What is the attractive place to compete for chasing and private domain construction?

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What is the attractive place to compete for chasing and private domain construction?

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Editor's Initiative: It is well known that the private domain is the hot spot of major IP competitions. The more private domain flows, the better the conversion of viscosity. So how should we operate private domain? How is the value of the private domain? In this article, the author gives an answer, a classmate interested in the private domain, let's take a look.

The essence of Internet traffic is the aggregation of user attention.

For enterprises, traffic, users are controlled by the centralized platform, each time you have to pay, it is better to establish your own private domain traffic pool, you can realize the user, listen to the user's voice, understand the needs of users , Clarify the user's feedback, close to the user's consumption, and reduce the user's decision-making time, reduce the user's purchase cost.

Enterprises need fast, stable, low-cost traffic, while improving reunion, improving sales profits, and enhancing reputation.

Merchants with private domains can rely on any platform, just like a deposit company, do not rely on loans to blood transfusion over the day.

The purpose of private domain construction is to allow enterprises to face user, effectively information from community data, kol quantity, private domain reuse, stage activity, etc. "Trust in interaction", realization of real-scale truth.

First, common two types of private domain operations 1. Community governance model

Applicable to mass consumption, such as high frequency, low-cost types.

Enterprises can use some private domain tools such as SCRM, fission tools, points management, applets, corporate WeChat, etc. Merchants conduct community management operations.

Because there are KOL, users' participation in the governance organization, the feedback received by the company will be more real. Flat tissue forms also effectively improve information conveying efficiency.

2. Sales Employment Mode

Suitable for professional consumption, such as low frequency, bulk products, companies that have certain professional requirements can take such a way to employ employee employment and user management.

Simply, the company helps employees to build their own enterprise private domain pools, and both enterprise unified brand publicity activities, can also encourage employees to play freely in the appropriate range, so that different corporate private pools have different character. The probability of generating innovation is greater, and it is convenient for horizontal contrast, appropriately abandonment, and adjusts the private national strategy.

Informatization, digital times, companies are also actively seeking digital transformation.

The core of the company's digital transformation is to organize transformation. In private manner, traditional people 's goods are logic at the core of "business field", is rapidly transition to "operators" as the core.

And the human emotion, although the uncertainty is the charm of the private domain, but also the key points of the private field, I hope to grasp the key algorithm of the private domain, improve the efficiency of fission and conversion.

Enterprises need traffic, but in essence, the company wants to be controllable flow, can be converted.

Second, 2 algorithms of private domain value

Based on this, we combine the practice of private value algorithms for your reference:

1. Private value = traffic pool * circle powder capability * Daren sales ability * Fans of fans 1 - Flow pool: Through employees, old customers, other platform fans as seed users, quickly build the original user community. Factor 2 - circle powder capability: test the operation management capabilities of merchant community, such as merchants, community response speed, community benefits (using lottery, welfare group, group users exclusive benefits, welfare spike, etc.), reflect The value of the community can effectively retain the group users, enhance the user's value, trust in the community. Factor 3 - Daren Sales Ability: Daren refers to key users with willingness and abilities, which are equivalent to Kol / Koc, and the sales capabilities of people are the ability to influence their influence and conversion. Factor 4 - fan performance: fan change ability = private domain users * fans accuracy * user trust

First, the seed user needs to be accurate, the customer is highly accurate, and after considering the business's circle powder capability, the two interactions can enhance the fans consumption.

Example: A community users 50,000, 60% of the business circle powder, 9 people have passed the number, and the fans' ability to achieve 70% will eventually receive 190,000 people.

2. Private domain GMV = Daren sales amount + Daren consumption amount

Private domain GMV = effective number * with passets * Order price * 复 复 频 + number of people * order price * re-purchase frequency


B Community users, including 200,000 to share sales, an average of 1 people bring 9 customers, passenger bills 200, users have averaged 3 times; Daren sales = 20000 * 9 * 200 * 3 = 1.08 100 million; if 300,000 people, 25,000 people are self-purchased, passenger bills 220, Daren's average repurchant 4 times; Daren consumption amount = 25000 * 220 * 4 = 2200W; private domain GMV = 130 million.

According to Tencent, the three major consumption motives of young people are: seeking social and recognition, complete self-shaping, meeting the current happiness.

The Z generation consumption benchmark has become "comfortable and superior", "pleasing yourself", "problem solving method".

As a user, we expect to achieve independent exploration by consumption even in the process of consumer purchase, independent definition. As a user, we participate in creating the wishes, and the ability is getting stronger and strong.

Participating in creation is our essential lifestyle, surrounding our feelings and willingness.

We have desires that are more intense than ever.

In the process of purchasing consumption: participate in comments, score, share, etc .; in the process of product development: participate in discussions, design, evaluation, feedback, etc .; in the process of community construction: participate in daily interactions, volunteer activities, brand construction, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the acceleration of digitized transformation has brought unprecedented changes. From the organization boundaries, digitization reduces the transaction cost of the external market, meaning that many elements resources are not necessary to control and manage within the corporate organization, which can be outside the organization, from the market, from the company Open the border to the market.

An important factor in the expansion of corporate borders is that the boundaries between users and businesses are getting more and more blurred, more penetrations are also more and more, resulting in interaction of value, and companies need more efficient to dig user value, at the same time Through some emerging, effective tools will also entert value to users.

Third, private domain tools

Speaking of tools, some friends can't help but ask: "Is the private domain pool not a WeChat group?"

"Of course, it is not just a WeChat group -" I believe that friends who have always been concerned about private domain will definitely answer.

"What else is there?" The question is here, I believe that many people can't answer.

Ok, let's announce the answer below:

The private domain is of course not equal to the WeChat group, but the WeChat group is the main carrier of the private domain.

Many companies will use WeChat groups when building private domain traffic.

Even for most companies, the private domain flow is similar to the WeChat group.

And if it is a private domain in the WeChat ecology, the WeChat group is the most common carrier.

We can see several classic private domain games: WeChat group:

Promotion drain group welfare transformation group precision fan group VIP exclusive group

The WeChat group is the main private flow pool building is still relatively easy. The threshold is not high. You can use the tools or not used. Specifically to see the efficiency requirements. In the long run, put the required users through different attractions In the way, the WeChat group is guided, and the operator will make refined operations and transformation.

Of course, it is necessary to make drainage and operation assistance for companies that use private domains as important strategic adjustment directions. For example: permanent living code, fission statistics, automatic welcome words, etc.

But do you have to use WeChat groups?

The answer is negative - the fact that the private domain does not care, "WeChat Group" is one of the forms, not a must-have condition.

We should recognize that WeChat is in private domain, WeChat's private manner is very mature, should trigger us.

But we need to operate this in private domain, we need to stand on a higher dimension to look at, compared to the form and carrier, more importantly, users.

Do you know who our users? What is our users need? What do our users believe? What is our users are willing? This is really important and urgent.

The purpose of using the tool is to truly do people-oriented.

Don't fall invert, let users think that it faces a machine, a set of unchanging words.

In the "2020 Social Retail White Paper", Tencent also mention why users are willing to purchase goods and long-term repurses in the private domain, because private domain can create a good atmosphere, trust between friends, providing quality services.

Enterprises need to understand the key to private domains. Under this logic, attract users into private domains and promote users' continuous activity.

Generally, the re-purchase rate is high, and the gross profit-high enterprises are more suitable for private domains.

Like some repurchases, there is also a low gross profitable enterprise to be a private domain, relatively, operate, and promote costs are also relatively high, then you have to do a big enough size, Override the cost of your private domain.

Here is a point, private domain traffic is never measuring traffic, even if you do better, your users will have to come, so we can't put all the expectations in private domain, private domain And the common functions of the public, retained, transformation, and the domain is also a private source of traffic, so companies cannot completely abandon the focus and operation of the domain, and still pay attention to the user.

For enterprises, channel advertising, net red belt, star endorsement, etc. These marketing costs are high, and through private manner, the user's link line is shorter, more viscous, and higher communication, bring The decrease in marketing costs, achieving effective fissure, insighting user needs, preventing user loss, ultimately achieving reunification rate, sales and profit.

For individuals, everyone is a brand, and even your friends can be your private domain carrier. Through the attention and creation of private domain, it helps to establish a personal IP image, enhance the ability to make a performance, master the dominance.

Private domains are not doing every company and individuals, but we recommend that everyone should master the essence and ability of private domains.

Private domains are also increasing new individual economic revolutions, and individual brands will grow more and more, and the traffic of the centralized platform will gradually weaken, converted to multi-node distributed flow paradigm. Fourth, how to determine if it is suitable for private domain construction? 1. The premise of being private is that your own products and services are good.

As a business, the major contradictions and the secondary contradictions, don't forget the essence because of chasing the trend. If your products and services are not good, then you have more traffic in time, that is also the new clothes of the emperor, can't bring long-term sustainable effects.

2. Secondly, it is suitable for the private domain, to see if your user is willing to help you do it.

Private domains must have drainage. When we no longer rely entirely on the guests of the real-time traffic, we need to pass the fissile or transfer in private domains, so your users are willing to help you. Recommended, becoming your recommendation, KOC, spokesperson, this is crucial. Social relations dominated friends will inspire efficient private domain recommendations and transformation scenarios.

3. Finally, we must see your level of importance to private domain.

It is very difficult to do a good job in private domain, and it is difficult to achieve short-term expectations.

We observe all companies or individuals in the market, all the best basics are arrested by the company, from the bottom to private domain recognition and support.

And the mouth said to be a private domain, only in operation, organization level, but negatively paying attention to landing operations, the results are basically better.

Finally, you can reach your hand, put it on the left side of the front chest, silently ask yourself: "Is this true of the private domain?"

If you are a boss, you have to spend your own money, it is recommended to find a reliable workman to combine the actual situation of your company. If you are reliable, you have to spend the boss ( Decisiveness has been fixed) money, welcome to come over and chat - is happy to share, common prosperity!

Oh, no !! It should be a common progress! ! !

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