Joosber launches T8PLUS chassis: heat dissipation + with aluminum alloy handle, portability

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Joosber launches T8PLUS chassis: heat dissipation + with aluminum alloy handle, portability

2021-12-01 00:02:42 47 ℃

Jozer has launched a lot of ITX chassis in recent years, which satisfies the installed demand for the limit of limit enthusiasts. For example, 2 years of Joosber T8 did a small and portable. Now Joosber optimizes this chassis, released T8 Plus The chassis, it retains the design of the upper aluminum metal handle on the top of the chassis, with a size of 163 mm (w) * 272mm (d) * 282mm (h), net weight 3.2kg, continues to be mainly portable.

Joosber T8 PLUS's material is very good, the body uses a 2.5mm thick integrated aluminum alloy panel, which matches the top solid aluminum alloy to make the strength of the chassis full. It uses single-side-permeable design, and the side glass is made of all-tempered glass material with the same manufacturing process as the automotive glass, which can bring "pollution", as well as excellent noise control.

For an ITX chassis, compatibility is critical, and the top of Joosber T8 Plus presets a 14cm fan, and the bottom is aluminum alloy pad + magnetic dust net, the two make this chassis can Easily dissipate heat and maintain the temperature in the box. Joosber T8 Plus supports 17 * 17cm mini-ITX motherboard, 14cm atx OSII power supply, 27cm graphics card.

The storage system is also very rich, with a 2.5-inch hard disk or a 2.5-inch hard disk installed above the front, or a 2.5-inch hard disk is installed. On the other details, Joosber T8 Plus has three PCI expansion slots, there is a simple button, and can also block the messy wire.

At present, Joosber T8 Plus provides silver and black color versions, and the price is also quite affordable. If you have a small partner who wants to assemble ITX computers in the near future, go to Joosberg official website, and Joosberjing's eastern flagship store.