upstream layout of lithium iron phosphate, high manganese, nickel manganese cobalt, solid battery, and then sell "Yu Full".

This hand will work to the transformation in front of you, but also focus on the future.

Lao Ginger is very spicy

Power Day announced a few important information: the public will self-producer, using a square cell, making battery costs significantly.

LG with soft bag first was first "back thorn", using cylindrical batches of companies to face losses the big customers, so on soft bag, cylindrical, square dispute, at least after Power Day, the public share price rose, capital The market is recognized by the public "split".

The industry is generally optimistic about the dynamic battery.

Although three years ago, Volkswagen and Quantumscape announced the establishment of joint production projects, preparing for large-scale production of solid state, but the product has no mass production, no one is good.

On the beginning of the year, I released the "Solid Battery" on Nio Day, according to China Securities News, Zeng Shizheng, the main vice president of the automotive battery system, said that although it is a solid battery, the battery is actually a semi-solid battery, still electrolyte Diaphragm.

Li Bin had an inconvenience to disclose when he was asked and purchased, but it was mentioned that there was a very close relationship between the suppliers of the car and solid battery suppliers. It is the best company in the industry.

It is certain that the semi-solid batteries are also procured from the third party, and they play a text game.

New energy products currently rely on procurement of privileges, and installing self-producing batteries is only time problems, and Qi Qigi still seems to be seriously relying seriously.

On the cost of power battery procurement, with the advantage of global share, the public's bargaining ability is very likely to be the industry's forefront. After the self-producing battery, its power battery cost decline is an inevitable result.

Wei Xiaowei wants to boost the bicycle profit will find another road, let's take a look at the public's downstream tactics.

The Volkswagen has opened the first battery recycling factory in January this year, and the main recovery of raw materials such as lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt, aluminum, copper, plastic. The goal is to recover 95% precious metal raw materials, and carry out the production of new batteries. manufacture. Have earlier, there is a new energy power battery recycling of BYD and Green Tower, China Tower, SAIC, Guangqi, Chang'an, Weima, Sky, Chery Wanda, etc. existing layout.

Looking at the entire industrial chain, traditional car companies are more pragmatic in "circle", there are less new forces involved, and the focus of Qi Zi is more focus on the construction of the product service:

For example, after-sales service is fine, the comfort of the online experience store, the simplified process and service quality of the purchase, maintenance, etc., is not easy to copy.

The charging network, Tesla did not say, and it is a great leader in the general leadership and Xiaopeng.

Vigorously layout, the salanging station, harvesting domestic policy, once the national team has developed a power exchange standard, laying a power outlet network, and it will be the biggest beneficiary. As of the first half of the year, the country has 300 shift stations, and 200 super charging station.

Xiaopeng Automobile has reached a cooperation with the Energy Supply Company NIO Power, which is an energy supply company in 2019, "shared" charging pile. As of the first half of the year, Xiaopeng Super charge covers 164 cities, with 19,01 free charging piles.

The ideal car is more difficult. The demand for the recreational electric vehicle itself is not urgent, but this year Ideally released product planning, I will launch two pure electric SUVs in 2023, and leave the ideal car to lay the charging network. compact.

This year, the public is laid 500 charger, 6,000 charging piles in China, and is laid in 2025, which is still behind, and a lot of Xiapeng. It is similar to the ideal situation. It is necessary to "hurry".

This is the obvious short board under the popularity of the public, and it hopes that China's market share is increased to more than 50%, from time and money, not ten nine stable.

Last year, the public profit of the Volkswagen Group was 10.6 billion euros, fell by 45% year-on-year, the profit margin was 4.8%, 7.6% in 2019. In the first half of this year, the Volkswagen Group's financial report showed that only 3.9 million new cars were sold, lost 1.4 billion euros.

The world is not good. This is an impact of the factors under the influence of the epidemic, the objective factors such as chip shortage, the Q3 financial report show that the public sells 1805,000 vehicles, profits 2.798 billion euros, stop loss, but the delivery is not changed.

In the long run, the chip waste will pass, the public's industry chain upstream + downstream "double" tactics, it is very likely to show the effect quickly, the ID series will continue to apply to other manufacturers on the product abundance, cost control, brand shaping Press.

Written in the last

It is only the current sales of the current sales, and the Qi Qi can't match the mass ID on the group's body, the layout, the product line. However, in the consumer's heart, the first inquiry, still has a distinctive product as a support .

The product philosophy is almost "opposite". Think about Qi Zi, remove the big screen, remove better power performance, and remove the automatic driving assistance system per proliferation ... is the public ID.

The situation in which the sales performance reaction is not so simple. Product differentiation and brand adjustment, although the ID series is new energy, there are still old mass temperament.

Many media measurement and automobile forum owners and netizens feedback, the endless return of the ID series is relatively reliable; Tesla, Qi Zi vigorously promoted the automatic driving or automatic driving assistance, the ID series official website case did not appear "Automatic" word However, it is only marked as a L2-level driving assistance.

Volkswagen ID series and new forces 蔚 理, the two parties are completely different brands.

There is a need for a hundred kilometers to accelerate the radical, and there is also a need to easily drive, and there is a favorite of it. Consumers who gradually return rational, and take the needs.

Buying a single, it is the last word.

Throughout the popular layout, there is a great probability that the competitiveness of the ID series is increasing, and the horror is not the ID.4x to get the medium and boring collision test "Da Sheng", but the public is soon Ability to make its new energy product costs, and difficulties.

The situation of Qi Qi, the more embarrassed, the new forces, Tesla, opened a huge gap, one and a half, will be difficult to catch up, the old international vehicle enterprises have turned to turn to the initial threat, the volume and brand deposition is not one How to grow?

Perhaps the quasi-therapeutic public ID is the biggest threat, and the opponent is no longer Qi.

Will new energy tracks will not be the pattern of fuel-fuel-fuel truck?

I can't help but think that the fans often say: I haven't had much time for the Chinese team.